Battle Point Park water tower with full moonHere at Inside Bainbridge we get fan mail nearly every day. Here is a sampling of what our readers are saying:

Dear Julie and Sarah,
Too often I don’t take the time to thank people I don’t know, but who have an impact on my life. Well, that changes today. I want to thank you for Inside Bainbridge. What a stinkin’ smart publication. A great balance of news and human interest. You uncover stories that are on our minds (or not, thank you!), and ask direct questions that get to the meat of the matter without being sneaky or in-your-face—so different than our Northwest “fox in sheep’s clothing.” I appreciate the time and care you invest to nudge us to think, talk, and do, to care about what’s happening on the island and with our neighbors. Bravo!
—Jing Fong

Julie: We took your recipe to Iowa… the verdict was, the Best Zucchini Bread ever. The recipe made three smaller loaf pans of delicious bread from Zucchini at the Saturday Farmers Market in Okoboji IA. On Sunday we toasted doorstep slices and enjoyed them with lovely butter at teatime.

MAN you guys ROCK…didn’t expect that…awesome…we loved it…thank you so much for covering it for us, we are so excited!! THANK YOU!
—Kerrie Gorena Agosta

Sarah: This article is terrific. Thank you so much for attending and for covering the story in such great depth! IB continues to be a powerful force in local journalism.
—Asha Rehnberg

Congratulations to Lynn, Julie and Sarah! You’re a winning team. The Island is so lucky to have you all keeping us so well informed and engaged.
—Kevin Hawkins

Well said Julie! Very articulate and spot on! Nice photos too.
—Marilynn Gottlieb

There is such wisdom here. And I love this column. It is my must-read every week. Thank you, Judith Bell, for sharing your dog sense and compassion with such wit.
—Lora Jansson

Sarah: Alright, you’re more than a Blog Queen, you’re a Saint . . . an Angel . . . a Super Hero . . . a Goddess??! . . . . Thanks for all your help. Just know I’d like to express my gratitude with Super Hero strength. Pow! Smash! Kazowie!
—Wendy Johnson, Housing Resources Board

Julie: The poop article is MOST excellent! . . . I love your honesty and your writing style.
—Becca Hanson

Hi there. I really got good info from your article on the inside bainbridge website, especially since I have other sources of info to compare it to—the 77 year old man in the Cadillac is my grandfather. I loved to see the pictures, especially of the gold Cadi that I loved. Thank you,
—Dillon Yanick

I just wanted to drop you all a note to thank you for your consistently good reporting and writing about life on Bainbridge Island. I especially wanted to reach out because the only other time I wrote was to voice a complaint about your handling of the Nicki Scoble/Jackson Stewart accident in the early weeks. You very respectfully listened to me then, and I believe, adjusted the tone a bit. Anyway, I almost always click through when you post something on Facebook and am ALWAYS glad I did. I look forward to seeing what the future brings to Inside Bainbridge. Great job! Thankfully yours,
—Robin Gaphni

Julie and Sarah,
Thank you so much for the great exposure you brought to the Bainbridge Bluegrass Festival. You helped create an awareness of our festival through your great articles, pictures, and advertising. It is all that much more valuable because Inside Bainbridge has a great reputation for local reporting and has become the online resource for local news and community stories on Bainbridge. The slide show of the festival you have on your website is phenomenal. Thanks again for everything Inside Bainbridge has done for the festival.
—Jeff Hemmat

Julie: Thanks so much for the article! I have always wondered about that cute juggling, jogging man :)

Just a quick note to say two things:
1. We want to adopt Archie.
2. But more relevant, I want to tell you how much I enjoy the site. You’re doing a wonderful job covering the news (the real news, not some sanitized city hall-approved news), the stories, and culture of the island. I like the way you communicate with your readers and the quality of the writing. Even the format is nice. We really need you here, so thanks for doing this and for doing it so well.
—Phil Herring

Just made Inside Bainbridge my home page. A great community-based resource for all things Bainbridge—thank you!
—Mary Jo Blazina

Wow Sarah . . . you truly captured the essence of Pino in this wonderful article! He’s a great guy/Sunrise neighbor and I love the Father-Son Sordello pic with Alex. You even managed to include Pino’s most prized possession – his autographed photo of Sophia Loren –  in the background.  Good job.
—Linda B.

You are a wonderful resource for Bainbridge Island. The articles are interesting, resourceful and informative. You are on my “must read” list every day.

You’ve done impressive work right out of the gate and continue to deliver solid journalism and writing that’s as good as any I’ve seen – and I’ve seen a lot! We’re lucky to have you pour so much into this worthy endeavor for our community.
—Clarence Moriwaki

Beautiful story, Leigh and Ellie, of your beyond-the-stars experience – thank you for sharing!
—Kat Gjovik

You guys are kicking A** as a local new source and community forum. . . . Congratulations on filling a niche with something that really has been lacking, and thank you for supporting the efforts to shine a little light on downtown.

I’m certainly proud to be an avid reader of Inside Bainbridge! Great job and really looking forward to what you all bring us in the coming year.

Wonderful new column. I particularly liked the introduction, Judith – helping them to live safely and well in the world that we have created! Their wild ancestors could never have imagined what the process of domestication would lead to!! Perhaps you could also suggest a reading list as well for those who are interested in additional thought-provoking reading …!
—Becca Hanson

Great article, Chuck!
—Rubus B.

Really, really love this web-site. How do we get our business on your site???

Great advice! Need to try this on my pooch.
—Happy Reader

Lovely post, Kevin, and I’m feeling much the same way as a parent (8th grade daughter)!! the banquet was amazing..I’m really proud of “our kids” and the parents who help and support them in this community!!
—Christy Dorman

Good article – certainly didn’t come out in the other local news that I get.

Great article, Inside Bainbridge! We can always count on you for the most current scoop!
—Dani Hemmat

Thanks for this extensive report. It is much appreciated.
—Brian Strause

Hi Sarah and Hi Julie,
Would like to start off by saying that as a person (mom, BI fellow, etc.) – I love Inside Bainbridge.  I don’t have Facebook or Twitter or anything like that, so after I’m done checking my email and oh, surprise – the kids are still playing quietly… I head over to ib.com and read the blotter, and local news. . . . insidebainbridge.com is my absolute fave.
—Christina Doherty

Great article Julie – thanks for all the details. I hope this outpouring of off leash interest will influence the Parks.
—Marilynn Gottlieb

Melissa and Julie: Good news! Shaila is with a new family on Whidbey! Thanks for the help!
—Nancy Houghton

Thanks for the update. We so appreciate your timely posts!

Dear Inside Bainbridge,
We adopted Charlie after seeing his story on your site. He is a wonderful cat. Very affectionate and gets along great with our two other felines. I wonder if you can help us get a message to his original owner that he is well taken care of and we already love him. I have attached a photo of Charlie in his favorite spot (his fur looks a bit strange on the back as we had to shave some of it to get rid of knots).
—Mette Peters

LOVE this! Congrats on creating a fabulous resource for BI! You rock the rock!

What a fabulous resource! Love it—thank you Inside Bainbridge! We’re hooked.
—The Edwards

Just want to say thanks for the updates throughout the day.

Lovely post. Thank you.

What a wonderful story about a wonderful family and their tradition which we all get to enjoy at Christmas!! My kids grew up just “waiting” for those lights to be turned on during the Holiday Season! Thank you to Chuck and Dorothy!!
—Marie-elena Baker

Thank you to all the Inside Bainbridge contributors for such insightful, good humored, compelling reading! I haven’t felt this well-informed about my little island and the world around us—ever. You guys are doing a fantastic job!
—Alex Sanso

Thank you for this beautiful article Julie!
—Rebecca Rockefeller

What a nice piece of writing and sentiment. I agree completely. Thank you so very much.
—Jani Pauli

Really really love this web-site.

Thanks Sarah! Thanks for doing such a great job reporting the details of what happened. We heard about it, but didn’t know the specifics, nor what was fact or fiction.
—Virginia Beavis McDowell

Thank you Julie! I appreciate your thoughtful perspective about our community. You, Sarah, and Inside Bainbridge are important contributors to this island.

Great pictures. It was nice to see all of the coops I couldn’t see while tending mine all day!
—Brian Jennings (Lost Egg Blue)

Julie, thank you! Thank you! My family will be traveling to Victoria soon and this article is packed with helpful information and interesting possibilities. The photos are great too!

Congratulations on being networked with Seattle Times! Great coverage and writing. Love the new logo!
—Tina Cachules

Sarah: Wow — way to be on the spot with a camera!
—Colleen Byrum

Julie: Thanks for your reporting. The article was well-written and appreciated. Hope the animals do well.
—Larry Lewin

Great positive story! Made my day.
—Happy Reader

[Partnering with The Seattle Times] is fantastic news and well-deserved! Congratulations to Inside Bainbridge! You’ve been a tremendous resource for our family, especially as we’ve only been here a few short years. Whenever we need to know something about BI, you’re our go-to site. Keep it up!

Photo by Julie Hall.

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    Just wanted to drop in and say I think you guys are doing great here.


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