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Inn at Pleasant Beach

Bainbridge’s Inn at Pleasant Beach All Set to Open July 3

Interior designer and Innkeeper Rachel Nye says there are still a million things to do before the Inn at Pleasant Beach opens officially next week. But I was able to count exactly three: a missing sconce and two bathroom mirrors still not hung. Other than that, the Inn is picture perfect and so inviting that I seriously thought about asking if I could hang out in one of the rooms to write this article—or maybe live there indefinitely.

The Inn at Pleasant BeachPeople have already been exposed to Nye’s attention to detail in her design for the Manor House, which is in the same Pleasant Beach Village development at Lynwood Center. The Inn double barrels that tradition along with developer John Jacobi’s own insistence on everything being exactly right. Each of the eight suites includes a seating area, gas stove, tiled two-sink bathroom, concealed mini fridge, flat screen TV, plush bed, ductless heat pump, art by local artists, and views, either of the wooded hill behind the Inn or the bay across the street.

The Inn at Pleasant BeachNye said that the basics of the interior design come from some work she did for Jacobi’s boat, including a nook with a built-in bed and nightstands. He told her he had never slept as well as he did in that bed and he wanted her to carry out that same design throughout the inn. With that as the blue and white starting point, Nye added art she selected at Bainbridge Arts and Crafts, arched doorways, overstuffed wicker chairs, white shag rugs, blue and white customized bathroom tile, custom-made bedspreads, large closets, art and antiques Jacobi brought back from travels to England and Ireland, stone fireplaces, books Nye picked up at a used bookstore in Poulsbo, custom-designed fridge cabinets, and surprising splashes of bright color.

The Inn at Pleasant BeachPeaked ceilings are painted in blue and white, accent walls are painted a yellow cream, one room features a bright red sidetable and another a giant green palm, a surprising yellow painting hangs on one wall, and the windows and patio doors invite in green from the trees outside. Finding herself in a fix and needing numbers for the rooms, Nye quickly painted the numbers on tiles, an informal touch that looks like it was preplanned. Jacobi gave her some miniature clay heads and asked her to use them, so she hung them throughout the inn in odd places—finding them would keep kids busy for half an hour or so.

The evolving design process, which ultimately moved Nye, her registration desk, and the laundry facilities out of the inn and into another location in the same development, means that guests check in on Lynwood Center Road and then are escorted to their rooms on the upper portion of the development (next to the Beach House Restaurant, which is already open).

The Inn opens July 3 and is filling up. Call 842-7800 to make a reservation.

The Inn at Pleasant Beach

The Inn at Pleasant Beach

Rachel Nye in front of her inn.


The Inn at Pleasant Beach


Photos by Sarah Lane. 

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