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Animal Tales: Mother Mary and Kittens Left in Box at Church

by Melissa Byrd, of PAWS of BI and N Kitsap, December 29, 2012, 10:26 p.m.

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Mary is a brown tabby with exotic markings and, as you can see, lovely green eyes. She came to us from North Beach Paws, near Ocean Shores. She and her four kittens were dropped off in a box at a local church, which is how they all got their names—Mary, Mattie, Mark, Luke, and Joan. They stayed at a foster home until we were able to arrange transportation.

Mother Mary sittingThe kittens have all found homes. But the stress on Mother Mary’s body of taking care of her little ones and herself has left her immune system weakened. She is currently being treated for a cold, common among cats.

Mary is a friendly girl who likes to be petted and brushed. She is a bit hesitant right now but is getting more social as she gets oriented at the Cattery and regains her strength. When the canned food comes out, she is one of the first ones on the spot. Mary likes to lounge on the window perch and watch the goings on outdoors when the birds, squirrels, and occasional raccoon show up to entertain. She has adjusted well to life with the other cats.

If you’d like to meet this sweetheart, please email Melissa at catadopt@bainbridgepaws.org.

Paws and Fins

Photos by Melissa Byrd.

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Animal Tales: Meet Popeye, Bluto, Barnacle Bill, Castor, and Ham Gravy

by Melissa Byrd, of PAWS of BI and N Kitsap, with Julie Hall June 30, 2012 4:25 a.m.
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A few weeks ago an email went around to Washington rescues asking for help in Grays Harbor. They had had two hoarder situations and had nowhere for the cats to go after all the court proceedings. Sadly, in Grays Harbor County there is such an overabundance of stray and unwanted animals that their lifespan once they enter “the system” is only about 72 hours. Many of the cats in the cases involved were household pets that would be euthanized purely for lack of space. This is always a tragedy. The fact that so many cats were going to be dumped into the system in such a short time made their situations even more desperate.

We contacted the agency who sent out the email and told them we could help. We got an immediate call back. The person told us she would hand pick the “cream of the crop” for us. We had to wait for the court to release the cats for adoption or rescue, which took a few days. Other groups that had also offered to help were waiting to get their cats too.

When we arrived in Aberdeen to pick up our cats, the ones that had originally been picked for us—young “pretty” cats—had been adopted into homes. This is always good to hear. We don’t want to prevent an adoption if one presents itself. The person I met was somewhat apologetic when she started handing me the cats: “I’m sorry they’re all boys. I hope you don’t mind there is a black one. He’s super sweet. Some of them have been fighting with one other due to the close quarters.”.

“Hmmmm,” I thought. It was not quite what I’d expected, but we said we’d help. Here are the Aberdeen five we brought back to Bainbridge:

A short-haired gray with some tabby markings, Bluto has white on his feet and chest. After I started calling him Bluto, the rest of the names just followed. Bluto has the “big tom cat” head but is only about 9 pounds. He is a sweet boy, who was the first to head-butt my hand for affection. He came right to me when I shook the treat bag. He has a few scars on him but is not at all aggressive with other cats. He likes to find a high perch to keep an eye on everyone and everything. He is probably about 5 years old.

Popeye is a medium-haired gray tabby, with kind of a Maine Coon look to him but is small at only about 8 pounds. This guy came out of his carrier talking and continued the entire nearly 2-hour ride to Bainbridge. He also is a friendly boy, probably between 8 and 10 years old. He was the only one of the “Five” who had indoor/outdoor access in his previous home.

Barnacle Bill
BB is a short-haired gray and white young boy, probably about 2 years old. He is a bit skittish around the other cats, but he doesn’t mind being handled by people. He likes to hang out on the fenced porches and watch the feeder action. He is mellow with other cats.

Castor (Olive Oyl’s brother, I am told) is one of the younger ones—probably 18-24 months old. He is a sleek brown tabby with white on his feet, chest, and face. He likes to hang out with Barnacle Bill on the porches, and he has befriended some of the other younger cats at our Cattery. I have seen Castor playing with toys on the porches and running around batting fake mice and jingly balls. I wonder if he ever saw a toy before coming to us.

Ham Gravy
Last but certainly not least is Ham Gravy (another of Olive’s boyfriends, I believe). Ham G. is an older gentleman for sure. He is probably in the 8-to-10-year age group. Like the others, he is short-haired. He is all black, with some scars. Ham G. is like a lot of black cats that I’ve met: super friendly and easy-going. He gets along great with the other cats, and when I walk in the door in the morning he is one of the first to say hello. At about 8 pounds, he also is smallish. His coat is rough, and his ears are a bit tattered. He is a gentle kitty who lived with a lot of cats for a long time and probably got bullied.

View them in the following photo gallery:
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These are the Popeye Five. They will be working their way into the Adoption Center and Petco in the following weeks. If you’d like to meet one or more of them, please call 206-780-0656 to set up an appointment, or visit our website.

Paws and Fins

Photos courtesy of PAWS of Bainbridge Island and Kitsap County.

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Animal Tales: “Sunny D” Looking for Sunshine

by Melissa Byrd, of PAWS of BI and N Kitsap, and Julie Hall February 25, 2012
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One of the authors of this article, Julie, knows a person who had a cat somewhere in its middle years, around Sundin’s age—9. She had had the cat its whole life, but when she had her first child she felt it was too difficult to keep her cat. One day she had the unscreened windows open in her high-rise apartment, and her cat, who liked to perch in the window, fell to its death. Afterward, the woman told people her cat had purposely taken its life to spare her the burden of having to take care of it and her child.

It’s a sad fact that in some human families, especially ones with new babies, animals that were once valued lose favor and end up ignored or even turned out. The vast majority of “pets” willingly come around to new family members—human or animal—if given the chance and reassurance that they are still important and not being displaced. Unfortunately, some people are needlessly fearful for their babies or children and do not socialize them or their animals to the changes that come with new family members. They do not honor the contract they have made with the animal they chose to bring into their home, who is entirely dependent on them for survival.

Sundin sittingLuckily when Sundin lost her place in her family, she landed at PAWS of Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap. Sundin, named after a hockey player, was turned over to PAWS after her family decided she “wasn’t fitting into the household any longer.” The person who had had her for years and who had once cherished her had gotten married, had a child, and then gotten a dog. Sundin had slowly withdrawn, taking to hiding and being “difficult.” For the people she lived with, the final straw was when Sundin urinated in their child’s crib.

Indeed, when she first arrived at PAWS Sundin was withdrawn. But that didn’t last long. This pretty black and white short-haired “tuxedo” kitty quickly stretched out and perked up, greeting Melissa each day with meow chirps and asking to be petted and brushed, even on her white belly. When she has had enough, she gives a little “love bite” to signal the grooming session is over, but she usually comes back quickly for more. Her caretakers at PAWS have not seen a single instance of her urinating improperly on anything. And they explain that it’s not uncommon for cats to start using a crib or child’s bed as a “litterbox” because of the smells they find there.

Sundin in windowSundin, nicknamed “Sunny D” at PAWS, gets along well with the other cats at the Cattery. She loves to lie on the window sills and follow the sunshine as it moves around the room throughout the day. She also likes to get her daily exercise on a jumping course she’s created from cat tree to cat tree. At the Adoption Center on Miller Road, she is popular with visitors, allowing them to brush her and occasionally rub her belly, a true act of cat trust. She enjoys visits from the local Girl Scouts, who play with her with the feathery wand toys they make for the cats. But so far no one has taken Sunny D home.

Sunny D is at the Adoption Center on Miller Road now. She will make another appearance at the Poulsbo Petco next week if she doesn’t find a home before then. We’re hoping her third time there will be a charm and someone will see her for the great cat she is and finally give her a place in the sun to call her own with the commitment she deserves.

For more information about Sunny D or other adoptable PAWS cats, email catadopt@bainbridgepaws.org or call the Cat Adoption Center at 206-780-0656. Visit the PAWS website here.

Photos courtesy of PAWS of Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap County.

Paws and Fins

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Animal Tales: Mr. Bob Lost His Love, Is Ready to Try Again

by Melissa Byrd with Julie Hall December 10, 2011
Paws and FinsThank you Paws and Fins Pet Shop for sponsoring our weekly Animal Tales feature.

Mr. Bob was a one-woman guy. She was older, and the two of them shared a quiet home where they would cuddle a lot and he would watch the world from his window perches. Heartbreakingly, Mr. Bob’s person had to reluctantly give him up when she moved into assisted living.

Now Mr. Bob, a Manx, is with PAWS of Bainbridge Island and in need of a new home. He’s a friendly and cuddly lap kitty who likes to play with boxes, string, and catnip mice. At six years old, he’s in his handsome prime. The fact that he is declawed and used to being inside makes him an ideal indoor companion. A sheltered only child, Mr. Bob is understandably shy in new situations.

When he joined the PAWS cattery, Mr. Bob was introduced in the low-key senior room. Even though the other cats were fairly mellow and there was plenty of space, he was overwhelmed. He started doing an imitation of a turtle, hiding under the covers on the couch. In time, though, he began coming out for greetings and affection from the staff; but afterward he would head back under the comforter.

Mr. Bob 2Mr. Bob spent time at Petco in Poulsbo and in the Cat Adoption Center on Bainbridge, in hopes of being adopted. But with no such luck, he became depressed and stopped eating. So the PAWS crew took him back to the cattery to recuperate.

He’s doing better now—gaining weight and sitting in the window again to watch the birds and squirrels at the feeders. What Mr. Bob needs is a quiet home of his own again with plenty of loving lap time. He’s been through a lot, but he’s ready to love again. Interested in Mr. Bob or learning about other cats available for adoption through PAWS of Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap? Contact them!

Story details and photos courtesy of PAWS of Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap.

Paws and Fins

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