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Photos of the Week: The Mushroom Magical Mystery Tour

1:35 p.m.

With our cool wet weather and shady woods, the Pacific Northwest is a fungi utopia. From cherished edibles like Chanterelles, to hallucinogenic “magic” mushrooms, to deadly toadstools, we have a stunning variety.

Mushroom enthusiasts found some beauties on IslandWood’s mushroom walk Sunday. Led by members of the Kitsap Peninsula Mycological Society, about 50 people participated, organized into smaller groups.

Bainbridge Island photographer Paul Brians was there and shared some of his best finds. He said, “Mushrooms are sparse this year, due to the dry conditions in the early fall, but we found some very nice specimens. I didn’t have my camera with me, but I took these shots with my iPhone 5.”

mushroom classic



















mushroom highrise





















white mushroom


















three disks mushroom

Red-Banded Conks.


















mushrooms on fir cone

shiny pebble mushrooms






shaggy manes mushrooms

Shaggy Manes.







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