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Take That, Putin: World’s Best Vodka Is from Bainbridge

The top prize of the World Vodka Awards, which are  presented by TheDrinksReport.com, a website for “drinks professionals,” belongs to Bainbridge Organic Distillers. BOD’s Legacy Organic Vodka was named World’s Best Vodka 2014 and World’s Best Vodka Design 2014.

The UK-based TheDrinksReport described it as “an excellent spirit that’s well balanced and full of individual character, great potential for cocktails.” In a way no one has ever described anything since the beginning of time, they added, “It has a powerful but soft nose with berry fruits and grain coming through. Rich, creamy, marshmallow flavours develop nicely on the palate.” By comparison, BOD describes its LOV as “crisp and pure, exhibiting the slightest hints of citrus peel and cereal biscuit, with a whiff of vanilla on the nose.” Also by comparison, I describe myself as “engaging and slightly edgy, sometimes tired, with a shortish but significant Teutonic nose.”

LOVThe taste award was conferred upon LOV after a three-stage blind taste test in which each competing vodka was evaluated in its subcategory—for LOV that was the Varietal Vodka category. The other categories are Pure Neutral Vodka, Flavoured Vodka, and Vodka Liqueur. The tasters were journalists (although nobody asked me), specialist drink retailers, bartenders, and hoteliers. They were looking for “balance, character, complexity, quality, and functionality.” From personal experience with the spirit in question, that last criterion seems somewhat antithetical to vodka, but maybe the fact that I think so is why I wasn’t asked to be a judge.

LOV and the other sub-category finalists then advanced to the second round from which LOV emerged Best Varietal Vodka. In the third and final round, the judges were joined by leading distillers and international vodka industry experts. All together, they chose LOV from among the other sub-category winners as the World’s Best Vodka.

Leading international design experts were the judges for the Design Award. Judges were asked to consider quality and the “innovative use of materials and production techniques.” They were instructed to evaluate the designs in terms of criteria that seem to have come right out of a Hogwarts spell-casting competition: “breakthrough in category, confidence, craft skills, insight, and inspiration.”

Never mind: It’s obvious that LOV won the Design Award on account of its shimmery bottle, its classy embossed metallic label, and its logo, a deciduous tree image (an oak), frosted on the glass itself. Frankly, the design is so pretty you want to marry it. And now we know it’s pretty on the inside too.

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