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Island Cup 2013 Results and Photo Gallery

This year’s Island Cup, the 3rd annual, as in the past drew thousands of people from all over the region to the rock last weekend, August 23-25. The cup is hosted by the Bainbridge Island Football Club at fields all over the Island. Here are the results and a photo gallery:

2013 Island Cup Champions


  • BU9 – North Kitsap United
  • BU10 – West Narrows Blue 03
  • BU11 – Crossfire Select 02 Butler
  • BU12 – BIFC 01 Blue
  • BU13 – Greenwalt Crossfire Select
  • BU14 – The Blues


  • GU9 – Rainier Valley Slammers G05
  • GU10 – WA Rush G03 NERO
  • GU11 – Crossfire Select
  • GU11 Miller 02
  • GU12 – FWFC G01 Blue
  • GU13 Gold – Westsound FC G00
  • GU13 Red GU13 Silver – Sparta G00
  • GU14 Gold – WFC Rangers G99 Blue
  • GU14 Silver – Freedom

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Soccer U12 Select

Bainbridge Football Club U12 Select Team Wins State

This morning the Bainbridge Island Football Club U12 Select team faced off against Preston’s Eastside Football Club in the Select State Championships and took the title with a 2-1 final score. The Championships, also known as the Virginia Mason Washington Youth Soccer Challenge Cup, were held at the Starfire Sports Complex in Tukwila.

AwardTo get there, the boys defeated Redmond’s Crossfire Premier 3-2 on Saturday.

The U12 Casa Rojas-sponsored team consists of players Cole Barjesteh, Sam Barnett, Andrew Becker, Daniel Debellis, Julian Florez, Mathew Hodges, Jack Henry-Hung, Andrew Master Rao, David Nikunen, Willem Patrick, Eros Rojas, Carlo Ruggiero, Andrew von Bereghy, and Grant Wolff. Tim Self is the Head Coach, assisted by Simon Hung.

BIFC Select U12













Photos by Steve Giovanis and Washington Youth Soccer.

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Bainbridge to Host 90 Teams for Second Annual Island Cup This Weekend

11:29 a.m.

The successful and well-attended Island Cup soccer tournament is returning to Bainbridge this weekend, August 24-26. As many as 5,000 youth players, coaches, and family members will descend upon the Island for the event,  filling up hotels and restaurants. Nearly 90 teams are participating.

Island CupThe tournament is hosted by the Bainbridge Island Football Club, which runs a soccer program for ages 4 to 18 on Bainbridge, serving over 1,000 players. The matches begin Friday afternoon and continue through to the Championship games Sunday afternoon. With so many teams participating, the tournament will be held at four different sets of fields: Battle Point Park, Sands Avenue, Woodward School, and Sakai School.

Vendors will be present, including Treeroot Espresso, Bainbridge BBQ, Casa Rojas, and Bainbridge Massage.

Interested in catching some games? Here are the boys’ and girls’ schedules.



Photo by Sarah Lane.

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Select Soccer Tryouts Scheduled for May

It’s that time again, when you’ve got to get the kids new cleats and shin guards. Tryouts for select soccer will be held in May (the schedule follows). Plus, the Bainbridge Island Football Club is holding training camps and Summer Development Clinics. The culmination of it all, the BIFC Island Cup, is scheduled for the end of August.

You can register online here.


U10 Dev Academy: visit www.bifc.net/home.php?layout=3083

U11 Boys (Age Group Head Coach: Phil Avison & Pete Kenworthy)
• Friday, May 4 (5-6:30pm @ Battle Point)
• Sunday, May 6 (12-1:30pm @ Battle Point)

U12 Boys (Age Group Head Coaches: Tim Self & Zach Connor)
• Friday, May 4 (6:30-8pm @ Battle Point)
• Sunday, May 6 (1:30-3pm @ Battle Point)

U13 Boys (Age Group Head Coaches: Phil Avison & Hansy Lopez)
• Friday, May 11 (5-6:30pm @ Battle Point)
• Tuesday, May 15 (5-6:30pm @ Bainbridge HS)

U14 Boys (Age Group Head Coach: Tim Self)
• Friday, May 11 (5-6:30pm @ Battle Point)
• Saturday, May 12 (5-6:30pm @ Battle Point)

U15 Boys (Age Group Head Coaches: Scott Ford & Kevin Skinner)
• Friday, May 11 (6:30-8pm @ Battle Point)
• Saturday, May 12 (6:30-8pm @ Battle Point)

Goalkeeper Evaluations
• April 26 (6-7pm): U11 & 12 Boys @ Bainbridge HS
• April 26 (7-8pm): U13, U14 & U15 Boys @ Bainbridge HS


U10 Dev Academy: visit www.bifc.net/home.php?layout=3083

U11 Girls (Age Group Head Coaches: Hansy Lopez & Zach Conner)
• Friday, May 4 (6:30-8pm @ Battle Point)
• Sunday, May 6 (1:30-3pm @ Battle Point)

U12 Girls (Age Group Head Coach: Mimi Malgarini)
• Friday, May 4 (5-6:30pm @ Battle Point)
• Sunday, May 6 (12-1:30pm @ Battle Point)

U13 Girls (Age Group Head Coache: Kevin Skinner)
• Friday, May 11 (5-6:30pm @ Battle Point)
• Tuesday, May 15 (5-6:30pm @ Bainbridge HS)

U14 Girls (Age Group Head Coaches: Kevin Skinner & Pete Kenworthy)
• Saturday, May 12 (5-6:30pm @ Battle Point)
• Tuesday, May 15 (6:30-8pm @ Battle Point)

U15 Girls (Age Group Head Coache: Kevin Skinner)
• Friday, May 11 (6:30-8pm @ Battle Point)
• Saturday, May 12 (6:30-8pm @ Battle Point)

U16 Girls (Age Group Head Coach: Phil Avison)
• Saturday, May 19 (10-11:30am @ Bainbridge HS)
• Sunday, May 20 (10-11:30am @ Battle Point)

U17/18 Girls (Age Group Head Coach: Scott Ford)
• Saturday, May 19 (11:30-1pm @ Bainbridge HS)
• Sunday, May 20 (11:30-1pm @ Battle Point)

Goalkeeper Evaluations
• May 3 (6-7pm): U11 & 12 Girls @ Bainbridge HS
• May 3 (7-8pm): U13, U14 & U15 Girls @ Bainbridge HS
• All U16-U18 Goalkeepers will be evaluated within team tryout.

Summer Development Clinics

• Defender Clinic (July 24–26)
• Striker Clinic (Aug. 20–22)
• Goalkeeper Clinic (Aug. 20–22)
• Over Night Team Camp (Aug. 12–15)

For more information contact Phil Avison at playerdev@bifc.net.

Photo by Steven Depolo.

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Island Cup

Teams from Around the State Cleat Up for the Island Cup

The first Annual Island Cup youth soccer tournament drew 76 boys’ and girls’ teams and as many as 2,000 people from as far away as Issaquah, Snohomish, and Mt. Rainier and as close as Gig Harbor, Lake Washington, and North Kitsap. All convened on soccer fields around Bainbridge to compete for a new title on the youth soccer scene. The tournament, which was hosted by the Bainbridge Island Football Club, was open to U.S. Club Teams, Washington State Youth Soccer teams, U.S. Youth Soccer teams, and youth teams from Canada. The Island Cup is sanctioned under U.S. Club Soccer and WSYSA.

Games were played Friday through Sunday at ten Island locations: Battle Point Park, Bainbridge High School, Commodore Field, Ordway Elementary, Hidden Cove Park, Rotary Field, Sakai Intermediate School, Wilkes Elementary, Woodward Middle School, and Sands Field.

McCallum and McMillan

McCallum and McMillan

The Island Cup is the creation of Tournament Director Liming McMillan, who is also the Bainbridge Island Football Club Registrar, although she gave credit for the idea to BIFC Director of Coaching Ian McCallum. I asked McMillan what was the rationale behind organizing a massive three-day tournament and inviting teams from as far away as Canada and Idaho. McMillan explained that Bainbridge Island players travel all over the state to get to tournaments, and people are always asking them, “Where’s Bainbridge Island?” McMillan’s goals were (a) to answer that question by bringing people here to see for themselves and (b) to bring money to Island businesses.

From anecdotal evidence at least, the strategy seems to have paid off. One Safeway employee said she had never seen so many people in the grocery store. McMillan said there was no parking available for Casa Rojas on Saturday night, and McCallum said he had heard that one restaurant had received a request for a reservation for 80.

Tournament play

Tournament play

The soccer club was all set to make money too, selling T-shirts and other swag emblazoned with the tournament logo. Local vendors such as Treeroot Espresso were on hand at Battle Point Park to provide food and beverages to the players and their families.

I was fortunate to watch the Bainbridge Island Football Club ’98 Blue squad play the North Kitsap Chaos ’98 squad in the Girls Under 13 division at Battle Point Park Sunday morning. It was a great game, with many drives against and shots on goals on both sides and a lot of clean but tough physical contact. At the end there was no score, which meant that North Kitsap was out of the tournament. After the game I caught up with Skyler Chun, center midfielder for the Chaos. She had been involved in almost every play, offensive or defensive. It turned out she was the only North Kitsap player from Bainbridge. She told me she’s been playing soccer ever since she “could run,” which would explain her excellent physical conditioning and ability to cover the entire field for the duration of the game.

Chun (right) and teammate

Chun (right) and teammate

Chaos Coach Geoff Trivers was very pleased with his team’s game, despite the end to their run. He gave out a few special awards to select players and then handed out laminated tournament tags to the team, a keepsake from the event. After admonishing the numerous Chaos fans and himself to try not to give advice from the sidelines, he reminded his team that the game was about making decisions in the moment, on the field, and that coaching came before the game, not during. After grabbing some donuts provided by the team’s boosters, the girls headed off happily for an afternoon barbeque.

Results from Finals

Seven Bainbridge Island teams made it to the finals. One, BIFC ’97 Blue, won gold, in the Girls’ Under 14 category by beating FC Crush 97 2 to 1.


U10 Gold—ISC Gunners B’01 B: 3; BIFC Sounders: 0.
U10 Silver—Cascade FC B01: 2; ISC Gunners B’01 C: 1.
U9/10 Silver—Cascade FC B02: 2; ISC Gunners B’02 A: 5.
U11 Gold—BIFC ’00 BLUE: 1; Tynecastle Outliers: 6.
U11 Silver—Storm King 00 select: 0; NK Ballistic 00: 2.
U12 Gold—NK Asteroids 99: 2; BIFC ’99 Blue: 1.
U12 Silver—Tracyton Typhoon: 4; CK United: 1.
U13 Gold/U14 Silver—UPSC Seawolves: 2; BIFC ’97 White: 0.
U13 Silver—NK Inferno 98: 4; Cascade FC B98 Green: 0.
U14 Gold—NK Comets 97: 3; BIFC ’97 Blue: 0

U10 Gold—EFC Gu10 Blue: 2 (won in kicks from the mark 1-0); ISC Gunners G’01 B: 2.
U10 Silver—Harbor Premier G01 White: 6; Westsound FC GU10: 3.
U9 Gold—Harbor FC ’02 HP: 3; ISC Gunners ‘B’ 02: 1.
U11 Gold—LWPFC White Piranhas: 6; FC CRUSH MMI – SKY: 5.
U11 Silver—Snohomish United G00 Red: 1; NK Storm 00: 1 (won in kicks from the mark 1-0).
U12 Gold/U13 Silver—Crossfire Select ’99: 4; BIFC ’99 Blue: 0.
U13 Gold—Westsound FC ’99: 3; Harbor Premier G98: 1.
U14 Gold—FC Crush 97: 1; BIFC ’97 Blue: 2.


Photos by Sarah Lane.


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