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protection island sign with eagle

Protection Island Wildlife Refuge a Precious Haven in Our Midst (w/ Photo Gallery)

About 7 miles west of Port Townsend at the entrance to Discovery Bay is a remarkable 364-acre (half square-mile) land mass that despite its modest size serves as the nesting ground for nearly three-quarters of Puget Sound’s seabirds. If Protection Island’s irresistibly colorful tufted puffins aren’t impressive enough, there are also some 20,000 pairs of…

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Turkey Trot 2014

Turkey Trot 2014 Photo Gallery

Early this morning, November 27, starting at 8:30, on what started out as a windy and soggy day, Islanders and visiting relatives and friends donned their running shoes, turkey feathers, and Pilgrim hats for the 5th annual Turkey Trot 1 mile and 5K runs. Some people raced, some people pushed strollers, some ran their dogs,…

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Sakai property

Winslow’s Last Stand? A Chance at Our Own Central Park

To state the obvious yet underacknowledged, as an island by definition Bainbridge has finite geography. And that “finity” is becoming glaringly apparent year by year, month by month, as houses and apartment complexes go up and trees, wetlands, and open space disappear. Shazam: The Sakai land. You know it. It’s the wild property across from…

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great zucchini race

Gad Zucs! The Great Zucchini Races 2014 Video & Photo Gallery

The Great Zucchini Races returned to the downtown Bainbridge Island Farmer’s Market Saturday, September 20, for a sunny, fun day of ramp heats, campy commentary, and enthusiastic fanfare. Community members showed their creativity with tricked out zucchinis big, small, and huge. One illegal entry containing cucumber contraband—pickles to be precise—managed to pass muster(ard) and make…

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wooden boat festival 2014

Port Townsend 2014 Wooden Boat Festival Photo Gallery

Some 300 wooden boats of wide-ranging size, design, and vintage were on display over the weekend, September 5-7, at the 38th Annual Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend, Washington. Festival-goers toured boats, attended workshops, and enjoyed live music and vendors selling food, art, boats, boat paraphernalia, and much more. Inspired by a wooden boat revival…

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Key Bank/ Visconsi Protest Rally Photo Gallery & Video

The final rally around Chiara D’Angelo’s tree sitting yesterday evening drew over 150 people, including numerous community leaders who spoke out in support of the 19 year old’s political activism against a profit-driven corporate value system that sacrifices natural resources and strips communities of sustainable quality of life. (Read more about the rally here.) D’Angelo…

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National Night Out

Stayed in on National Night Out? What You Missed (w/ Photo Gallery)

If you didn’t show up at Sakai Intermediate School Tuesday night, August 5, for the annual National Night Out police-community celebration organized by Officer Carla Sias, you missed out on a great deal. First there was the free food: hot dogs, chips, popcorn, and cotton candy. Then there was the free music: lively guitar by…

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John Adams Lane

Secrets of Lives Lived on Bainbridge’s Soon-to-Be-Gone Government Way

Bainbridge’s Grow Community will soon be expanding east with Phase II, the Grove, and Phase III, the Park, encompassing the area of what is the now unoccupied and decommissioned former military housing on John Adams Lane, a.k.a Government Way, between Wyatt and Shepard. In the process, all the old homes will be destroyed and John…

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Discover Williams-Olson Park on Manzanita Bay: A Photo Essay

by Julie Hall and Paul Brians [This article was corrected and updated August 4, 2014, at 9:52 a.m.] The Williams-Olson Park has been a well-kept secret that locals in the neighborhood have enjoyed since it opened about seven years ago. But to many the Park is a new discovery because of recent changes made by the…

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Hall's Hill Labyrinth entry path

Bainbridge’s New Stone Mosaic ‘Labyrinth’ Is a Tour de Force (w/ Photo Gallery)

I’m telling you straight off that I cannot reveal the labyrinth’s specific location. The wishes of its benefactors dictate that it remain a place of peace primarily for locals, not a tourist attraction. When you find it, as many Bainbridge Islanders and their friends already have, you will understand. The Hall’s Hill Labyrinth exemplifies the traditional…

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As the Rotary Turns: A Behind-the-Scenes Peek at the 2014 Auction w/ Photo Gallery

On the eve of the final dropoff day of the 2014 Bainbridge Island Rotary Auction, cars streamed in with this and that and that and this, while flocks of volunteers prepared the goods (and not-so-goods) for the big day, Saturday, June 28. In sum, approximately 350 volunteers work the Rotary, cleaning, sorting, pricing, and displaying…

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antelope canyon arizona by julie hall

A Postcard to Bainbridge

Dear Readers: Hello from southern Utah! Your faithful Inside Bainbridge editors are on a much-needed vacation. Although it pained us not to inform you about the one-boat ferry service yesterday, May 3, we were happy to be hiking in a glorious slot canyon in the hinterlands of southern Utah without cell service. We were amusedly…

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Nute's Pond in blue.

Bainbridge’s Secret Nute’s Pond Park Unveiled: Photo Gallery

by Paul Brians, Bainbridge Island photographer Thirty-one acres of woods and wetland at the top of Toe Jam Hill were acquired by the Bainbridge Island Park District in 2011 as Nute’s Pond Park. But it was known mostly to residents living nearby until this year when the District put up a sign labeling it as…

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MS Walk

MS Walk 2014 Photo Gallery

Saturday, April 12, throngs gathered at Bainbridge High School for warm-up exercises before hitting the streets of downtown Bainbridge Island to raise money to fight MS. Here are some photos of the day: [portfolio_slideshow id=72897] Related Stories Weekend on the Rock April 11-13, 2014: Walking, Fishing, Planting, Dancing, and Posing Letter to the Editor: Help…

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Middle Earth on Bainbridge Island: Fairy Dell Trail Photo Essay

by Paul Brians Bainbridge Island photographer The Fairy Dell earned its name from its fantasy-like beauty. We tell visitors that this is the closest thing to Middle Earth on Bainbridge Island. I decided to try to convey the magic of this place by making a series of high-dynamic contrast photos. Most of these images are…

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skate on gazzam lake

Triple Salchow (Sow Cow) on Frozen Gazzam Lake? (Video & Photo Gallery)

It wasn’t winter Olympics on Gazzam Lake during our recent deep freeze, but a few Bainbridge Islanders took a rare opportunity to find out how “cool” it is to ice skate there. Terry Siebert and her son Sam Kuniholm finally fulfilled her goal of skating on Gazzam, something she had hoped to do for years. Siebert…

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snow on Winslow rooftops

White Madness! IB Reader Snow Photo Gallery

Here are photos of Bainbridge Island in the snow taken by IB readers today, February 9. A big thanks to the photographers! [portfolio_slideshow id=69099] Related Story: Brief Snow Fun at Battle Point (Photo Gallery) Photos of the Day: Snowy Waterfronts Photos of the Day: Snowy Gazzam Lake   Photos by Paul Brians, Aaron Geisler, Kelly…

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snow at Battle Point

Brief Snow Fun at Battle Point (Photo Gallery)

Frolickers at Battle Point Park took advantage this morning, February 9, of the 1.5 inches of snow before the start around 11:30 of the Big Thaw. [portfolio_slideshow id=69077] Photos by Sarah Lane.

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Bainbridge Aquatic Masters

Bainbridge Aquatic Masters Close the Year with a Frigid Swim in Manzanita Bay (w/ Photo Gallery)

In the Polar Bear Plunge, people hurl themselves into the icy waters of Puget Sound on New Year’s Day for a second or two. But the Bainbridge Aquatic Masters, for nine years running now, close out the old by swimming around in those icy waters for about a quarter of an hour. Today, December 31,…

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BIMA party

Night at the Museum: One Heckuva Party at BIMA (w/ Photo Gallery)

A jester on stilts and an Oompa Loompa (of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fame) greeted guests at the front doors of the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art (BIMA) last night, December 13, for a lavish evening to remember hosted by BIMA architect Matthew Coates. In a kind of thank-you gesture, which happened to fall…

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