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trout put into battle point park pond

Fresh Stock of Rainbow Trout Makes Big Splash at Battle Point Park Pond

Some 400 rainbow trout 8-12 inches long swam into a whole new water world in the Battle Point Park pond on Friday, April 4. The Bainbridge Island Park District teamed up with Bainbridge Island Fly Fishers and the Washington Council of Trout Unlimited to restock the pond for the second year in a row after…

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KHS dog close up

Letter to the Editor: A Letter to the Park Board About Off-Leash Dogs on Island Trails

Dear Members of the BIMPD Board: As dog owners, people who walk with their dog, trail stewards, and 15+ year residents of Bainbridge Island, my husband and I again respectfully request an opportunity to use our island trail systems for off-leash dog walking on a rotating schedule. As Julie Hall pointed out in her 3/14/14…

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strawberry hill proposed dog park

Park Board Seeks Input About Off-Leash Dog Sites at Upcoming Hearing

The Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park & Recreation District Board is holding a public hearing on April 3 at 6 p.m. at the Strawberry Hill Center to discuss off-leash dog parks. According to the Park Board, plans for the Vincent Road off-leash site are currently off the table because of budgetary constraints. In leui of the…

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Middle Earth on Bainbridge Island: Fairy Dell Trail Photo Essay

by Paul Brians Bainbridge Island photographer The Fairy Dell earned its name from its fantasy-like beauty. We tell visitors that this is the closest thing to Middle Earth on Bainbridge Island. I decided to try to convey the magic of this place by making a series of high-dynamic contrast photos. Most of these images are…

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obey sign dogs on leash sign

Letter from the Editor: Shared Use Is Fair Park Policy for People & Their Dogs

I applaud City Council Members Sarah Blossom and Dave Ward for standing up for the concerns of a large but nevertheless marginalized and often maligned constituency of Bainbridge citizens who wish to exercise their dogs off leash in our community’s parks. In Monday night’s (March 10) meeting Ward and Blossom questioned handing over certain open…

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Pritchard Park.

Council Questions Transferring Properties to Park District Because of Its Failure to Provide Off-Leash Options

At Monday’s (March 10) City Council meeting, Deputy City Manager Morgan Smith asked the Council to reaffirm the decision to transfer six surplus city properties to the Park District. Smith said they’d “been tracking the properties since 2005.” She described the transfer process as moving in “fits and starts” and as coming to a head…

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waterfront park madrona

Old Growth Trees and Bainbridge’s New Waterfront Park Design: What’s at Stake

Island Tree Expert Olaf Ribeiro is circulating a letter today, February 24, through Islanders for Responsible Development expressing his concern that the latest version of the design being considered for Waterfront Park shows widespread cutting of the trees at the park. Ribeiro explained that he wasn’t sure from the design, but “It appears from their…

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skate on gazzam lake

Triple Salchow (Sow Cow) on Frozen Gazzam Lake? (Video & Photo Gallery)

It wasn’t winter Olympics on Gazzam Lake during our recent deep freeze, but a few Bainbridge Islanders took a rare opportunity to find out how “cool” it is to ice skate there. Terry Siebert and her son Sam Kuniholm finally fulfilled her goal of skating on Gazzam, something she had hoped to do for years. Siebert…

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snow at Battle Point

Brief Snow Fun at Battle Point (Photo Gallery)

Frolickers at Battle Point Park took advantage this morning, February 9, of the 1.5 inches of snow before the start around 11:30 of the Big Thaw. Photos by Sarah Lane.

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Hilltop Conservation Campaign Surmounted, Protecting Vital Island Corridor

It’s been a long climb to the summit of the fundraising campaign to purchase 36 crucial acres of land between East and West Grand Forest. The Bainbridge Island Land Trust (BILT) and its many supporters throughout our community and beyond have finally raised the funds to complete the acquisition of connective land that protects over 540…

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Owen Marshall

Owen’s Playground: Will Tonight Be the Start of a “Joyful Kid’s Legacy” for Waterfront Park?

Four months ago, just days after her six-year-old son Owen died after a short lifetime of struggle with severe physical problems, Islander Stacy Marshall’s good friend Pam Perry said to her, “I know this is a really rough time. But people want to give to Owen’s legacy and we need to find a way for…

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get what you want

Take This Online Survey to Weigh in on Park District Priorities

The Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Parks & Recreation District is gathering citizen input about priorities for the District in the years ahead. Bainbridge residents’ feedback will help guide the Comprehensive Plan, which is updated every six years. The District has created a short online questionnaire to collect data. Go to the questionnaire. Questions? Contact Park District…

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Blakely Harbor Park

Joy Ride Does $3000 in Damage to Blakely Harbor Park with ‘Car Wash’ in Mill Pond

At 9:30 in the morning of December 28, police were called about a vehicle in Mill Pond in Blakely Harbor Park. Officers Victor Cienega and Erik Peffer found in the water there a white four-door Ford Explorer with the doors open and the ignition bell dinging. Water was up to the door sills. No one…

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battle point navy base

How a Barren WWII Military Base Became Beautiful and Beloved Battle Point Park

Military-style, the Battle Point Navy radio station land (now Battle Point Park) was cleared and flattened when it was constructed at the start of WWII. Through that war and the Korean war, the base served a crucial communications role between the mainland United States and the Pacific. The base included five radio towers, as well as…

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Last Chance This Year to Pipe up on Parks Comprehensive Plan at 11/14 Meeting

Do you want more tennis courts? What about more trash cans in the parks? How about an off-leash dog amusement park? Now’s the time to speak up about your needs and interests when it comes to Bainbridge parks. The Bainbridge Island Metro Parks and Recreation District is beginning its six-year comprehensive plan, and that plan…

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english elms at bloedel

Hired Arborist ‘Dismayed’ at Decision to Remove Both Historic Elms at Bloedel Residence

If you’ve been to the Bloedel Reserve you will not have overlooked or forgotten the two very large English elm trees that stand on either side of the front of the residence. They are extraordinary and emanate what I can only call soul. This week on Thursday, November 7, the two trees will be taken…

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Battle Point Park Indian summer

Indian Summer at Battle Point Park Photo Gallery

Warm sunny weather breezed back into our lives this early October weekend, and one of Bainbridge Island’s favorite parks was in fine form. Do you recognize these places?     Photos by Julie Hall.

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ferns on maple

Hiking at Fort Ward Park Expands with Ridge Trail (w/ Photo Gallery)

Fort Ward’s network of trails has expanded with the unique Ridge Trail, which winds along the upper ridge of the park and affords glimpses of the water below. Planned by the Trails Advisory Committee and spearheaded by Rick Gordon and Bart Berg, the trail was completed in July with upwards of 200 (hu)man hours from…

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waterfront park bridge closure

Pedestrian Bridge on Path from Waterfront Park to Ferry Closed for Safety

The wooden pedestrian bridge at Shannon Drive at the east end of Waterfront Park at the start of the path to Harborview Drive near the ferry dock has been closed for safety reasons. City of Bainbridge Interim Public Works Director John Cunningham explained that one of the four pilings that hold up the bridge as it…

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A Day at the New Land Trust Shoreline Preserve Photo Essay

by Paul Brians One of the top priorities of the Bainbridge Island Land Trust (BILT) is the preservation of as much as possible of the few remaining stretches of undeveloped Island shoreline. So it was celebrated as a major accomplishment when BILT Stewardship Director Brenda Padgham, with help from a team of experts, succeeded last…

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