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blakely park eco toilet

It’s Eco Potty Time! (Seriously, This Is Cool)

The new ecotoilet at Blakely Harbor Park isn’t just a whole lot more attractive, clean, and unsmelly than your typical outdoor “place of easement.” It’s a model of environmental and economic sustainability. With donated funds, in part to provide facilities for nearby IslandWood’s regular class trips to the Park, the Bainbridge Island Park District began…

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cherry tree

Developer Pledges to Save a Tree

Bainbridge plant pathologist Olaf Ribeiro said he thought it was the first time it had happened in his experience on Bainbridge: At Tuesday night’s (May 19) City Council meeting, a developer pledged to save a tree. The developer was Jim Laughlin. The tree was a historic cherry tree in the path of a proposed gravel driveway that would lead to…

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john grinter

John Grinter Running for Park Board

John Grinter has announced his candidacy for Park District Board of Commissioners. He is running against incumbent Ken DeWitt for the 6-year term. An Island resident for 15 years, Grinter has worked with the City and Park District on a variety of projects and is most known for his advocacy for an interconnected network of…

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Dog at beach

City Takes Another Step Toward an Off-Leash Trial at Pritchard Park

At the May 12 City Council meeting, before the Council could proceed with a vote whether to test Pritchard Park as an off-leash park, they first had to correct a mistake made at the last council meeting. At that meeting they had failed to take into consideration that the Bainbridge Island Metro Parks and Recreation District…

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Bainbridge Land Trust Wins WA Recreation and Park Association Citation of Merit

The Washington Recreation and Park Association has recognized the Bainbridge Island Land Trust with a Citation of Merit Award. The recognition was awarded at the WRPA Annual Awards Banquet held April 30th at the Greater Tacoma Convention Center. The Citation of Merit Award recognizes individuals and organizations for their significant contributions to the field of parks…

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Owen’s Playground Phase II Launches with Money Raised by Local Kids

Owen’s Playground, the inclusive, barrier-free playground under construction at the Rotary Ballfields on Weaver, has completed Phase I fundraising and just launched Phase II. Phase I consisted of raising money for everything to the west of the sidewalk that will run through the park. Phase II will consist of surfacing the entire playground and building the east side….

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SCA at BP by Dan Miller

Photo of the Day: Knighttime at Battle Point Park

Friday and Saturday, May 1 and 2, about a dozen Boy Scout Troops from all over the county gathered at Battle Point Park for their annual Camporee. This year’s theme was Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The troops decorated their campsites with turrets and parapets and other medieval accoutrements, and the Kitsap and Mason…

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Tot Lot

Madison Tot Lot Update

Jim Laughlin, the applicant for the development project at Madison near the tot lot, nearly bent himself in half at the April 14 Council meeting to show how much he wants to honor the City’s and the public’s wishes regarding the Tot Lot. Laughlin’s original plan would have moved the tot lot to the corner of…

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Unhappy crow

Photo of the Day: Crow Bar

Reader Jeff Dalton had the quick instincts to snap this photo today, April 16, at Pritchard Park of a crow dive bombing an eagle perched atop a tree. This behavior, known as “mobbing,” is designed to protect nested young from predation, either by annoying the predator until it leaves or by distracting it so it can’t find nests…

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Horned lion

Photo of the Day: Startling Horned Lion at Grand Forest

If you happen to see it and are not expecting it, you’ll surely get a jolt of adrenaline. The furry creature, a sort of humanoid, life-sized horned lion in a cape and what seems to be a blue union suit, is standing in the woods right off the entrance to Grand Forest East, on Mandus…

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Hockey rink by Linda Cox Arnsdorf

Roller Hockey Rink Gets New Slicker, Safer, Cooler Surface

At one point on Saturday, March 28, almost 65 volunteers were helping in the effort to lay a new surface on the existing Bainbridge Roller Hockey League rink at Battle Point Park—the only outdoor roller hockey rink in the State of Washington. The surface, made by a South Carolina company called Ice Court, is comprised…

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happy dogs on beach

Citizens Launch Petition to Protect Off-Leash Dog Rights at Pritchard Park

A petition campaign was launched yesterday afternoon, March 22, requesting that the City of Bainbridge Island (COBI) stipulate off-leash dog hours in its land transfer to the Park District. COBI is transferring ownership of Pritchard Park, which includes rare public beach access on Bainbridge Island, to the Park District. Pritchard Park is comprised of three…

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bridge at blakely harbor

Photo Essay: Blakely Harbor Park Improvements

by Paul Brians The Bainbridge Island Park District has been making considerable progress in its development of Blakely Harbor Park for recreation, historical preservation, and conservation. Here are photos taken recently of the Park, located on southeast Bainbridge.                                  …

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Tot Lot

Citizens Object to Tot Lot Relocation, Developer Responds

At Monday (February 23) evening’s public meeting following a Design Review Board meeting, about 40 people gathered to hear about the proposed Wyatt Cottages development. The development, which is just in the pre-application stage, would add 32 attached and detached one- and two-story dwellings and parking to the lot at the northeast corner of Wyatt and Madison. Most…

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Sakai pond panorama

Letter to the Editor: Thanks for a Resounding Yes to a Winslow Central Park

Dear Fellow Islanders: We at “People for Parks” want to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude to the residents of Bainbridge Island. A 69% victory for the new park in Winslow was a resounding affirmation of the Island’s commitment to preserving open space and providing recreational opportunities for future generations of Islanders. Once again, this…

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People for Parks members

Letter to the Editor: Super Majority Vote for Park Affirms Community Values

On February 10, the citizens of Bainbridge Island, by a super-majority, voted to create a central park at the heart of the Island. The 23-acre Sakai property now belongs to the community to be a park for generations into the future. First, thanks to the Sakai family, John, Maryann, and Dean, for making a “Park…

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I voted

Election Results: Fire and Park, Yes, Yes, Yes

In today’s special election, Islanders will decide whether the Sakai property on Madison gets turned into a park, whether the Fire Department gets to hire more personnel to fully staff Station 23, and whether the Fire Department may forge ahead with rebuilding Stations 21 and 22. With 8,130 ballots counted and 500 left to count…

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Letter to the Editor: Vote on the Facts, Ignore the Fiction

On behalf of PEOPLE FOR PARKS, I encourage you to exercise your civic duty and vote. I also ask that you be an informed voter and consider the facts: FACT: The Kitsap Sun’s Editorial Board gave the Parks and Open Space Bond a strong endorsement because the value in the land lies far beyond the…

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Letter to the Editor: Vote Yes as Antidote to Visconsi Clearcut

If you’re like us, you’d love to find an antidote for the clearcutting of more than 800 trees that made way for the Visconsi development at 305 and High School Road. Thankfully, there is an antidote. It is 23 acres of open land, much of it wooded, with a 2-acre lake, directly across the 305…

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Letter to the Editor: Vote for a Precious Park, Not Another Housing Project

Dear Friends: Your mail-in ballot for the February 10th special election has already been sent to your home. I hope you will join me in voting YES for the Parks and Open Space Bond for the following reasons: We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to save the last large undeveloped parcel of property in Winslow. We can create something…

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