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sportsman club road spine trail

Newly Extended Sportsman Club Road Spine Trail Adds Community Connectivity

With the latest segment now finished, the Sportsman Club Road Spine Trail is close to completion. Made possible by an easement donated from the Club, the new 700-foot-long portion of the Trail runs along the scenic Sportsmen’s Club pond on the east side of the road and through forest. The Trail continues north past New Brooklyn…

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mailboxes by Andrew Taylor

Letter to the Editor: The Sakai Park Will Be as Cherished as Grand Forest & Gazzam

My wife and I would like to lend our enthusiastic support for the upcoming capital bond measure to acquire the 23-acre Sakai property as a public park. For eight years from 1986 to 1993 I had the privilege of serving as a Bainbridge Island Park District Commissioner. One of our proudest acts was to sponsor…

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Mailboxes by Beate Meier

Letter to the Editor: The Sakai Property Is a Great Opportunity for a City Park!

Ten years ago when my husband and I made Bainbridge Island our home, it was the Island trees and open spaces that spoke to us. A few months ago we attended on one occasion a Parks & Recreation meeting and on another a City Council meeting with a desire to share at both a concern…

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Letter to the Editor: A Look at the Taxpayer Cost of a Central Park in Winslow

Bainbridge Island has an exciting opportunity to purchase 23 acres of open space (the Sakai property) for a major new park in Winslow—the heart of our Island. Please vote YES on the ballot coming to your mailboxes around January 23. This is our last chance to save the last major undeveloped parcel in Winslow. Of course, some people…

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mailbox mandus olsen

Letter to the Editor: Vote Yes for Parks and Open Space Proposition 1

The Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation is an independent Island nonprofit that works closely with the Park District and other Island leaders to pursue our mission of “enhancing community by supporting a thriving system of parks, trails, and open space.” With this mission in mind, I speak for the organization to encourage support for the Winslow…

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log on fairy dell trail

Alaska Airlines Magazine Visits Dave Guterson’s Bainbridge Island

An article in the December 2014 issue of Alaska Airlines Magazine takes a good long look at Bainbridge Island through the lens of local author Dave Guterson’s best-selling 1994 novel Snow Falling on Cedars. Featuring a photograph of our local Fairy Dell Trail by Paul Brians that first appeared on Inside Bainbridge, the article’s author…

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Sakai property

Winslow’s Last Stand? A Chance at Our Own Central Park

To state the obvious yet underacknowledged, as an island by definition Bainbridge has finite geography. And that “finity” is becoming glaringly apparent year by year, month by month, as houses and apartment complexes go up and trees, wetlands, and open space disappear. Shazam: The Sakai land. You know it. It’s the wild property across from…

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rabbits dumped at BPP

Citizens Concerned About Pet Rabbits Dumped at Battle Point Park

Pet rabbit dumping at Battle Point Park is nothing new. Not too many years ago a population of domestic-turned-wild rabbits managed to scrape out a living at the park and burgeon into a sizable number, at its height well beyond one hundred, based on anecdotal sightings. In the last few years, whether from predation or…

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red pine park

Bainbridge Gets a Beautiful Gift in the Heart of Winslow

Red Pine Park, on the corner of Wood Avenue and Parfitt Way in Winslow, has been taking shape for a long time, and finally its mysteries and gates are opening to the public as it becomes the latest gem bequeathed to the Bainbridge Island Park District. The most recent chapter in the land’s history stretches…

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sound to olympics trail walk

Islanders Mosey on Down the Sound to Olympics Trail Route

The 60-some people who showed up for the Sound to Olympics Trail (STO) community walk/ride on Sunday saw the sun shining on the STO. Attendees got a warm break from the rain while touring the segment of Highway 305 from Winslow Way to High School Road slated for the trail’s next phase of development. Long-time trail…

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creepy walk at Battle Point Park

Photos of the Day: Battle Point Park Gets ‘Blair Witchy’

Unless you’re afraid of mallards (anatideaphobic), Battle Point Park isn’t an especially scary place. That is until the Park District decided to decorate the nature trail around the secondary pond (just south of the duck pond) for the Halloween. When I stopped by Sunday, Bainbridge Island Park District Youth & Teen Program Director Shannon Buxton was taking advantage…

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city of bainbridge island city hall

Council Fast-Tracks Waterfront Park Makeover

The Bainbridge Island City Council has voted unanimously to push up the timeline for the planned redo of Winslow’s Waterfront Park from 2016 to 2015. During a Capital Improvements Plan budget review in last week’s Council meeting, Councilmember Steven Bonkowski questioned why the work on the park was scheduled to take place in 2016 since money will…

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macaw at battle point park

Unusual Bird Sighting at Battle Point Park

There is certainly colorful bird life at Battle Point Park, but none quite so exotic as the macaw sighted there yesterday. His person, who preferred not to be named, told curious kids that her bird Geranimo (spelled with an a, not an o) plays catch with her with a ball and likes to eat walnuts, seeds,…

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Olympic Discovery Trail JH

Walk or Bike the Downtown Leg of the Sound to Olympics Trail Sunday

You’re invited to participate in a community walk/bike ride along what is to become the first major leg of the Bainbridge portion of the Sound to Olympics Trail (STO). Join the posse on Sunday, October 19, at 2 p.m. at the Bainbridge Island Police Station (corner of Winslow Way and Highway 305). The group will…

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Blaze Your Trail: Time to Apply for BI Parks Foundation Community Grants

Do you have a great idea for Island recreation? A way to improve a trail or a park or a recreational facility? The Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation invites you to complete and submit a 2014 BIPF Community Grant application for your project so you can get funding of between a few hundred and a few…

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Owen's Playground

Gov. Inslee Letter Calls Owen’s Playground ‘A Beautiful Tribute to a Special Young Boy’

On Saturday (September 20) afternoon’s groundbreaking ceremony for Owen’s Playground at the Rotary Fields on Weaver, Jay Kinney of the Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Parks & Recreation Board read a letter Governor Inslee had written for the occasion. In his letter, Inslee applauded Owen’s family and said the new accessible playground “will open new doors to…

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house at forest to sky trail

House Falls from Sky at Forest to Sky Trailhead West?

Three houses, to be precise, 70 feet long apiece, are sitting in front of the Forest to Sky Trail west entrance today, August 18, as if they fell from the sky. In fact, the houses were pulled in (rather miraculously) this morning from Tolo Road, where they took out a phone box making the turn….

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osprey rescue at battle point

Battle Point Osprey Falls From Nest, Gets Rescued—Twice (w/ Photo Gallery)

At 9:30 Friday morning, August 15, a fledgling osprey fell some 120 feet out of its nest from the platform above the Battle Point Park water tower. Bainbridge Island Park District workers spotted the young osprey on the ground a little ways north of the water tower, where it was flapping around, apparently unable to…

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Discover Williams-Olson Park on Manzanita Bay: A Photo Essay

by Julie Hall and Paul Brians [This article was corrected and updated August 4, 2014, at 9:52 a.m.] The Williams-Olson Park has been a well-kept secret that locals in the neighborhood have enjoyed since it opened about seven years ago. But to many the Park is a new discovery because of recent changes made by the…

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Westie Walkers

Photo of the Day: Westie Walk

A pack of button-cute Westies (West Highland White Terriers) gathered with their people yesterday, July 27, at Bainbridge Island’s Battle Point Park (BPP) for their weekly Westie Walk. The Westie lovers explained that the breed especially enjoys the company of its kind. A loose group of Westies and friends meets each Sunday at about 11 a.m….

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