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Robert O'Hern

Bainbridge Man Biking in Place on Winslow Is Not Going Nowhere

I (figuratively) ran into Robert O’Hern as he rode his bicycle on Bainbridge at the corner of Winslow Way and the T&C parking lot this evening, April 10. He wasn’t going anywhere—yet. His bike was elevated on a rack so he could pedal in place, hoping to get your attention. However, O’Hern will be moving soon…

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chilly hilly cpr rescue ceremony

Citizens Who Gave Life-Saving CPR to Chilly Hilly Rider Honored at Fire Dept Ceremony

The Bainbridge Island Fire Department (BIFD) hosted a packed house at the Madison Avenue station tonight, March 27, to honor the fast action of three men who helped save the life of a fellow Chilly Hilly rider last month. After summiting Halls Hill, approximately three-fourths of the way along the challenging 33-mile Chilly Hilly route,…

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Chilly hilly 2014 heart attack

Fast CPR by Three Chilly Hilliers Saves Fallen Rider in Cardiac Arrest

Chilly Hilly rider B.M. had just summited Hall’s Hill in southeast Bainbridge Island at about 12:30 p.m. yesterday, February 23, when he began weaving and fell over. His heart had stopped, but depending on your point of view it was his lucky day. B.M. had just been chatting at the bottom of the hill with a…

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Honey Buckets at Battle Point Park

Photo of the Week: Chilly Hilly Remains of the Day

Some 4,000 riders of all ages were expected to ride the 2014 Chilly Hilly today, February 23. The final count is not in, but lousy weather tends to reduce the numbers. Nevertheless, a whole lot of bikers huffed up and breezed down our Bainbridge Island hills today, and they did it with guts and gumption…

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caution sign by twicepix

Car/Bicyclist Accident at Bucklin Hill and Blakely

Some readers have asked about the auto/bicycle collision that occurred on Tuesday, January 28, so here is a short report about the incident. According to Fire Marshal Jared Moravec, a cyclist was hit by a passing car at approximately 7:40 a.m. near Bucklin Hill Road and Blakely Avenue (just north of the intersection with Eagle…

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Bike light

Light up Your Bike or Risk a Pricey Ticket

Police Chief Matt Hamner doesn’t want his officers to write you a $103 ticket for not having a light on your bike. But that’s what the law, specifically RCW 46.61.780, requires. So the Bainbridge Island Police Department has joined forces with Squeaky Wheels, B. I. Cycle, and Classic Cycle to gently nudge you into compliance….

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Chilly Hilly

Letter to the Editor: Bicyclists Weigh in on the Colman Dock Redesign

Squeaky Wheels is issuing the following position statement on the Colman Ferry Dock redesign. Squeaky Wheels is a bicycle advocacy organization based on Bainbridge and founded in 1994. Basic Principles/Background Bikes are an important mode of daily transportation for a large and growing number of Bainbridge-Seattle commuters. The Seattle Bike Master Plan envisions biking becoming a…

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Arms Around Bainbridge 7th Annual Swim Relay

Around the Island 30-mile Swim Relay Fundraiser August 24

Arms Around Bainbridge (AAB) holds its 7th Annual swim relay event around Bainbridge Island on Saturday, August 24. Swim The clockwise 30-mile swim begins and ends at Blakely Harbor, with staggered start times throughout the day for relay swimmers. Swim a mile, or the whole enchilada! Register to swim here. Bike, Row, or Run/Walk Three…

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cat in biker backpack

CANCELED: Pedal for PAWS and Pints on the Family Fun Ride August 4

Update August 1, 2013: This event has been canceled. _____________ Your cat would probably prefer to be left at home, but bring the kids along for this fun event on Sunday to benefit PAWS. If you’re a nonrider, your leashed dog is welcome to join the party. The third annual PAWS Family Fun Ride includes…

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FHR whiskey checkpoint 2013

Anti-Chilly Hilly “F*cking Hills Race” Brings Booze and Bravado to Bainbridge

Turns out the 41-year-old Chilly Hilly bike ride, which draws thousands of regional and even some international bicyclists each year, isn’t the only cycling event on Bainbridge Island the last Sunday of February. The F*cking Hills Race (FHR) “pirates” also ferry over from Seattle that day to ride primarily along the Chilly Hilly route sporting pirate emblems,…

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Chilly Hilly 2013 riders with ferry

Chilly Hilly 2013 Photo Gallery

Numbers aren’t out yet on Sunday’s 2013 Chilly Hilly ride around a 33-mile circuit of Bainbridge Island, but simple observation showed a good turnout. The weather was classic overcast skies in the low forties with a few sprinkles later in the afternoon when most of the riders had already crossed the finish line. This year’s…

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Legs Around Bainbridge: Island Fundraiser Grows a New Limb

2:30 p.m. Arms Around Bainbridge, the Island organization that raises funds to support people living with chronic illness, has expanded its repertoire. In addition to an AAB team of fundraising swimmers, there is a new team of cyclists, and that team is looking to grow its membership with an informational meeting this week. The idea…

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Letter to the Editor: Bike Safety on Bainbridge Island

September 4, 2012, 10:11 a.m. Note: This letter is in response to an article we published on September 2: Bainbridge Teen on Bike Hit by Car: We Need Bike Lanes! Thanks Julie and Inside Bainbridge for this extremely relevant article and for the chance to weigh in. I’m very saddened to hear of the collision…

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Bainbridge Teen on Bike Hit by Car: We Need Bike Lanes!

12:05 p.m. In July an 18-year-old Bainbridge resident was riding her bicycle along Fletcher Bay Road near High School Road, where there are no bike lanes, when she was struck by a car. She was taken to the hospital for serious spinal injuries. Her family did not report the incident to the police because the…

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Photos of the Week 8/20/12: Bike for Pie!

by Lynn Keating Smith and Darren Smith August 20, 2012, 8:37 a.m. Friends of the Farms served up delicious fresh sweet and savory pies to sweaty bikers yesterday in their annual fundraiser, Bike for Pie. Here is a photo gallery of images of the day:   Photos courtesy of Lynn Keating Smith and Darren Smith.

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Saddle Up for the PAWS and Pints Fun Bike Ride Today!

9:10 a.m. The PAWS and Pints Fun Ride is back and it’s not too late to participate! Co-sponsored by Classic Cycle and Treehouse Cafe, this family-friendly bike ride to benefit PAWS of Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap is a summer Sunday must-do today, August 5. You can choose one of the two 5-mile routes around…

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Team Seattle 4K for Cancer Arrives on Bainbridge, Rides on Water

5:09 p.m. The twenty-eight buff bicyclists of the 2012 Team Seattle 4K for Cancer ended their 4,000-mile journey from Baltimore today on Bainbridge Island. The college-age riders have spent the last 70 days girdling North America on two wheels to raise money for the treatment of cancer in young adults. Along with Team Portland and…

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Photo Gallery of the Week 5/21/12: Bike to School Day

Hundreds of kids of all ages across Bainbridge straddled their two-wheelers and braved our Island’s killer hills for bike to school day on Friday. From Ordway elementary students, to Sakai fifth and sixth graders, to Woodward middle schoolers, to lean green BHS teens, kids owned the streets, with the huff of the climb and the…

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Bike Your Watershed Event on Bainbridge This Saturday

In the form of gray muddy days, it may be hard to take around here at times, but water is what makes Bainbridge and the Northwest in general the beautifully green and mild utopia it is. Understanding and caring for our watersheds is what life is all about, literally, here. A great way to learn…

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250K Search for New City Manager Derails Hwy 305 Sound-to-Olympic Bike/Ped Trail?

A highlight of this week’s long City Council meeting was the possibility, raised by Mayor Lester and Councilmember Bonkowski, of applying for a $250,000 federal grant to finance the creation of a crucial link along Bainbridge Island’s stretch of Highway 305 of the Sound-to-Olympic Bike/Pedestrian Trail. The segment of trail would serve as the connective…

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