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Rowing Center

Bainbridge Island Rowing Shares Plans for the New Rowing Center

On September 25 the City of Bainbridge Island Planning Commission unanimously approved Bainbridge Island Rowing’s design for a Rowing Center in Waterfront Park. BIR is coordinating its construction of the Center with the City’s upgrades to Waterfront Park. The completed Center will be owned by the City of Bainbridge Island and operated by BIR through a public-private partnership. With…

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Letter to the Editor: Man Talks to Dog About Island Leash Law

I talk to my dog. I am not embarrassed to admit that I do it frequently. Based on recent island developments, I thought a sit-down face-to-face with Coop, my 100 lb. black lab, was in order. I faced the difficult task of explaining to him that it is a civil infraction for a dog to…

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Labor Day Beach Party

Labor Day Parks Bash Draws Hundreds to Fay Bainbridge (Photo Gallery)

The Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation got lucky with sunny skies and mild temperatures for today’s (September 7) Labor Day Beach Party. (Full disclosure: IB did issue a wind and rain prohibition, which might have been a factor.) The success of today’s event helped somewhat to make up for last weekend’s literal blowout and rainout 50th birthday party…

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Photos of the Day: 9th Annual Arms Around Bainbridge Swim

Saturday, August 22, swimmers took to the water in the annual relay swim around the Island to raise funds  for Arms Around Bainbridge. Photographer Pete Saloutos was on scene to document the event.    Related Stories Arms Around Bainbridge’s 2015 Calendar Makes a Gorgeous Gift Bainbridge-Based Photographer Pete Saloutos Brings Back Pieces of Iceland Bainbridge…

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Hidden Cove Dock

Parks Foundation Asks Community to Support Failing Hidden Cove Dock

The sole public dock on the Island with a low float, Hidden Cove Park Dock, is “worn out and needs to be replaced,” reports the Bainbridge Parks Foundation. The good news is that on June 30 the Park District was awarded a Washington State grant for $300,000 toward the replacement. The remaining $300,000 has to come from the…

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sea star on piling

Beach Naturalists to Lead Search for Sea Stars Under the Bainbridge Ferry Terminal

Bainbridge Beach Naturalists are heading out for a new adventure on Monday, May 18, and you’re invited. The free event will be at the Bainbridge ferry terminal beach from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Learn about the impressive variety of sea creatures that live on and around the pilings at the ferry dock. Naturalists will guide the…

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Pritchard Park.

Letter to the Editor: Be Earth Day Savvy at Pritchard Park

Know about your Island’s Toxic Superfund Site: Wyckoff /Pritchard Park Beach/Eagle Harbor. Before you head out the door with your family to volunteer on Earth Day, remember the following facts and keep your loved ones safe including the four-legged ones. Superfund Site Definition A Superfund Site is any land in the United States that has been…

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Fort Ward

How Did Your Beach Rate in 2014 for Bacteria?

The Washington Department of Ecology’s list of top ten beaches for water quality does not include a single Bainbridge beach. It only has one Kitsap beach: Evergreen Park. But we did make the list of beaches with more than one seasonal swimming advisory or closure because of Eagle Harbor’s 2014 sewage spills. We were the…

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happy dogs on beach

Citizens Launch Petition to Protect Off-Leash Dog Rights at Pritchard Park

A petition campaign was launched yesterday afternoon, March 22, requesting that the City of Bainbridge Island (COBI) stipulate off-leash dog hours in its land transfer to the Park District. COBI is transferring ownership of Pritchard Park, which includes rare public beach access on Bainbridge Island, to the Park District. Pritchard Park is comprised of three…

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bridge at blakely harbor

Photo Essay: Blakely Harbor Park Improvements

by Paul Brians The Bainbridge Island Park District has been making considerable progress in its development of Blakely Harbor Park for recreation, historical preservation, and conservation. Here are photos taken recently of the Park, located on southeast Bainbridge.                                  …

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city of bainbridge island city hall

Three Proposed Development Projects Need Your Input

The City of Bainbridge Island is looking for public input on three very different proposed development projects. The first is for ten buildings to be built on 4.5 acres of undeveloped land accessed by the road serving Manzanita Park and the Saddle Club. The developer, Tseng Properties LLC, wants to offer light manufacturing uses such as…

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Discover Williams-Olson Park on Manzanita Bay: A Photo Essay

by Julie Hall and Paul Brians [This article was corrected and updated August 4, 2014, at 9:52 a.m.] The Williams-Olson Park has been a well-kept secret that locals in the neighborhood have enjoyed since it opened about seven years ago. But to many the Park is a new discovery because of recent changes made by the…

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Rockaway beach hanging garden blossoms

The Hanging Garden of Rockaway Beach: A Photo Essay

by Paul Brians Residents of Rockaway Beach Drive are doubtless happy to have both lanes of the road back since work ended on the slope-retention project. Viewed from the ferry, the metallic terraces look jarringly artificial, but the plantings there will soon transform it into a lush hanging garden.            …

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Hit the Beach for Super Summer Low Tides

Some of the lowest tides of the year are happening around Puget Sound through the weekend and into next week. Here are the far out lows for Bainbridge Island. Friday July 11 10:35 a.m. -2.8 Saturday July 12 11:21 a.m. -3.1 Sunday July 13  12:07 p.m. -3.1 Monday July 14 12:54 p.m. -2.6 Tuesday July…

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Battle Point Beach

Low Tides Hit Prime Time

Super low tides are pulling down the breeches on our beaches. Here are the midday lows on Bainbridge Island for the next few days: Saturday 12:30 p.m. -3.07 feet Sunday 1:16 p.m. -2.79 feet Monday 2:03 p.m. -2.06 feet Tuesday 2:52 p.m. -0.91 feet   Photo of Battle Point Beach by Julie Hall. 

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National Marina Day

Don’t Miss Saturday’s Boater’s Fair: A Little Something for Everyone

If you have even the slightest interest in anything related to boating, the City of Bainbridge Island wants to reel you in this Saturday, June 14, with its Waterfront Park Boater’s Fair in honor of National Marina Day. The event is being organized by the City through Tami Allen who is the BIPD’s Harbormaster, the…

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low tide by paul brians

Far out! A Week of Prime Time Low Tides

Low tides with fine warm weather this week make for excellent beach time. Here are the prime time lows for Bainbridge Island: Monday 11:17 a.m. -0.6 feet low tide Tuesday 11:56 a.m. -1.12 feet low tide Wednesday 12:34 p.m. -1.32 feet low tide Thursday 1:12 p.m. -1.24 feet low tide Friday 1:51 p.m. -0.91 feet low tide Related Stories…

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clam season closed

Beware of Clamzilla! Clamming Prohibited into Perpetuity at Fay Bainbridge Park

Clamzilla, also known as Camille Speck of the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, is a biologist in charge of the Puget Sound Bivalve Management Project. Her job is to protect all creatures clammy, setting seasons and closures for recreational fisheries. Clamzilla came to Bainbridge Island yesterday, April 8, to assist the Bainbridge Island Park…

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ransoms with red floater

Updates on Bainbridge UFO (Unidentified Floating Object)

More information has surfaced about the large red capsule-shaped UFO we reported sighted on the beach at 4252 Crystal Springs Drive yesterday, February 27. At least two other Bainbridge Islanders found the mystery floater washed ashore near their homes in the last week. On February 20, the Ransoms discovered it on their Pleasant Beach Drive beach and responded with…

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ships fender on crystal springs beach

Crystal Springs Mystery Floater: Do Not Attempt to Swallow, Hit with Hammer or Insert

It’s back. The large red cylindrical object that was sighted washed ashore on Crystal Springs earlier this week has turned up again on the beach, this time in front of 4252 Crystal Springs. Bainbridge Islander Jeff Fraga first reported it to Inside Bainbridge on the evening of February 25. He estimated it to be about six…

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