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park district spraying pesticide at battle point park

Letter from the Editor: Pesticides in Our Parks—Do We Need ‘Em?

When it comes to plants, as with most things, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One person’s pretty wildflower is another person’s weed. One person’s cultivated prize is another’s gaudy showpiece. I love the wee white flowers that cover Battle Point Park in spring like a light snowfall, and I miss them after…

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Strawberry Hill strawberry rock

New Bainbridge Island Dog Park Set to Open

Bainbridge Island canines will have a new place to run off leash with official sanction as of July 31. According to Park Services Superintendent Dan Hamlin, the Strawberry Hill enclosed dog park will feature approximately 2.4 acres of fenced area, with a separate section designated for small, shy, and/or recuperating dogs. The park will be…

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Rockaway beach hanging garden blossoms

The Hanging Garden of Rockaway Beach: A Photo Essay

by Paul Brians Residents of Rockaway Beach Drive are doubtless happy to have both lanes of the road back since work ended on the slope-retention project. Viewed from the ferry, the metallic terraces look jarringly artificial, but the plantings there will soon transform it into a lush hanging garden.            …

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Hit the Beach for Super Summer Low Tides

Some of the lowest tides of the year are happening around Puget Sound through the weekend and into next week. Here are the far out lows for Bainbridge Island. Friday July 11 10:35 a.m. -2.8 Saturday July 12 11:21 a.m. -3.1 Sunday July 13  12:07 p.m. -3.1 Monday July 14 12:54 p.m. -2.6 Tuesday July…

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Battle Point Beach

Low Tides Hit Prime Time

Super low tides are pulling down the breeches on our beaches. Here are the midday lows on Bainbridge Island for the next few days: Saturday 12:30 p.m. -3.07 feet Sunday 1:16 p.m. -2.79 feet Monday 2:03 p.m. -2.06 feet Tuesday 2:52 p.m. -0.91 feet   Photo of Battle Point Beach by Julie Hall. 

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National Marina Day

Don’t Miss Saturday’s Boater’s Fair: A Little Something for Everyone

If you have even the slightest interest in anything related to boating, the City of Bainbridge Island wants to reel you in this Saturday, June 14, with its Waterfront Park Boater’s Fair in honor of National Marina Day. The event is being organized by the City through Tami Allen who is the BIPD’s Harbormaster, the…

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Bloedel step stones

Summer Staycation! Ideas for Local Outdoor Adventure

Many of us are on the end-of-school wild ride right now, but summer really is around the corner with its welcome warmth and breezy freedoms. Fortunately for those of us planning to stick around and/or host visitors, summer is Bainbridge at its best, with low humidity, comfortable temperatures, lots of dry blue skies, relatively few…

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The Bainbridge Park District Responds to a Rise in Vandalism

Vandalism in Bainbridge Island parks is nothing new. But in recent months the BI Parks & Recreation District has faced a run of particularly persistent and sophisticated property damage and rule-breaking at certain parks. Included in the vandalism have been destruction of park signs, removal of a bollard, illegal trail-building, and drug and alcohol use…

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winslow road end map

You’re Invited to Find ‘Where the Road Ends the Beach Begins’ in Winslow Sunday

The City of Bainbridge Island Road Ends Committee and Go! Bainbridge invite the public to a free celebration of public road ends this Sunday, June 1, from 12 to 4 p.m. The “Where the Road Ends the Beach Begins” event is a self-guided walking or biking tour of seven of the Island’s road ends located…

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Waypoint Repairs Underway After Dozing Driver Smashes Wall

The wall that runs along the curving border of the Waypoint pedestrian park walkway is currently being repaired after a car struck it on May 10, leaving significant damage. A driver from Port Angeles was heading toward the ferry on Highway 305 at 11:44 in the morning when he crossed the intersection at Winslow Way…

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Pay Here sign Battle Point Park

Photos of the Day: Parking Fee Station at Battle Point Park ‘a Lawsuit Waiting to Happen’

[Before contacting the Park District, please read to the end of this article.] Apparently the Bainbridge Island Park & Recreation District has instituted a new parking fee at Battle Point Park. The $5 rate seems steep by any measure, especially since parking there historically has been free. Adding injury to insult, the Park District is not…

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Bike Day

BIPD’s Enhanced Biking Program Launches to Build Community Relationships

On Friday, May 16, kids all over the Island, many of them accompanied by their energy-challenged parents, cycled their way to school. Joining them were Bainbridge Island police officers Mo Stich, Erik Peffer, Dale Johnson, and Chief Matt Hamner on what was also the official launch of the enhanced BIPD biking program. The new biking…

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Francis and Weyand

Two BHS Students Bicycling Across America for Pediatric Cancer Research

Lucas Weyand and Matias Francis, both students at Bainbridge High School, are about to embark on the ride of their young lives. They and their teammates—Lucas’s sister Lydia, who is a pre-vet student at Washington State University Honors College, and Meghan Camp, a PhD. student at Washington State University—are cycling across the United States as part…

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Nute's Pond in blue.

Bainbridge’s Secret Nute’s Pond Park Unveiled: Photo Gallery

by Paul Brians, Bainbridge Island photographer Thirty-one acres of woods and wetland at the top of Toe Jam Hill were acquired by the Bainbridge Island Park District in 2011 as Nute’s Pond Park. But it was known mostly to residents living nearby until this year when the District put up a sign labeling it as…

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low tide by paul brians

Far out! A Week of Prime Time Low Tides

Low tides with fine warm weather this week make for excellent beach time. Here are the prime time lows for Bainbridge Island: Monday 11:17 a.m. -0.6 feet low tide Tuesday 11:56 a.m. -1.12 feet low tide Wednesday 12:34 p.m. -1.32 feet low tide Thursday 1:12 p.m. -1.24 feet low tide Friday 1:51 p.m. -0.91 feet low tide Related Stories…

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Colman Dock

Letter to the Editor: Don’t Let WSF Miss the Boat at the Colman Dock Remodel Meeting

As the Seattle ferry terminal at Colman dock redesign process moves forward, with plans for a complete rebuild over the next 3-5 years, the proposed design is currently under review at the 30% design stage. The design proposed by Washington State Ferries (WSF) remains very car-oriented and does not reflect the growing importance of bikes…

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dogs in woods

Park Board Votes to Make Strawberry Hill Site for Off-Leash Dogs

The Bainbridge Island Parks and Recreation District Board voted unanimously Thursday night, April 17, to move forward with establishing an off-leash dog area at Strawberry Hill Park. The Board, which for several years has been holding public hearings about off-leash dog issues and options on Bainbridge Island, voted to approve 2.35 acres mostly in the…

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Robert O'Hern

Bainbridge Man Biking in Place on Winslow Is Not Going Nowhere

I (figuratively) ran into Robert O’Hern as he rode his bicycle on Bainbridge at the corner of Winslow Way and the T&C parking lot this evening, April 10. He wasn’t going anywhere—yet. His bike was elevated on a rack so he could pedal in place, hoping to get your attention. However, O’Hern will be moving soon…

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clam season closed

Beware of Clamzilla! Clamming Prohibited into Perpetuity at Fay Bainbridge Park

Clamzilla, also known as Camille Speck of the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, is a biologist in charge of the Puget Sound Bivalve Management Project. Her job is to protect all creatures clammy, setting seasons and closures for recreational fisheries. Clamzilla came to Bainbridge Island yesterday, April 8, to assist the Bainbridge Island Park…

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trout put into battle point park pond

Fresh Stock of Rainbow Trout Makes Big Splash at Battle Point Park Pond

Some 400 rainbow trout 8-12 inches long swam into a whole new water world in the Battle Point Park pond on Friday, April 4. The Bainbridge Island Park District teamed up with Bainbridge Island Fly Fishers and the Washington Council of Trout Unlimited to restock the pond for the second year in a row after…

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