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Ferry riders

In 2014 Bainbridge-Seattle Ferry Route Ridership Increased to 6.3 Million

You may not be too excited about it, but Assistant Secretary WSDOT/Ferries Division Lynne Griffith was happy in her latest newsletter to report that Washington State Ferry ridership was up in 2014 from the year before. The Bainbridge-Seattle route alone saw 6,320,820 riders, a 0.5 percent increase over 2013. Perhaps the good news is that there was a small,…

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Agate Pass Bridge by Doug Kerr

Agate Pass Bridge Cleaning Work Will Mean 21 Days of Daytime Lane Closures

The good news is the Agate Pass Bridge will be clean for the first time since 1991. The bad news is that, for that to happen, the drivers and passengers of the 22,000 vehicles using the bridge daily are going to get 21 days of daytime one-lane travel on the bridge in February. The closures will…

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wenatchee ferry by Tobia Eigen (

Wenatchee to Resume Normal Sailing Schedule

The Coast Guard has cleared the Wenatchee ferry to resume its normal schedule starting on the 4:35 p.m. sailing from Bainbridge to Seattle. The boat was pulled from its 2:55 p.m. sailing from Bainbridge and its 3:45 p.m. sailing from Seattle. According to Washington State Ferries Communications Manager Hadley Rodero, concerns about a problem with…

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Bainbridge-Seattle Run Down to One Boat

As of 3:12 this afternoon, January 20, the Wenatchee ferry has been pulled from service on the Seattle/Bainbridge route due to “operational constraints.” According to Washington State Ferries (WSF), the following sailings will be affected: from Bainbridge Island: 2:55 p.m., 4:35 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. from Seattle: 3:45 p.m., 5:30 p.m. and 7:20 p.m. sailings…

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Taxi Shakeup on Bainbridge Island: One Company Wants to Keep It Local

Updated 1/12/15 at 2:29 p.m. Del Mueller, the recent owner of Taxis and Tours, one of the taxi companies serving Bainbridge Island, is ready to call it quits after 17 years in the business. He said that competitor Bainbridge Island Taxi will be shutting down as well, although we were unable to confirm that—owner Tim Wilkins did not…

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Colman Dock

Big Changes Coming to Colman Dock Access Next Week (Blame It on Bertha)

The Washington State Department of Transportation is changing things up again at Colman Dock. This next configuration goes into effect starting January 12 and should last until May. The reason for the change is that crews working to replace the Elliott Bay Seawall and build the SR 99 tunnel need access to the roadway along…

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Inslee’s Budget Plan Would Give Big Support to the Ferry System

The proposed budget that Governor Jay Inlsee unveiled on December 18 makes a big nod to the ferry system that keeps Bainbridge connected to Seattle. The budget targets three areas of ferry support. 1. System Preservation Inslee wants to “preserve” the ferry system through 2015–17 funding of $379.9 million, with a target of a 12-year…

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CG inspection

Puyallup Sails Through Annual Inspection with Only One “Minor Discrepancy”

Metaphorically speaking only, the Washington State Ferry MV Puyallup sailed through its annual Coast Guard inspection on Tuesday, December 16. Literally, it was docked in Eagle Harbor as a Coast Guard inspection team ran the crew through its paces, testing safety, navigation, and lifesaving equipment, reviewing vessel documents, assessing crew emergency and security responses, and inspecting engineering…

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Walla Walla

Ferry Advisory: Delays Coming for Bainbridge/Seattle and Kingston/Edmonds Commuters

Washington State Ferries (WSF) is advising travelers on the Seattle/Bainbridge and Edmonds/Kingston routes to expect significant delays starting midday Friday, December 12, through Tuesday, December 16. The 202-vehicle Puyallup, which is currently filling in for the out-of-service Tacoma on the Seattle/Bainbridge route, will be pulled from service for four days for a mandatory annual U.S….

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container ship

Photos of the Day: Container Ships Anchored off South Bainbridge

[Updated December 7 at 1:03 p.m.] Seen some big ships anchored off our southern shores lately? shows that currently there are four container ships and one cargo ship “parked” in the waters around southern Bainbridge Island. The featured photos show two ships situated in the channel between Fort Ward and Manchester. According to Coast…

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kingston ferry dock by pfly

Update: Kingston-Edmonds Ferry Service Fully Restored

No, we were not pulling your figurative legs with a “December Fools” story, as one reader suggested. The Edmonds/Kingston route was temporarily shut down this afternoon when both of its boats were simultaneously pulled from service. Commuters were directed to use alternate routes (i.e. Seattle-Bainbridge). According to Washington State Ferry (WSF) Communications Director Marta Coursey,…

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spokane ferry at kingston dock by compdude787

Look out Bainbridge, All Ferry Service Down on Kingston-Edmonds Route

Washington State Ferries (WSF) has just announced that all ferry service on the Edmonds/Kingston route is unavailable until further notice. WSF issued a statement this afternoon saying the route’s service shut down is due to operational constraints and that alternate routes are advised at this time. Travelers on the Seattle/Bainbridge Island route should be prepared…

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ferry captain russell fee in wheel house

A Ride with the Ferry Captain—The Highs and Lows of Running the Big Boat

Washington State Ferries (WSF) graciously allowed Inside Bainbridge to ride along with Captain Russell Fee last weekend for a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to ferry thousands of people each day around Puget Sound. From fog to “jumpers” to shipping traffic to emergency training to car alarms to engine maintenance, we covered a lot…

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Agate Pass Bridge by Doug Kerr

Senator Rolfes Weighs in on the County’s Wish List for Highway 305 and the Bridge

After the Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council’s West Sound Alliance issued an October 21 update to its transportation proposal to the State Legislature, Islanders have been talking about Highway 305 and its future. The proposal, which is a wish list of sorts for Kitsap-focused transportation funding from the State, requests $15 million within the next six years for…

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ferry baby zoe with captain and crew

Ferry Baby Zoë’s Family Meets Captain & Crew Who Assisted with Birth

A local celebrity was aboard the 9:35 a.m. ferry on Saturday. But unlike most celebrity appearances, this little star slept through the whole thing. Baby Zoë and her parents Christina and Chris Hammond and three-year-old sister Ava gathered to meet Captain Russell Fee and crew members who helped her sail into this world as her mother’s labor progressed…

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traffic on 305

Council Paves the Way for 305 Expansion/ Bridge Rebuild

The Bainbridge City Council has not fast-tracked a plan to expand 305 and rebuild the Agate Pass Bridge without the community getting to weigh in on the matter. But the Council has given the go-ahead to a countywide lobbying effort to get the state legislature, among other things, to focus on Bainbridge transportation needs and…

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cams ferry

Bainbridge Ferry Commuters to Get Highway Traffic Cameras

Washington State Ferries (WSF) has announced plans to install additional traffic cameras to assist commuters and travelers affected by ferry traffic. The new cameras will be placed on Highway 305 at two locations: Winslow Way and High School Road. The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has purchased the cameras and plans to install cable…

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Tacoma ferry damage

Extensive Damage to Tacoma Ferry Puts It out of Service Until Summer

Officials from Washington State Ferries (WSF) have released details about the engine failure that suddenly powered down the Tacoma as it was approaching the Bainbridge Island ferry terminal in the waters of Eagle Harbor on July 29. The Jumbo Mark II ship, the largest type in the fleet, has been out of commission since, with many wondering…

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ferry at night

Seattle-Bainbridge Ferries Running Half an Hour Late

This evening, November 7, the 6:20 ferry from Seattle left 27 minutes later than scheduled because of heavy traffic delays. The delay will also affect the 7:10 sailing from Bainbridge and the 8:10 sailing from Seattle. Thinking about switching to Edmonds? They’ve got a one-hour wait time because of the heavy traffic. And while you’re…

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ferry by Salim Virji

Baby Delivered on Wednesday’s 5:20 A.M. Ferry from Bainbridge

The 5:20 a.m. ferry on Wednesday, October 22, had one more passenger aboard when it arrived in Seattle than when it left Bainbridge. That’s because, according to Washington State Ferries Director of Communications Marta Coursey, a pregnant woman delivered her baby at 6:01, while the boat was still in motion. The ferry had left Eagle Harbor…

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