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sound to olympics trail walk

Islanders Mosey on Down the Sound to Olympics Trail Route

The 60-some people who showed up for the Sound to Olympics Trail (STO) community walk/ride on Sunday saw the sun shining on the STO. Attendees got a warm break from the rain while touring the segment of Highway 305 from Winslow Way to High School Road slated for the trail’s next phase of development. Long-time trail…

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la time ferry video

LA Times Calls Ferry Trip to Bainbridge Best Bang for Buck in Seattle Sightseeing

Recent ferry bungles and breakdowns aside, that ride from the world to our little Island is pretty dreamy, especially when there are orcas about, as there were yesterday. We know it, and now Los Angelenos do too. A recent Los Angeles Times article suggested that visitors to Seattle just might get the most fun for their money…

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Walla Walla

Ferry Travel Advisory: Wenatchee Replaced & Colman Dock Access Changed

Ferry riders should take note of two changes affecting travel between Bainbridge Island and Seattle. The 202-car Wenatchee will be removed from service temporarily from Sunday October 19 through the end of Tuesday October 21 for its required annual U.S. Coast Guard safety inspection. The 188-car Walla Walla will replace the Wenatchee. Washington State Ferries…

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spokane ferry at kingston dock by compdude787

Two More Ferries Down, Cutting Service at Kingston and Port Townsend

The Spokane ferry has been pulled from the Kingston-Edmonds run for mechanical repairs. According to Washington State Ferries (WSF), the boat will be down at least until this afternoon. Morning sailing continue to be cancelled, including the Kingston 10:25 a.m. and the Edmonds 11:10 a.m. The Salish also is out of service for the day, leaving…

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WSF Tells Us About Ourselves as Ferry Passengers

The Washington State Ferries Origin-Destination Survey was just released this week. The extensive, detailed report was compiled from data collected in 2013 directly from passengers on the ferries. These surveys are conducted every six to seven years as a “way to accurately capture and measure the travel patterns of ferry passengers.” WSF says the surveys…

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Ferry Alert: Sports Fans to Complicate Friday Rush Hour

This afternoon, September 12, you will be treated to more than the regular Friday evening jam-packed commute. That’s because sports fans are expected in droves in downtown Seattle for baseball and fútbol. The Seattle Mariners will be playing the Oakland A’s at Safeco Field, with a 7:10 p.m. start. A few minutes later, the Sounders…

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Lynne Griffith

Washington State Ferries Gets a New Chief

Lynn Peterson, Secretary of the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) announced today, September 10, that Lynne Griffith has been appointed to head up its Washington State Ferries (WSF) division as Assistant Secretary. Griffith replaces David Moseley, who resigned last April. Moving from her position as head of Pierce Transit, Griffith officially assumes her leadership role…

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tacoma ferry

Whistleblower Tells What Really Happened to the Tacoma Ferry and Why It Could Happen Again

A Washington State Ferries (WSF) repairs supervisor has come forward to Inside Bainbridge to set the record straight about why the Tacoma ferry is out of service, with estimates that it will not be fixed until at least December. The Tacoma suddenly lost power during its 12:20 p.m. sailing from Seattle to Bainbridge Island on…

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Walla Walla

Ferry Woes Continue with Oil Spill on Labor Day Kingston Run

As if the Washington State Ferry System weren’t already dealing with enough fleet troubles, early on September 1 the Walla Walla, in Kingston for the Kingston-Edmonds run, leaked about 15 gallons of diesel fuel during a fuel transfer to an emergency generator tank. WSF Director of Communications Marta Coursey said that WSF regularly replaces the fuel…

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WSF Eagle Harbor Repair Facility

Tacoma Ferry out of Service Until at Least December

Washington State Ferries (WSF) has announced that they now know the cause of the Jumbo Mark 11 Tacoma ferry’s sudden breakdown on July 29, which threw the crucial regional transportation system into chaos for days. The repair contractor, Siemens Marine Solutions, reported that a fuse blew in the vessel’s propulsion control system. WSF said the…

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seahawks fans in ferry terminal

Ferries Advisory for Tonight’s Seahawks Game

WSF anticipates increased foot traffic on the Seattle/Bainbridge Island ferry route today, August 22, because of a Seahawks preseason game tonight at home at CenturyLink Field at 7 p.m. against da Bears. WSF Advice Pre-purchase walk-on return ferry tickets on-line or at a kiosk. Sign up to receive WSF travel alerts. WSF Operations Plan To help mitigate obvious burdens on the…

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Tacoma ferry out of service

Problem with Tacoma Ferry More Serious Than Initially Thought

Washington State Ferries (WSF) released a brief status report at 2:40 this afternoon, August 8, about the out-of-commission Tacoma, the 202-car Jumbo Mark 11 ferry that services the Seattle/Bainbridge route. WSF said its engineers are working with technicians from Siemens Global, Inc., to identify the reason the Tacoma suddenly lost propulsion power on its 12:20 p.m….

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bainbridge ferry traffic

Ferries Assesses Its Communications After Wrongly Turning Away Thousands of Passengers Tuesday

Anyone riding Washington State Ferries (WSF) on the Seattle/Bainbridge, Seattle/Bremerton, and/or Edmonds/Kingston runs just after noon Tuesday, July 29, knows how chaotic things were after the Bainbridge-bound Tacoma lost power and required tug assistance. With the Wenatchee under repair, the failure of the Tacoma left Seattle/Bainbridge passengers with one-boat service from the Walla Walla until the…

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Walla Walla

Ferry Service Back to Near Normal Levels, but No Answers Yet About the Tacoma

With the return of the Jumbo Mark 11 Wenatchee ferry following repairs to its stern tube seal, which was leaking water into the vessel, the Washington State Ferries (WSF) system is providing service again, as of today, August 1, at close to normal capacity. The Wenatchee began servicing the Edmonds/Kingston route this morning on the 7:55 run,…

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Tokitae ferry

Yet Another Boat Down—Seriously—Adds to Ferry Woes

The Tokitae ferry, which serves the Mukilteo/Clinton route, was pulled from service today, July 30, for “necessary repairs.” Without a specific explanation, Washington State Ferries (WSF) canceled the 2 p.m. departure from Clinton and the 2:30 p.m. departure from Mukilteo, saying it will provide updates when available. The brand new Tokitae had only been running in…

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Tacoma ferry out of service

Tacoma Still Down, but Two-Boat Service Resumes Wednesday for Seattle-Bainbridge

Washington State Ferries (WSF) has announced that the Seattle/Bainbridge route will return to a two-boat schedule when the Puyallup ferry moves into position with the 5:20 a.m. sailing from Bainbridge Island tomorrow, Wednesday, July 30. WSF said it will provide updates on the service crisis throughout the day tomorrow. It has not provided a status report regarding why…

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Tacoma ferry pushed by tugboats in Puget Sound

WSF Has a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

[Read the update to this story.] Whether you’re a vessel-half-empty or a vessel-half-full kind of person, it’s difficult to deny that Washington State Ferries (WSF) is having a pretty bad day. Striking at the heart of its highest annual ridership during a year that is shaping up to be its busiest ever, WSF’s two largest…

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Ferry Service Resumes with One Boat but WSF Warns There’s Limited Capacity

After the sudden propulsion failure of the ferry Tacoma on its way from Seattle to Bainbridge today, July 29, the Washington State Ferries held the smaller-sized Walla Walla at Colman Dock in Seattle until the Tacoma could be towed to and secured at slip 2 in Eagle Harbor. But the 2:05 Walla Walla sailing finally…

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View from the Tacoma by Tim Wilson @timwilson626

Stranded Tacoma Being Hauled to Bainbridge Terminal; One-Boat Service to Resume

The 202-vehicle-capacity Tacoma ferry that lost power in Eagle Harbor near Rockaway Beach is now being transported by two tug boats to the Bainbridge Island terminal, where it will unload its passengers and vehicles. Washington State Ferries (WSF) has announced it will run a single ferry, the 188-car-capacity Walla Walla, to service both directions of the Seattle-Bainbridge…

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WA ferry

Both Directions of Seattle-Bainbridge Island Ferry Service Suspended

[Read the update to this breaking story.] The Tacoma 12:20 p.m. ferry heading from Seattle to Bainbridge Island lost power at approximately 12:45 near Rockaway Beach before arriving at its destination. The boat dropped anchor and waited for assistance. Foss Tugboat Company dispatched a rescue tug to transport the Tacoma to the Bainbridge terminal to unload its passengers. The…

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