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Tacoma ferry out of service

Problem with Tacoma Ferry More Serious Than Initially Thought

Washington State Ferries (WSF) released a brief status report at 2:40 this afternoon, August 8, about the out-of-commission Tacoma, the 202-car Jumbo Mark 11 ferry that services the Seattle/Bainbridge route. WSF said its engineers are working with technicians from Siemens Global, Inc., to identify the reason the Tacoma suddenly lost propulsion power on its 12:20 p.m….

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bainbridge ferry traffic

Ferries Assesses Its Communi- cations After Wrongly Turning Away Thousands of Passengers Tuesday

Anyone riding Washington State Ferries (WSF) on the Seattle/Bainbridge, Seattle/Bremerton, and/or Edmonds/Kingston runs just after noon Tuesday, July 29, knows how chaotic things were after the Bainbridge-bound Tacoma lost power and required tug assistance. With the Wenatchee under repair, the failure of the Tacoma left Seattle/Bainbridge passengers with one-boat service from the Walla Walla until the…

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Walla Walla

Ferry Service Back to Near Normal Levels, but No Answers Yet About the Tacoma

With the return of the Jumbo Mark 11 Wenatchee ferry following repairs to its stern tube seal, which was leaking water into the vessel, the Washington State Ferries (WSF) system is providing service again, as of today, August 1, at close to normal capacity. The Wenatchee began servicing the Edmonds/Kingston route this morning on the 7:55 run,…

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Tokitae ferry

Yet Another Boat Down—Seriously—Adds to Ferry Woes

The Tokitae ferry, which serves the Mukilteo/Clinton route, was pulled from service today, July 30, for “necessary repairs.” Without a specific explanation, Washington State Ferries (WSF) canceled the 2 p.m. departure from Clinton and the 2:30 p.m. departure from Mukilteo, saying it will provide updates when available. The brand new Tokitae had only been running in…

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Tacoma ferry out of service

Tacoma Still Down, but Two-Boat Service Resumes Wednesday for Seattle-Bainbridge

Washington State Ferries (WSF) has announced that the Seattle/Bainbridge route will return to a two-boat schedule when the Puyallup ferry moves into position with the 5:20 a.m. sailing from Bainbridge Island tomorrow, Wednesday, July 30. WSF said it will provide updates on the service crisis throughout the day tomorrow. It has not provided a status report regarding why…

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Tacoma ferry pushed by tugboats in Puget Sound

WSF Has a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

[Read the update to this story.] Whether you’re a vessel-half-empty or a vessel-half-full kind of person, it’s difficult to deny that Washington State Ferries (WSF) is having a pretty bad day. Striking at the heart of its highest annual ridership during a year that is shaping up to be its busiest ever, WSF’s two largest…

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Ferry Service Resumes with One Boat but WSF Warns There’s Limited Capacity

After the sudden propulsion failure of the ferry Tacoma on its way from Seattle to Bainbridge today, July 29, the Washington State Ferries held the smaller-sized Walla Walla at Colman Dock in Seattle until the Tacoma could be towed to and secured at slip 2 in Eagle Harbor. But the 2:05 Walla Walla sailing finally…

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View from the Tacoma by Tim Wilson @timwilson626

Stranded Tacoma Being Hauled to Bainbridge Terminal; One-Boat Service to Resume

The 202-vehicle-capacity Tacoma ferry that lost power in Eagle Harbor near Rockaway Beach is now being transported by two tug boats to the Bainbridge Island terminal, where it will unload its passengers and vehicles. Washington State Ferries (WSF) has announced it will run a single ferry, the 188-car-capacity Walla Walla, to service both directions of the Seattle-Bainbridge…

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WA ferry

Both Directions of Seattle-Bainbridge Island Ferry Service Suspended

[Read the update to this breaking story.] The Tacoma 12:20 p.m. ferry heading from Seattle to Bainbridge Island lost power at approximately 12:45 near Rockaway Beach before arriving at its destination. The boat dropped anchor and waited for assistance. Foss Tugboat Company dispatched a rescue tug to transport the Tacoma to the Bainbridge terminal to unload its passengers. The…

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walla walla ferry

Seattle/ Bainbridge Ferry Service Gets Priority but Possible Bremerton Overflow with Wenatchee Down

Washington State Ferries (WSF) is removing its 202-car Wenatchee ferry, which serves the Seattle/Bainbridge route, for approximately one week starting Tuesday, July 29, for necessary repairs to the vessel’s stern tube seals. As WSF’s most-populous run, Seattle/Bainbridge will receive highest priority for a replacement vessel during the absence of the Wenatchee. Bremerton’s 188-car Walla Walla ferry will…

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Bainbridge-Seattle Service to Be Reduced While Wenatchee Receives Needed Repairs

Washington State Ferries (WSF) has announced that the 202-car Wenatchee ferry will be out of service for approximately one week starting July 30 while repairs are made to the vessel’s propulsion system. Replacement of the boat’s stern tube was originally scheduled to begin July 22; however, the repair work has been delayed due to a lack…

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bloedel home

Letter to the Editor: The Director of the Bloedel Reserve Invites You to Visit Sans Car

For twenty-five years, the Bloedel Reserve has tried to solve the one question that riddles every business on Bainbridge Island outside of Winslow: How can we get walk-on visitors from the ferry out to the Reserve? We’ve dreamed of purchasing shuttle buses and considered making arrangements with RideShare companies, but nothing panned out. So imagine…

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bainbridge seattle ferry by Julie Hall

Wenatchee Ferry Delayed After Crew Performs Emergency Water Rescue

According to Seattle Coast Guard District 13 Officer David Moseley, the Wenatchee Ferry stopped its run today, June 23, between Bainbridge and Seattle to rescue a man overboard after a distress call came in at 10:56 a.m. The man had fallen from his own 39-foot boat and was hanging on to its side as it…

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ferry by Chase N.

Ferries Take Third in USA Today Best Boat Ride Contest

The USA Today Best Boat Ride contest that pitted Puget Sound against Pearl Harbor, the Chicago River, the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon, and Alaska’s Inside Passage (among other waterways) has given the top two honors to liquid New York: The Thousand Islands and Niagara Falls. But Puget Sound and its ferry rides took…

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city camera

Smile, You’re on Candid Camera: Not Just Another Traffic Study

What’s the story with all the cameras popping up around the Island? Technically your car is what the cameras are looking at, and you don’t actually have to smile or worry about that glob of mayonnaise on your chin from the hasty bite of sandwich you took while stopped at an intersection. The cameras being…

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Vote for the Boat: USA Today Nominates Our Ferries for Best U.S. Boat Ride

Jaded commuters aside, many of us still get a little thrill riding the big boats around the Sound. If you’ve been there done that, just look to your visiting family and friends for some perspective. Here’s your chance to vote for our boats in the USA Today Best U.S. Boat Ride 10Best Readers’ Choice Awards….

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hearts content trail sign by Nicolas A. Tonelli

Jump a B.I. RIDE and Tootle Around the Island to Your Heart’s Content

Starting June 9, Bainbridge residents and visitors will have a new option for getting around the Island during weekday noncommuter times and Saturdays. With B.I. RIDE, Kitsap Transit offers inexpensive and flexible options for riders to buzz around Bainbridge Island car free: 1. Hop the bus at a scheduled stop, and tell the driver where…

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seattle to bainbridge ferry lot

Policy Change for Wave2Go Ferry Riders

The Washington State Ferries (WSF) is changing its Wave2Go ticket processing policy. Beginning June 15, 2014, WSF will require Wave2Go customers to present a Wave2Go ticket or a copy of a ticket for admittance on the ferries. WSF will no longer accept or key in a ticket number without the physical ticket or a copy…

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Ferry ride

Memorial Day Madness: Avoid the Worst Traffic Times

Memorial Day is widely ranked among the top five busiest travel days of the year in the United States. According to the traffic analysis website INRIX, Seattle drivers have experienced a 19 percent increase in travel time in 2014 from last year. Washington State Ferries (WSF) experienced a record number of travelers in 2013, with conditions ripe for…

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WA ferry

Avoid Long Waits: Online Tool Shows Busiest & Lightest Travel Times for Ferries

With Memorial Day weekend coming up and the high summer sailing season rolling in, locals (and savvy visitors) are always looking for ways to avoid the worst waits. If this high season picks up where the last one disembarked, we are in for more record-breaking numbers of riders on the boats. Washington State Ferries (WSF)…

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