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Letter to the Editor: Peltier Is Passionate, Practical, and Courageous

When most of us became aware of a proposed large commercial development at High School Road and 305 we thought, “This isn’t right. I wonder if it can be stopped.” While we were wondering, a few people took action to halt the development. Ron Peltier led the charge. Ron has always been passionate about preserving…

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school zone by Rae Allen

Slow Down, Speed Racer: To Protect Kids, Cops Are Watching for You

Today, Bainbridge Police Chief Matt Hamner issued a reminder to the public that children matter more than your need to get anywhere fast. Now that school is back in session, his officers are enforcing the 20 mph speed limit in the Island’s five school zones. Don’t take the warning lightly as school zone speeding fines are, as he put…

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Ashbury Site by Bob Holliday

Clearcut on Wyatt: The Story Behind the Ashbury Development

On April 17 of this year, Denova NW LLC, a Kent-based developer, purchased 4.51 acres of wooded land on Wyatt just west of Grow for $1,950,000. Denova, the developer of Bainbridge’s Timberbrook community near Gazzam Lake, is proposing to build an 18-home community on the Wyatt property, with homes going up for sale in late fall. The subject property is…

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The Chip Seal Deal Is Sealed: Which Roads Will Get the Treatment

Tuesday night, Public Works Director Barry Loveless asked the City Council to approve a contract with Doolittle Construction for about $626,000 for chip sealing. Chip seal is a way to extend the life of a road by combining asphalt emulsion with finely graded aggregate over its surface. Excess rock is removed several days after the application by…

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City Considers Assessing Transpor- tation Impact Fees on New Development

On July 21, the City Council will consider an ordinance to adopt transportation impact fees into the City code. Transportation impact fees are collected by a municipality to help offset travel demand created by new development. The fees are used to fund transportation system capacity improvements. If the ordinance is adopted, then each new development will be…

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Blame It on the Heat? A Week of Odd Motor Vehicle Accidents

This past week Bainbridge witnessed some odd driver behaviors, almost one each day. It may be that we Washingtonians aren’t able to process so much sun. Here they are, right out of the Police Blotter. It all began on the afternoon of the 22nd at 5:19 in the afternoon. A vehicle heading south on a private…

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Puget Sound Energy Work Will Cause 305 Slowdowns

Port Madison Tap 115 kV is the name given to the Puget Sound Energy project that will be happening along 305 over the summer. Lane closures on 305 will largely happen at night between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m. until about mid-June. There will also be daytime closures on Komedal Road after that. The main power line that…

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One Lane with Flaggers in Your Future

The City of Bainbridge Island has just released its list of Island roads that will be getting the one-lane-with-flagger treatment in the next few weeks. Add these roads to your list of the roads getting asphalt spot fixes, which you can read about here.  Curb and gutter work courtesy of PHC Construction will run from May 14 to…

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You’re About to Be Paved: Island Asphalt Projects Coming Your Way

The City of Bainbridge Island is about to begin asphalt repairs to a long list of roads. Starting May 18 and running until June 2, expect delays around the Island, with roads temporarily reduced to one lane with flaggers. Chris Munter, an Engineer with the COBI Public Works Department, said that this round of work will…

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Agate Pass Bridge

UPDATED: Agate Pass Bridge Getting Fixed at End of Month—Expect Lane Closures

This post was updated at 4:06 p.m. on May 12 to reflect a new work schedule provided by WSDOT. The damage caused by last weekend’s trailer accident on the Agate Pass Bridge is scheduled to be fixed Saturday and Sunday, May 30-31. WSDOT is warning people to expect delays while crews replace the damaged portions of the pedestrian…

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Agate Pass Bridge damage by WSDOT

Agate Pass Bridge Damaged by Truck Trailer

[Updated at 3 p.m., May 6, 2015. See below in boldface.] The Agate Pass Bridge, which WSDOT crews spent the month of February cleaning by hand and inspecting, is now damaged. An accident yesterday, May 5, left parts of two sides of the bridge, specifically the protective grilles, broken and bent. The damage was caused by…

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bainbridge shares the road sign

Letter from the Editor: Dude, Share the Road

As our Island population increases, as the number of commuters passing through Highway 305 between Seattle and the Kitsap and Olympic Peninsulas increases, and as many of us look for sustainable commuting alternatives, we need to remind ourselves that we share the road. We are not Seattle, or Chicago, or Los Angeles, or Bellevue. We…

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police at school

Traffic Emphasis Hits Bainbridge This Afternoon

You may be seeing a lot of patrol cars on Bainbridge today, April 20. That’s because the Bainbridge Island Police, the Washington State Patrol, and the Bremerton Police are collaborating to target speeders and distracted drivers on the Island between noon and 4 p.m. Target Zero Manager Marsha Masters of the Washington State Patrol explained…

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Downtown Road Closures This Week

Getting around downtown will be a little trickier this week because of some projects requiring lane closures on some key downtown arteries. Wyatt Way Between Gideon/Grow and Madison, Wyatt Way will be reduced to one lane with flaggers starting tomorrow, April 14, through the 15th. Verizon will be conducting some overhead line work. Also on Wyatt Way, PHC…

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shoulder work

Shoulders Not Broad Enough? City Pads 305 Near Vineyard Lane

Expect some slowdowns on 305 near Vineyard Lane between High School and Winslow Way this week as workers expand the shoulder. At times the road will be restricted to one lane with flaggers. Seattle’s Lakeside Industries was awarded the City contract for the shoulder work, which should happen between about 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. daily…

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Traffic Inconven- iences in Your Future

All the good weather means it’s time for some road work. So buckle up and get ready to wait. High School Road at Lovell will be reduced to one lane with flaggers from Monday, March 16, through Friday, March 27. Comcast will be working on overhead utility lines and pulling through conduit wire. Baker Hill Road between…

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Bainbridge ferry traffic

Poll: How Should Money for SR 305 Improve- ments Be Used?

by Sarah Lane and Julie Hall A state transportation bill that recently passed in the Senate is now being examined in the House. If it passes, as much as $33 million could be allocated for “safety improvements” to State Route 305. Just what “safety improvements” would be made is ultimately up to the Washington State Department of…

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Agate Pass bridge cleaning

State Transport- ation Package Passes Senate: What It Means for 305

With a vote Friday (February 27) in the State Senate, the $15 billion State Transportation bill, including $33 million earmarked for Highway 305 improvements, took another big step toward passage. Now the bill will go to the House. If it’s voted into law, what will the bill mean for Highway 305 and Bainbridge Island? No one seems to know. Coucilmembers…

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Senate Committee Approves $33M for ‘Safety Improvements’ to Highway 305

On Wednesday, the State Senate Transportation Committee approved legislation including eleven bills that would fund $15 billion worth of transportation projects throughout the state. Among the proposed funding is $33 million for “SR 305 Construction – Safety Improvements.” The funding is not certain yet—the package must be moved to the Senate floor via action of the Rules…

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Agate Pass Bridge by Doug Kerr

Agate Pass Bridge Cleaning Work Will Mean 21 Days of Lane Closures

The good news is the Agate Pass Bridge will be clean for the first time since 1991. The bad news is that, for that to happen, the drivers and passengers of the 22,000 vehicles using the bridge daily are going to get 21 days of daytime one-lane travel on the bridge in February. The closures will…

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