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Rockaway Beach Road Closed After Being Hit by Another Small Slide

Yesterday, March 25, Rockaway Beach Road was closed by City of Bainbridge Island officials to all but local traffic after concerns raised by a small mudslide onto the road. Today, the road was hit by another small slide, this one 40 x 50 feet. And then, at about noon, the Bainbridge Island Fire Department reported…

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Rockaway Beach Rd.

Due to Concern About a Recent Slide, Rockaway Beach Closed to All but Local Traffic

The City of Bainbridge Island has just announced (March 25) that Rockaway Beach Road is now closed until further notice to all but local traffic. COBI staff are on scene examining the site of a previous small mudslide that happened earlier in the month. In response, the Bainbridge Island School District has announced that Blakely…

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road closed

Seawall Construction Detour Now in Effect for Vehicles Using the Seattle Ferry Terminal

Ferry commuters entering and exiting Seattle’s Colman Dock by vehicle are being rerouted because of the ongoing seawall work at the water front. The Seawall Project launched in November of 2013 and is expected to take three years, with changing traffic impacts. Vehicles heading to the terminal are now required to access the toll plaza from the north….

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Agate Pass bridge accident

WSDOT Releases 2012 Traffic Data: Bainbridge Has a Collision on Average Every 2.3 Days

The 2012 Annual Collision Summary, which was just released by the Washington State Department of Transportation’s (WSDOT) Statewide Travel and Collision Data Office (STCDO), which gathers collision data for all public roadways throughout the state, reveals some interesting facts about Bainbridge and our county. The data shows that in 2012, there were 155 traffic collisions…

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Blakely Tree Fall

Heavy Rain Begins to Take a Toll: Downed Tree and Wires Across Roads, Small Mudslide

by Sarah Lane with Colleen Byrum Early this morning, March 6, a Madrona tree came down across the road at Blakely Avenue, Blakely Hill Road, and 3T Road on the south end, at the bottom of Halls Hill, blocking the roadway. Flares are out to warn people to slow down. At approximately 6:05 a.m. the Bainbridge…

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map of power pole replacement on BI

Bainbridge Power Pole Replacement Program Will Mean Outages for Some Customers

Have you noticed a big white X on a power pole in your neighborhood? That means it’s been identified as a priority for an upgrade. Puget Sound Energy (PSE) has partnered with Potelco, an electric utility contracting firm, to replace old and/or weak utility poles with new sturdier ones around Bainbridge Island. In all, 26…

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tree oin 305

Tree Hazard over Highway 305 Near High School Road Causing Stop-and-Go Traffic

by Sarah Lane and Julie Hall The southbound lane on Highway 305 approximately a quarter of a mile north of High School Road has been closed to traffic. A relatively small but nonetheless hazardous tree has dropped precariously over part of the Highway. Bainbridge Police Officer Victor Cienega is at the scene directing traffic, alternating…

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crowd in ferry terminal seahawks

Seahawks Fans Glut Hwy 305 to a Crawl from Hwy 3 to Bainbridge Ferry Terminal

Thousands of Seahawks fans slowed southbound traffic on Highway 305 to a crawl this morning, February 5, on their way to catch Bainbridge ferries to Seattle to attend today’s Super Bowl victory parade. As of 9:20 a.m. southbound traffic was still bumper to bumper all the way from Highway 3 to the Bainbridge ferry terminal….

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foggy road by JonDissed

Tips for Driving Safely in Fog

What is fog, anyway? It’s basically a cloudlike cluster of condensed water droplets that settles low to the ground. It forms when the temperature drops to the dew point (the temperature when air becomes saturated). Fog can reduce visibility, at times dramatically. If you can, avoid driving in foggy conditions. But if you’re already out there…

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Expec delays

Stay off Highway 16 This Weekend: Traffic Backups May Extend 6 Miles

The Washington State Department of Transportation’s plan for Highway 16 roadwork this weekend might make travel miserable for the usual 100,000 weekend travelers who take the route. WSDOT says the work, which consists of relocating eastbound 16 traffic from a temporary viaduct onto a new permanent viaduct near I-5, will require day and night lane…

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Salt Brine? It’s Not Just Redundant—It’s Also Our New Anti-Ice Road Treatment

Salt you know. Brine, also familiar, is simply salt in a water mixture. So what is salt brine? It’s the common if overly emphatic term for a road treatment that helps prevent ice formation on roadways. And it has arrived on Bainbridge Island. On Friday, December 6, the City began applying the salt brine to…

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red light

Malfunc- tioning Stoplight at 305 & Madison Causing Backups

The traffic light at Highway 305 and Madison Avenue is blinking red and causing stop-and-go rush-hour traffic delays this morning, December 9. The light has been flashing red since at least 5:45 this morning. Bainbridge Police Officer Chris Jensen confirmed that the Washington Department of Transportation has been notified of the problem. No police presence…

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traffic on 305

An Unsettling Analysis of the Traffic Future of Highway 305

Just about anyone who has been living on Bainbridge Island or commuting through it in recent years has likely noticed increased traffic backups and delays. Fact is, our two-lane corridor to the rest of Kitsap and the Olympic Peninsula is seeing a lot of action and is in store for much more. Slowdowns on Highway 305…

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Don't drink and drive

Drunk People, Quit Driving! Everyone Else, You Need to Get Involved Too

Belinda Young, a Media Relations Consultant for the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, wants you to know that impaired driving is the leading cause of death on roadways. Starting Thanksgiving Day, November 27, and running through New Year’s, law enforcement is turning up the heat on drivers under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Young says…

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Ferry Commuters Affected by 3-Year Seattle Seawall Project Starting Monday 11/18

Construction of the Seattle Seawall Project starts tomorrow, November 18, along the Seattle waterfront. According to Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT) Ferries Division Assistant Secretary David Moseley, the construction will affect access to and from the Colman Dock/Seattle Ferry Terminal, although precisely what that will entail is a work in progress. One thing is certain: Alaskan Way will be…

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Bucklin Hill Road

Our ‘Corner of Doom’ Gets a Re-Pave

Some call it the Corner of Doom. At Inside Bainbridge we’ve been known to refer to it as Bainbridge’s Bermuda Triangle. Yep, that would be where Wyatt Way intersects with Eagle Harbor Drive and Bucklin Hill Road. Just this summer a string of accidents occurred at this intersection, one leaving a bicyclist with a head…

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Two-Car Collision Slows Traffic at 305 and Koura

by Sarah Lane with Julie Hall At approximately 2:45 p.m. Sunday, September 22, a two-vehicle accident occurred on Highway 305 just south of Koura Road. A southbound SUV was stopped for traffic when a Hyundai Elantra came from behind and rear-ended the stopped vehicle. An ambulance transported one person with minor injuries, and the front…

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Road Work Ahead

Traffic Advisory: 305 Road Work Backups

Extensive road work on State Route 305 from the Bainbridge Island side of Agate Pass Bridge to Bond Road in Poulsbo is slowing traffic significantly in both directions. The work is expected to cause major delays today, September 11, until approximately 3:30 p.m.  

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Euclid pole repair

Traffic Alert: Storm Causes Road Blocks on Euclid and Ward

The storm that started rolling through our area last night, August 5, and into today left a few problems behind. One was a downed telephone pole on Euclid, forcing the temporary closure of this north side road and access route to Fay Bainbridge and Sunrise. A tree came down on Ward on the south side,…

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Road work

Reaching the Finish Line on the Madison Avenue Roadwork Project

The good news is that all that remains are three days of paving to finish the work that for weeks has caused delays on Madison near the roundabout. The iffy news is that it’s unclear if the three days will begin today and end Friday. The City’s Interim Public Works Director John Cunningham reviewed the…

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