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BIPD Asks for Public Compliance to Fireworks Ban but Will Enforce

This afternoon the Bainbridge Fire Department issued a ban on discharging consumer fireworks, in effect for the July 4th season. The ban is a response to historic hot, dry weather conditions and low fuel moistures, which have already led to a rash of brush fires in the last several days. The Bainbridge Island Municipal Code Section 8.28.100…

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Fireworks Banned on Bainbridge for Season

[Updated at 4:04 p.m. and 5:52 p.m., June 29, 2015.] At about 3 p.m. today the City of Bainbridge Island (COBI) announced that the Bainbridge Island Fire Department (BIFD) has banned personal-use fireworks, effective immediately. The ban is a response to the extreme fire danger this year due to record-breaking dry, hot weather conditions. The…

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gay pride proclamation party at The Pub

Islanders Gather at The Pub to Celebrate Pride Proclamation

by Christina Albrect Tinling Even before today’s momentous SCOTUS decision clarifying full Constitutional rights for LGBTQ couples, the Island’s queer community was already basking in its own local legal affirmation. Tuesday night, June 23, members of the Island’s BLGTQ community & straight allies gathered at Harbour Public House to celebrate the unanimous vote by the…

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Mailboxes by Beate Meier

Letter to the Editor: City Should Have Been More Transparent and Inclusive with Branding

I am writing in response to Inside Bainbridge’s stories on June 15, 2015, “Firm Presents Branding Package Proposal: What They Were Thinking,” and June 17, 2015, “Branding Process Not Clear Cut,” in which IB point out the consultant’s proposed crest had been met with disfavor.  Given the way the City approached this endeavor, the public…

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Who Are Your Friends & Neighbors to Serve on City Boards, Committees, & Commissions?

At tonight’s (June 23) City Council meeting, the Council will be asked to approve the appointments and reappointments of 23 Bainbridge Islanders to City boards, commissions, and committees. Following a March 2015 call for volunteer participation in the advisory groups to fill vacancies, 32 people responded. Mayor Anne Blair served on all of the interview committees. Other Councilmembers—Steve Bonkowski, Wayne…

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Citizens Petition City to Fire Branding Firm and Hire Local Talent

[Updated 5:04 p.m. June 22, 2015—see boldface below] Bainbridge Island resident Nicole Oliver has launched a petition requesting that the City of Bainbridge Island (COBI) terminate its current branding effort with the firm Arnett Muldrow & Associates and instead seek local input. As of this afternoon over 300 people had signed the petition, citing displeasure with the…

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Red ball

Artists, Rev Your Engines: Public Art Is Back in the Money

At the Tuesday night (June 16) City Council meeting, the Council unanimously voted to remove the suspension of City funding for public art. Right before doing that, they unanimously voted to approve the changes made to the Bainbridge Island Municipal Code regarding the Public Art Program. Those changes were first considered at last week’s Council meeting…

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Community Conversation About Our Water Supply Thursday Night

Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink. Sound impossible for Bainbridge Island? Since we rely exclusively on our natural underground aquifer for fresh water, Bainbridge could deplete its most precious resource by compromising the natural systems that retain and filter that water and keep it from literally rolling off the pavement into Puget…

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Yay Gay! BI City Council Declares June LGBT Month

During its June 16 meeting the Bainbridge Island City Council voted unanimously to proclaim June, 2015, as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month. This was the first time in City history that the Council joined other cities and counties across the country in recognizing LGBT Pride month. “During public comment at a recent City…

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Branding Process Not Clear Cut

Judging by community uproar, few will be disappointed that City and business stakeholders have cut the medieval battle axes and crest from the logo concepts proposed by branding and marketing firm Arnett Muldrow & Associates. “We’re not going with the crest and axes,” said City of Bainbridge Island Communications Specialist Kellie Stickney. “Everyone had the same…

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proposed BI logo

Firm Presents Branding Package Proposal: What They Were Thinking

[Updated 4:39 p.m. June 15, 2015.] Please Note: Some people are contacting IB inquiring if this article is a joke. It is not. Branding and economic development firm Arnett Muldrow & Associates presented a branding package for Bainbridge Island to city officials, business people, and community members on June 11. The evening presentation followed a three-day visit to Bainbridge…

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Do You Support Public Power? Island Power Wants to Know

In 2008 Jefferson County voted for public power. Five years later, they flipped on the switch. Now a group of people on Bainbridge is trying to follow in their footsteps and begin the long, complicated process of working toward a publicly owned power utility. Island Power, the entity behind the move, just took the first step,…

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city hall

Council Selects Site Next to City Hall for Police/Courts; Project to Cost About $14M

At last week’s City Council meeting, City staff were directed to provide cost comparisons of the two sites being considered for the proposed public safety building, which will house the Bainbridge Island Police Department and the Municipal Court. The staff created a cost chart of the two sites—one on the Sakai property across from Ordway…

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BIFD Applicants

Over 100 Candidates Tested at Sakai for 4 New BIFD Positions

One hundred and twelve fit and well-groomed men and women lined up outside the front entrance to Sakai this morning, June 6, for a chance to earn one of four coveted full-time positions on the Bainbridge Island Fire Department. They were there to take the 2-hour written test of 100 questions selected by Training and Safety Officer…

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tent city

Religious Organizations Can Host Homeless Encampments on Bainbridge

Last night the City Council made its first review of proposed Ordinance 2015-10, which establishes guidelines for temporary homeless encampments on Bainbridge. City Attorney Lisa Marshall composed the Ordinance to bring the City into compliance with recently revised requirements of its insurance provider, Washington Cities Insurance Authority (WCIA). WCIA client cities must establish “standards and requirements” in…

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salmon bollards

Salmon Bollards: Will City Re-Embrace Funding for Public Art and How?

In 2010, at the height of its economic woes, the City Council suspended funding for the Bainbridge Public Art Program. But the Council left open the possibility for the funding to be reinstated at any time. In February of this year, the Council started that reinstatement process, and at last night’s (June 2) Council meeting, city…

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homeless camp

City Council to Review Homeless Camp Ordinance

At tomorrow night’s City Council meeting, Council members will review for the first time a draft of Ordinance 2015-10, relating to Temporary Homeless Encampments on Bainbridge Island. The proposed Ordinance was submitted May 28, 2015, and is intended to define “standards and requirements” in the instance that a temporary homeless camp permit is submitted to…

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Peeping Toms

City Gets So Open It Almost Feels Wrong to Look

The City of Bainbridge has just opened up, even more. Today, June 1, Finance Director Ellen Schroer announced the launch of a financial analysis platform powered by that provides residents, elected officials, and staff with access to the City’s finances. Looking at the data almost feels like committing a crime. For example, one of the features of the new web-based tool is…

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cherry tree

Developer Pledges to Save a Tree

Bainbridge plant pathologist Olaf Ribeiro said he thought it was the first time it had happened in his experience on Bainbridge: At Tuesday night’s (May 19) City Council meeting, a developer pledged to save a tree. The developer was Jim Laughlin. The tree was a historic cherry tree in the path of a proposed gravel driveway that would lead to…

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Police station

Council Narrows Police Building Site Options to Two Properties

At the May 19 City Council Study Session, City Manager Doug Schulze asked the Council to make a decision by June 9 on where to locate the public safety facility. By the end of the night’s discussion, the Council had— toward that goal—requested cost information from the City on a list of properties they had narrowed…

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