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Look Both Ways

Both Sides in Visconsi Battle File Motions for Reconsideration

Islanders for Responsible Development, the organization opposing the development and attendant tree removal at the northwest corner of 305 and High School, didn’t like Hearing Examiner Stafford Smith’s decision, which gave the go-ahead t0 the development. The Ohio-based Visconsi company didn’t like one small part of it either. Both parties filed motions for reconsideration last week,…

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Woodburn Police Station by Mackenzie

Want to Have a Say in Design of New Public Safety Building?

The City of Bainbridge Island wants your input on the proposed Fire/Police Facility, a.k.a. the Public Safety Building. To that end, they’re hosting a series of three public outreach meetings with the architectural and engineering firm Mackenzie, the firm that has been selected for the design. Here is a list of questions we put together…

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Planning Commission Presents Final Pot Recs to Council, Which Briefly Considers a Referendum

Monday night, April 7, Jennifer Sutton, the City’s Special Project Planner, shared with the Bainbridge Island City Council the recommendations of the Planning Commission for Marijuana-Related Uses. She said the Commission had met four times in January and February, held a public hearing, and then issued its recs. Mack Pearl, a member of the commission,…

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clam season closed

Beware of Clamzilla! Clamming Prohibited into Perpetuity at Fay Bainbridge Park

Clamzilla, also known as Camille Speck of the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, is a biologist in charge of the Puget Sound Bivalve Management Project. Her job is to protect all creatures clammy, setting seasons and closures for recreational fisheries. Clamzilla came to Bainbridge Island yesterday, April 8, to assist the Bainbridge Island Park…

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Cave Avenue tree saved

Big Firry Deal: The City Spares a Tree

This 100-year-old Douglas Fir tree along quiet Cave Avenue in Winslow has been spared from cutting. What’s the big deal? Last spring a nearly 2.5-acre forested area in an ecologically sensitive ravine across the street from this tree was wiped out by a private party owner to build a multifamily housing complex. After losing a…

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City Launches New Online Permitting Portal

In just two weeks, on April 14, the City will transition from the current Tidemark Permitting System to something more local: SMARTGov, which was developed by Poulsbo-based Paladin Data Systems. Although it’s more local, the system actually has a larger reach, offering Bainbridge citizens a way to track and manage their building permits online. It’s…

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Convicted Sex Offender Proclaims Innocence, Accuses City, Police, and KCCHA of Homophobia

Bainbridge Islander Louis Hoffman Alloin is sleeping outside. Alloin is 65 years old and disabled, using a walker and living with a brain injury. Until recently, he has been residing in his 89-year-old mother’s Rhododendron Apartment on Bainbridge, assisting her with day-to-day needs. The management of the Rhododendron was just taken over in January by the…

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Step Up

Hearing Examiner’s Visconsi Decision Challenges All Parties to Step up Their Game

COBI Hearing Examine Stafford Smith issued his decision today, March 27, that the Visconsi development proposed for the northwest corner of 305 and High School should be green lighted provided it meets a long list of very specific conditions. His mammoth 65-page decision was, despite the length and specificity, rather single-minded in its support of…

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city hall planning and community development

Hearing Examiner Gives Conditional Go-Ahead to Visconsi Project

Ohio-based Visconsi Company’s project for the commercial development of the Northeast corner of Highway 305 and High School Road on Bainbridge launched in 2012 with high hopes, the goal being to get city approval and permits quickly. At the time, Kelly Dickson, Special Projects Planner for the City, said that in the very best case scenario for…

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Hurry up and Wait for the Visconsi Decision

Many people expected a decision by last week about the fate of the land at High School Road and Highway 305 that is up for grabs for possible development into a shopping center. Hearings were held in February, and the deadline for submitting briefs to City of Bainbridge Island (COBI) Hearing Examiner Stafford Smith was February 25….

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City Manager Releases Positive News About City’s 2012 Financial Health

Today, March 14, Bainbridge City Manager Doug Schulz released an initial look a the City’s 2013 financial status. Overall, Schulz felt that “good planning, conservative spending, and increased development have left the City in a healthy financial position heading into 2014.” He said assessments were still underway and more details would be forthcoming. At year’s…

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Pritchard Park.

Council Questions Transferring Properties to Park District Because of Its Failure to Provide Off-Leash Options

At Monday’s (March 10) City Council meeting, Deputy City Manager Morgan Smith asked the Council to reaffirm the decision to transfer six surplus city properties to the Park District. Smith said they’d “been tracking the properties since 2005.” She described the transfer process as moving in “fits and starts” and as coming to a head…

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What’s a Farm Plan, What’s It for, and Does It Work on Bainbridge?

At Monday night’s (March 3) City Council meeting, the Council was introduced to the concept of farm plans during a study session presented by Planning and Community Development Director Kathy Cook and Kitsap Conservation District’s Brian Stahl. Farm plans, which are required under special circumstances ever since the Municipal Code update completed in 2011, are relatively…

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Sign Up

City Will Spend About $40K to Recruit New Attorney

Bainbridge City Manager Doug Schulze introduced a bill at Monday night’s (March 3) City Council meeting asking the Council to authorize the Seattle-based firm of Houser Martin Morris to find the City a full-time attorney. The City would hire recruiter Victoria Harris, the head of the Legal Search Division at the firm, at 30 percent…

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Letter to the Editor: Council’s Green Power Decision Mars Bainbridge Environmental Rep

I moved to Bainbridge Island to be part of a community with a reputation for environmental stewardship. And one of the reasons I served on the City Council was to make sure that that our city continued to be worthy of that distinction. We’ve had some notable wins, but the Council’s decision on green power…

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Lawsuit Will Go Uncovered by City Insurance–Council Careers at Risk?

On Valentine’s Day, Superior Court Judge Jeanette Dalton issued a decision that the civil suit filed by Islanders Althea Paulson and Bob Fortner against the City and two City Council members should be allowed to go forward. This directive from Judge Dalton raises questions about some serious issues potentially facing not only the councilmembers but…

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ships fender on crystal springs beach

Crystal Springs Mystery Floater: Do Not Attempt to Swallow, Hit with Hammer or Insert

It’s back. The large red cylindrical object that was sighted washed ashore on Crystal Springs earlier this week has turned up again on the beach, this time in front of 4252 Crystal Springs. Bainbridge Islander Jeff Fraga first reported it to Inside Bainbridge on the evening of February 25. He estimated it to be about six…

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New Communi- cation Engagement Specialist Joins City Staff

Communication Engagement Specialist a mouthful of a title. What it refers to is a person who is in charge of all the communication going into and coming out from the City of Bainbridge Island, a sizeable job. Kellie Stickney is the person who’s just been hired to do it. The creation of the position shows…

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Letter to the Editor: Marijuana Factories Coming to a Neighborhood Near You?

Dear Editor and Fellow Islanders, I am writing to inform my Island neighbors of a very important issue that is being played out at City Hall this month, one which will affect all of us who live here, but which is not receiving the attention it deserves, considering what is at stake for Islanders. The…

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Vancouver Police station

City Wants Your Input on Proposed Combined Fire/Police Facility

Here’s my input: I want a press room with comfortable chairs, of the armless variety to facilitate typing. A mini fridge, heating, and piped-in Cencom calls would be nice too. But, taking a moment to be a little less selfish, I’d really like the police to have private restrooms that are not accessed via the public…

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