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USS Bremerton submarine

Photos of the Day: Holy Torpedo!

Photographer Robert Dashiell captured these images of the USS Bremerton (SSN-698) submarine passing Bainbridge Island through Sinclair Inlet this morning, February 25. Commissioned in 1978, the 360-foot-long Bremerton is the oldest United States sub currently in active service. It is armed with four 21-inch torpedo tubes aft of its bow that can launch MK-48 Torpedoes and Harpoon and Tomahawk ASM/LAM…

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navigate bainbridge meeting

Navigate Bainbridge Session Tonight on Green Community & Vibrant Economy

As part of the Comprehensive Plan Update/Navigate Bainbridge process, the City is hosting listening sessions in February and March, inviting citizens to help shape the future of Bainbridge Island. An important session tonight, February 25, focuses on Vibrant Economy and Green/Well-Planned Community. Citizens will have the opportunity to give input on issues including future growth, land and energy conservation,…

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Council Approves Tougher Tree and Land Clearing Protections

This week it just got a little harder and more costly to cut down Bainbridge’s finest—its towering resident trees. Ordinance 2015-03 (formerly 2014-38), modifying the Land Clearing regulations in the Bainbridge Island Municipal Code, went into effect on Monday, following approval by the City Council on December 10, 2014. Crafted by the Tree Ordinance Ad Hoc Committee,…

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City Considers Changing Electric Charging Station and Its Parking Rules

At last night’s (February 17) City Council meeting, Public Works Director Barry Loveless asked the Council to approve a capital improvements purchase of a new electric vehicle charging system for Winslow Way in front of Blackbird Bakery. The old system, explained Loveless, hasn’t been working for months. That’s because the company that installed it, Blink,…

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bainbridge fire department address sign

Get a Free Sign to Help Firefighters Find Your Home in an Emergency

Most of us are all too familiar with the experience of hunting for someone’s house in backroad Bainbridge neighborhoods that split and curve every which way with inscrutable, if any, address signage. The good news is the Bainbridge Island Fire Department (BIFD) wants to help you help them find your home, the quicker the better…

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Public Hearing Shows Support for 6-Month Moratorium on New Industrial Aquaculture Permits

On January 20th the City Council decided to impose a 6-month moratorium on new industrial aquaculture activities off the Island’s coastline. At a public hearing on the matter, February 10, the Council heard nothing but praise for their decision. City Attorney Lisa Marshall preceded the hearing with a brief review of the events leading up to…

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winslow arms sign

Low-Income Seniors Report Ongoing Abuse at Winslow HUD Facility

[Updated at 11:50 a.m. February 13, 2015—see note below.] Residents of the federally subsidized Winslow Arms Apartments at 220 Parfitt Way have come forward with allegations of ongoing harassment and abuse in their housing complex. Six residents of Winslow Arms approached Inside Bainbridge with complaints about the apartment manager, who will be referred to as…

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I voted

Election Results: Fire and Park, Yes, Yes, Yes

In today’s special election, Islanders will decide whether the Sakai property on Madison gets turned into a park, whether the Fire Department gets to hire more personnel to fully staff Station 23, and whether the Fire Department may forge ahead with rebuilding Stations 21 and 22. With 8,130 ballots counted and 500 left to count…

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debris from Agate Pass bridge cleaning

Cleaning Agate Pass Bridge: Why and How They’re Doing It

Why? In a word, poo. Agate Pass Bridge has been pooped on a whole lot since it was last cleaned and painted 24 years ago, in 1991. Hardened layers of animal droppings aren’t the only thing workers are scraping off the bridge this month. Mildew and plants also are growing in the dirty crud, and…

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police at school

Bainbridge Says Yes to CRO, No to SRO: An Examination of the Issues

CRO and SRO are the acronyms for Community Resource Officer and School Resource Officer. Just last month, the Bainbridge Island School District decided, for now, not to take up Police Chief Matt Hamner’s invitation to station a full-time SRO in the schools. But at last week’s City Council meeting, February 3, the City Council approved…

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Letter to the Editor: Too Many Cooks, Budgets and Taxing Authorities

Bainbridge is a wonderful place to live, but a place which suffers from too many separate components of government that more often than not find the complexity and compromise required to work together far too much trouble. We have a city government split into a City government, a Parks Department, a Fire Department, a School…

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dogs on leash

City Council Considers Law Requiring Leashing Dogs in Your Own Living Room

The ongoing debate over leashing dogs continues at City Hall tomorrow night, February 10. The Council is considering whether to adopt a revised ordinance that would require all dogs to be leashed on city property and private property not owned or leased by the dog owner, except for officially sanctioned off-leash dog areas—the two fenced…

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Poll: Should People Be Required to Vaccinate Their Kids?

This week Washington State Representative June Robinson (D) introduced House Bill 2009, which would remove “personal belief” as a legally accepted reason for vaccination exemptions for school-aged children. Washington Governor Jay Inslee has endorsed the bill. What do you think? Should vaccinating be required for all healthy (non immunocompromised) school-aged children? Or should people have the…

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City Still Circling on New Police Facility Location

The City Council is still circling, looking for the perfect place to set down the as-yet-unrealized new police facility, after hours of discussion, mounds of city staff work, and consultant fees. At the last City Council meeting on January 20, some progress was made in that the list of options was further narrowed. The Council decided to…

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Station 21

Fire Department Makes the Case for the Fire Levy and Bond Measure

Your ballot should be arriving any day now. On the ballot, you will be asked whether you support a general levy increase for additional firefighter/EMT staffing on Bainbridge. And you will be asked to consider a bond measure for fire stations and capital equipment. Yesterday, January 21, Bainbridge Island Fire Department Chief Hank Teran, Assistant Chiefs…

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city staff seahawks fans

Photos of the Day: City Staff Turns Blue and Green

Bainbridge Island City staffers showed the love today for their Seahawks. Clad in blue and green and flying 12th man flags, everyone got in on the action in a show of solidarity in advance of this weekend’s Seahawks playoff game against the Green Bay Packers. Both teams go into the postseason sporting a 13-4 record,…

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Michael Scott

Our City Council Decisively Votes in Its New Member

The six-member City Council held a special meeting tonight, January 15, to vote in a seventh seat, following the resignation last month of Dave Ward. Councilmembers made their nominations following an interview and evaluation process. Of six applicants, three received nominations this evening from the sitting Council. Councilmember Steve Bonkowski started the nominations with Monica Aufrecht….

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Council Issues Its City Manager Evaluation—Mostly, Council Is “Pleased”

The City Council officially released the key findings of their 2014 performance review of City Manager Doug Schulze at Tuesday’s (January 13) City Council meeting. Overall, the Council reports it is “pleased” with Schulze’s performance. The Council was asked to rate Schulze’s performance in relation to leadership, management, and completion of the 2014 Work Plan. He…

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no cheese

City Hall Cuts the Cheese This Friday

City Manager Doug Schulze has done nothing untoward in cutting the cheese from City Hall this Friday, January 16. Instead, through the appropriately named Executive Order 121212, Schulze has thrown a wheel of City support behind the Seahawks who this weekend face Wisconsin’s Green Bay Packers in a playoff game. The Packer fans, a.k.a. “cheeseheads,” tend to wear,…

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up and down

Say What? Council Rescinds Last Waterfront Park Switcheroo Vote

At the oxymoronically named “special regular” business meeting of the City Council last night, January 13, the Council made yet another rapid change of course on the matter of the Waterfront Park upgrade. At the previous week’s council meeting on January 6, the Council had suddenly decided, after Public Works Director Barry Loveless’s presentation on the…

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