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Police by Leonard Bentley

BIPD Is Looking for a Few Good Men and Women Who Like Uniforms

Do you want to serve your community, but bake sales, car washes, and walkathons are just not your thing? If you like uniforms and want to provide an important service, consider joining the Bainbridge Island Police Department Reserves. Reserve Officers perform a variety of functions including responding to medical emergencies and traffic accidents; patrolling the…

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city of bainbridge island city hall

Council Fast-Tracks Waterfront Park Makeover

The Bainbridge Island City Council has voted unanimously to push up the timeline for the planned redo of Winslow’s Waterfront Park from 2016 to 2015. During a Capital Improvements Plan budget review in last week’s Council meeting, Councilmember Steven Bonkowski questioned why the work on the park was scheduled to take place in 2016 since money will…

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Wing Point by Jan Tik

Islanders File Petition for Review of SMP

Yesterday, October 7, Preserve Responsible Shoreline Management LLC and eleven Islanders filed a Petition for Review with the Growth Management Hearings Board to challenge the City of Bainbridge Island’s new Shoreline Master Program (SMP) (Ordinance 2014-04) and the Department of Ecology’s approval of it on August 8. The petition’s stated goal is for the GMHB…

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Bainbridge Island City Hall

Police Facility: Council Says No to Island Fitness Site and to Co-Location with Fire Department

At last night’s (October 7) City Council meeting, the Council swiftly and unanimously voted to remove the Island Fitness site to the south of City Hall from consideration for the construction of a new police building. The Council’s decision to drop pursuit of a public safety building combining Police and Fire departments took far longer…

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Island Fitness

Why Didn’t City Contact Owners of Winslow Property About Police Facility Development Plans?

Owners of the property adjacent to City Hall didn’t find out that their property was under consideration for the location of a standalone police facility until the September 23rd City Council meeting when architecture/design firm Mackenzie shared their latest plan options for a new police or combined police-fire facility. No one from the City approached the…

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bainbridge island sign

National Research Center Gives Bainbridge Two 2014 Voice of the People Awards

Bainbridge is one of just 18 communities across the country to have been awarded a 2014 Voice of the People Award by the National Research Center. And it’s just one of 10 communities to have received two or more of the awards this year. The awards come from the National Citizens Survey on which Bainbridge…

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computer safety

October Is Cyber Security Month: Some Tips on Staying Safe

The Better Business Bureau of Alaska, Oregon, and Western Washington and the Washington State Attorney General’s Office have partnered with the Stop.Think.Connect global cybersecurity awareness campaign to help digital citizens stay safe online. The timing is perfect: Not only is it National Cyber Security Month, but the announcement comes on the heels of the Home…

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Navigate Bainbridge

Navigate Your Bainbridge Tomorrow: Five Ways to Participate

Tomorrow, October 1, from 7-9 p.m., you are invited to speak your mind about the course currently being set for Bainbridge through the Comprehensive Plan Update. Comprehensive Plans are a sort of sea chart for the direction a community will take over the next 20 years. The Update is required by the Washington State Growth Management…

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lack of information

Lacking Key Information, City Council Divided on Public Safety Building(s)

At the September 23 City Council meeting, opinions about where a new police station should be located were, if you’ll pardon the pun, all over the map. The preferences from City staff, councilmembers, and the public ranged from (a) co-locating the current City Hall with the Police Department, (b) co-locating the Police and Fire departments…

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police call box

Letter to the Editor: Proposed Police Oversight Plan Lacks Independence

Our city council will consider another police oversight proposal Tuesday night. Islanders for Collaborative Policing does not support it.  We’ve made two really positive steps, as a city, in terms of police oversight this year. First, we’ve recognized the importance of oversight. Second, we’ve realized that—in a small city like ours with very few complaints—oversight…

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Letter to the Editor: It’s Climate Week on Bainbridge

Last Tuesday, our City Council passed a resolution declaring September 21–27 Climate Week on Bainbridge Island. I am a representative of one of the two organizations proposing the resolution, Quality Bainbridge and Sustainable Bainbridge. We proposed this for many reasons: As in other efforts, Bainbridge Island should be a leader on this vital issue. We…

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Joe Kunzler

Holy Heart Failure Batman! Navy Growlers Buzz Bainbridge Thursday Night

[Updated at 1:57 p.m. September 19.] Last night, September 18, at approximately 8:15 roaring plane noise and bright lights jolted Bainbridge residents onto their feet. Some ran outside, others attempted to comfort children awakened by the sound, and still others reached for their glass of wine for a refill. The mystery hit Facebook, with numerous…

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gun sales

City Council Passes Resolution Supporting I-594, Background Checks for Gun Sales

I-594 is a Washington State initiative that, if passed, would require background checks for all sales and transfers of firearms. Tuesday night, September 9, the Bainbridge City Council voted 6-1 for Resolution 2014-20, which expresses support for the initiative and authorizes City Manager Doug Schulze to forward the message to the State Legislature. Before the…

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Lynne Griffith

Washington State Ferries Gets a New Chief

Lynn Peterson, Secretary of the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) announced today, September 10, that Lynne Griffith has been appointed to head up its Washington State Ferries (WSF) division as Assistant Secretary. Griffith replaces David Moseley, who resigned last April. Moving from her position as head of Pierce Transit, Griffith officially assumes her leadership role…

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Aquaculture Arrives on Bainbridge: Potential Environmental Disaster or Economic Boon?

Now that the Shoreline Master Plan has been approved by the Department of Ecology, Bainbridge Island is open for offshore aquaculture, or fish and shellfish farming. The first and so far only applicant, a community shellfish farm project of the Puget Sound restoration Fund, was submitted and approved back in 2009 and subsequently received its…

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tacoma ferry

Whistleblower Tells What Really Happened to the Tacoma Ferry and Why It Could Happen Again

A Washington State Ferries (WSF) repairs supervisor has come forward to Inside Bainbridge to set the record straight about why the Tacoma ferry is out of service, with estimates that it will not be fixed until at least December. The Tacoma suddenly lost power during its 12:20 p.m. sailing from Seattle to Bainbridge Island on…

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Station 23

‘Let’s Get This Done’: Fire Chief Wants Station 23 Fully Staffed for Public Safety

At the August 14 meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners, Bainbridge Island Fire Chief Hank Teran said to the commissioners, “Lets’ get this done.” What he was referring to was fully staffing Station 23, the one on Phelps at Day Road and 305. The 2009 fire levy staffed Station 22 and began the process…

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comp plan

Environment- al Bainbridge Meets Tonight to Prepare for 9/11 Comp Plan Meeting

The group Environmental Bainbridge is holding an “On the Ground” meeting tonight, August 28, in anticipation of the upcoming Comprehensive Plan update citizen input meeting in September. According to Debbi Lester, tonight’s Environmental Bainbridge meeting is a followup to the KeyBank/Visconsi Mall protests and a chance “to come together to achieve a shared vision through the Comprehensive Plan…

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city council meeting empty sl

Band on the Run: Council Changes Weekly Meeting Day, Again

Many of us had just gotten used to Bainbridge Island City Council meetings being held on Mondays instead of Wednesdays, a change implemented in February. Leaf wavers take note that the Council has decided to move its meeting time once again, now to Tuesday evenings. The change will begin Tuesday, September 2. Take a trip…

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waterfront park madrona

The Six Madronas Taken Down at Waterfront Park Were Diseased

In late May, Bainbridge Harbormaster Tami Allen noticed that a madrona near the City’s kiosk at Waterfront Park didn’t look right and seemed to be leaning dangerously close. What she didn’t know was that that particular tree and six others were suffering from what was probably a canker fungus. Arborist Katy Bigelow, who was hired…

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