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Latest logo by Arnett Muldrow

City Axes Branding Company, Turns to Local Designers for Final Logo

Kellie Stickney, the City of Bainbridge Island Communications Specialist, still feels very strongly that branding Bainbridge Island is essential for the community’s financial well-being. “With Avalara leaving at the beginning of the upcoming year and with the ongoing storefront vacancies on Winslow Way,” she said, “the City, the Bainbridge Island Downtown Association, and the Chamber…

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Park Place

Kitsap County Assessors to Begin Inspecting Island “Real Property”

What, you ask, is real property, and why are they going to inspect it? Real property, as opposed to that other imaginary type, refers to fixed property, such as land and buildings, that you can’t pick up and put in your pocket. Appraisers from the Kitsap County Assessor’s Office are about to begin conducting inspections…

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Ashbury Site by Bob Holliday

Clearcut on Wyatt: The Story Behind the Ashbury Development

On April 17 of this year, Denova NW LLC, a Kent-based developer, purchased 4.51 acres of wooded land on Wyatt just west of Grow for $1,950,000. Denova, the developer of Bainbridge’s Timberbrook community near Gazzam Lake, is proposing to build an 18-home community on the Wyatt property, with homes going up for sale in late fall. The subject property is…

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David Cobb

Prominent Opponent of “Citizens United” Coming to Speak on Bainbridge

David Cobb is a co-founder of Move to Amend, a leading organization on the front against the U.S. Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” ruling. Cobb is coming to Bainbridge Monday, August 17, to raise support for Washington Initiative 735, which seeks to make Washington the 17th state to support a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme…

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Rooms for rent

Renting Out Your Property Short-Term? City’s Got Some Paperwork for You

Let’s say you’re spending the summer at a Del Webb community in the Midwest, taking care of an aging relative. While you’re away, you’re renting out your beachfront home at four different times to four different vacationing families, for a week each. The City is now making a concerted effort to make sure you know you’ve…

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I voted

School Board Candidate Lynn Smith Gets the Lion’s Share of Primary Votes

The unofficial results from yesterday’s (August 4) primary election have Lynn Smith leading opponent Duncan Macfarlane by more than 1,500 votes in the race for Bainbridge Island School District. Since only about 3,500 people voted, that lead is large: 72 to 26 percent. Smith and Macfarlane will both head into the general election. Former candidate Tatiana Epanchin-Troyan, despite having…

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National Night Out by Sarah Lane

Bainbridge Has a Good Night Out: Photo Gallery

Tonight’s (August 4) National Night Out celebration in Town Square, hosted by the Bainbridge Island Police Department, drew hundreds of people of all ages on a sunny, warm evening to learn about safety and crime prevention, eat free food, and have fun. The information included emergency preparation handouts, details about the proposed Public Safety Building, and…

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Lawn watering

Poll: What, If Anything, Are You Doing to Conserve Water?

Yesterday, August 3, City Manager Doug Schulze issued a statement encouraging Bainbridge citizens to conserve water even though, he said, we’re not yet experiencing a water shortage here. Schulze also offered some strategies for conserving water outside, such as by mulching, letting lawns go dormant, and watering lawns only the needed amount, which is about…

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City Says It’s Time to Conserve Water

City Manager Doug Schulze says we’re not yet facing immediate impacts on Bainbridge from the statewide drought. But, he says, “Water is always a limited resource. [Governor Inslee’s] drought declaration in late spring is an important reminder that we should always be thinking about ways that we can conserve and manage this resource responsibly.” In a statement…

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porch light

Porch Lights on: National Night Out Moves to Town Square (with Pie Toss)

The annual free-food, free-information, free-fun event sponsored by the Bainbridge Island Police Department and local businesses to raise awareness about crime, crime prevention, and preparedness won’t be at Sakai this year as it has the previous two years. As it was in 2012, National Night Out will be held in City Hall Town Square, in…

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sandwich signs by Ann Knight

Bainbridge’s Dagwood-Sized Sandwich Sign Spread

You may be too young to remember the comic strip Blondie and character Dagwood’s super-sized, multilayer sandwiches. But take it on faith that Dagwood is an apt adjective to describe the size of the Island’s spread of sandwich boards or a-frame signs. Reader Ann Knight recently wrote to us about the volume: “I believe the signs are a…

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school mailbox by Chad Kainz

Letter to the Editor: Suzuki Property Should Be a BISD Swap

At the last City Council Meeting July 21, 2015, the City Council voted to remove the “Fair Market Value” requirement from the Suzuki property sale. Why should Islanders lose money on the sale of the one piece of land that is so valuable to our schools and our children’s educational resource’s? At Last January’s intergovernmental meeting,…

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The Chip Seal Deal Is Sealed: Which Roads Will Get the Treatment

Tuesday night, Public Works Director Barry Loveless asked the City Council to approve a contract with Doolittle Construction for about $626,000 for chip sealing. Chip seal is a way to extend the life of a road by combining asphalt emulsion with finely graded aggregate over its surface. Excess rock is removed several days after the application by…

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Waterfront Park

$500K Grant for Waterfront Park, but Estimated Project Costs Go Up (and Down)

At least two members of the City Council were confused Tuesday night (July 21) after Public Works Director Barry Loveless’s presentation on the Waterfront Park upgrade budget. Loveless was asking the Council for an increase of $500,000 to the project budget. In his presentation, he explained that the Council had approved the Phase 1 final design…

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sakai lake by Julie Hall

Parks District Closes on Sakai Property, Gets Low-Interest Financing

Yesterday, July 22, the Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Parks and Recreation District closed on the purchase of the Sakai family property. This followed BIMPRD’s securing of funding for the purchase on July 9. Standard and Poor’s recently awarded BIMPRD a AA credit rating, reconfirming the District’s prior bond rating. The high credit rating enabled the BIMPRD to fix the 20-year…

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Police Chief Hamner

Police Chief Takes a Breath, Finally

June 10 was the 2-year work anniversary of Bainbridge Police Chief Matt Hamner. We sat down last week to reflect on everything that’s happened since his arrival on the Island. The first thing he said was, “I’m so happy. This is the first time I can take a breath. The past two years were like…

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LiveScan by Sarah Lane

Police Get Their Prints Charming

When the Bainbridge Island Police Department learned that the soonest they might be able to move into a proposed new public safety building on Madison was 2017, they decided to make some cosmetic and functional changes to their current digs. They still have to use fans or sweaters during the summer months in different areas…

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damaged bulkhead

Former Council- member Solicits Donations for New Legal Challenge to SMP: Should You Pay?

In June, former City Councilmember Bill Knobloch sent a letter to Bainbridge Island shoreline property owners that starts out with an apology: Knobloch says in the letter that he’s sorry he wasn’t still on Council last year because, if he had been, the Shoreline Master Program (SMP) wouldn’t have passed. He writes, “I’m sorry I wasn’t still…

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Anne Blair

Mayor Blair Recovering from Emergency Heart Surgery

Today, July 15, Bainbridge Island Mayor Anne Blair had emergency heart bypass surgery at Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane, Washington. Mayor Blair was vacationing in the Spokane area with family when she experienced chest tightness and shortness of breath. She did not have a heart attack, but her condition was critical and doctors determined that…

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City Considers Assessing Transpor- tation Impact Fees on New Development

On July 21, the City Council will consider an ordinance to adopt transportation impact fees into the City code. Transportation impact fees are collected by a municipality to help offset travel demand created by new development. The fees are used to fund transportation system capacity improvements. If the ordinance is adopted, then each new development will be…

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