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hat in the ring by Rob Brewer

The Only Applicant So Far for City Council Post Once Served on Planning Commission

Gary Pettersen may be our next City Councilmember. Pettersen is the only applicant so far for the post vacated earlier this month by Councilmember Dave Ward. Pettersen is not unfamiliar with public service, having served on the City of Bainbridge Island’s Planning Commission (and before that on the Planning Commission of the City of Winslow)….

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Letter to the Editor: Our City Council’s Reckless Role in Public Records Lawsuit

Recently Kim Hendrickson published a letter to the editor on Inside Bainbridge titled “A Paulson/Fortner Win and Our Loss.” The piece is both an attack on Bob and Althea and a defense of Bonkowski and Ward. Keep in mind that both Bonkowski and Ward violated the city’s Governance Manual and refused to turn over public…

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City Establishes Process for Replacing Councilmember Ward

The resignation of Councilmember Dave Ward was offered and accepted as part of the settlement agreement reached in the recent Public Records Act lawsuit against the City of Bainbridge Island filed in August of 2013. At last night’s (December 9) City Council meeting, the Council began discussion of how to replace Ward. The vacancy will…

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fire station 23

Public Meeting Tonight About BIFD Levies, Including Staffing Fire Station 23

A special Bainbridge Island Fire Commissioners meeting will be held tonight at Station 23 on Phelps Road at 6:30 to discuss what, if any, levy measures the department will put on the February 10, 2015, ballot. One of the possible measures would ask taxpayers to support paying for sufficient staffing to keep Fire Station 23…

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Letter to the Editor: A Paulson/ Fortner Win and Our Loss

As Inside Bainbridge readers know, the city has given Althea Paulson and Bob Fortner nearly a half a million dollars to drop their public records suit. And councilmember Dave Ward has resigned from City Council. Inside Bainbridge has made an effort to explore some of the complications of this story, but it’s still understood, by many in…

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laptop by John Karakatsanis

Public Records Act Lawsuit Parties Weigh in About Case

by Sarah Lane with Julie Hall [Updated at 2:40 p.m. December 6, 2014.] After settlement of the Public Records Lawsuit against the City of Bainbridge Island this week in the amount of nearly $500,000 following mediation, we spoke with people in each of the three mediation parties. Councilmember Steve Bonkowski, who was named in the…

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parking on Winslow Way

City Rolls out Parking Changes for Winslow

In response to a petition from approximately 60 Winslow Business Owners and chronic parking overflow in the police station lot, the City of Bainbridge Island (COBI) is modifying its parking policies on a stretch of Winslow Way and creating additional leased parking downtown. Concerned business owners pointed out that Winslow employees and commuters have been taking…

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Bainbridge Island City Hall

City Makes Social Media Policy Change but Asks for Your Ongoing Engagement

This week City Manager Doug Schulze announced that City staff will no longer be utilizing already established Facebook groups such as Bainbridge Islanders and Radio Free Bainbridge for communicating with Islanders. Schulze made this decision, he explained, “in response to a concern from a resident and to ensure that we are maintaining compliance with the public records act and…

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Public Records Lawsuit Settlement: City Pays Nearly $500K & Councilmember Resigns

by Julie Hall and Sarah Lane In a settlement reached Monday, December 1, between Althea Paulson and Robert Fortner and the City of Bainbridge Island over a Public Records Act (PRA) request, the City of Bainbridge Island agreed to pay Paulson and Fortner $350,000 for settlement of the PRA claims and “as an alternative” to…

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city of bainbridge island city hall

Former Mayor Questions City Manager’s Conduct in Social Media Forum

Yesterday, December 1, former Bainbridge Island mayor, former council member, and 2013 citizen of the year Debbi Lester submitted a letter of “concern” to the current city council regarding the conduct of city employees, in particular that of City Manager Doug Schulze, in the Facebook forum Radio Free Bainbridge (RFB). RFB, formed last August as an…

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Mackenzie adjacency diagram

Police Chief Expressed BIPD Station Location Preference That Council Didn’t Get to Hear

In mid-September, in a draft of a memo to City Manager Doug Schulze, Police Chief Matt Hamner expressed a clear preference that the future Bainbridge Island Police station be co-located with the Fire Department at Madison near Highway 305, where Fire Station 21 is. But a week later, at the September 23 City Council meeting,…

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Visconsi bainbridge-island

Council Waiting on Visconsi Response to Proceed with Police Facility Decision

The members of the City Council seemed befuddled Tuesday night, November 18, about how to proceed on making a decision for the location of the proposed police facility. The options have been narrowed to four—(1) north of City Hall, (2) southeast of City Hall where the gravel parking lot is, (3) New Brooklyn near 305,…

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Suzuki property

The Suzuki Property: a Look at Its Past, a Photo Gallery of Its Present

The City of Bainbridge Island is considering selling the 14 acres that make up the southeast corner of the intersection of New Brooklyn and Sportsman Club. As the City holds public meetings to consider the best uses for the property, we thought we’d take a quick look at the property’s history and at its current…

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ferry captain russell fee in wheel house

A Ride with the Ferry Captain—The Highs and Lows of Running the Big Boat

Washington State Ferries (WSF) graciously allowed Inside Bainbridge to ride along with Captain Russell Fee last weekend for a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to ferry thousands of people each day around Puget Sound. From fog to “jumpers” to shipping traffic to emergency training to car alarms to engine maintenance, we covered a lot…

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Agate Pass Bridge by Doug Kerr

Senator Rolfes Weighs in on the County’s Wish List for Highway 305 and the Bridge

After the Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council’s West Sound Alliance issued an October 21 update to its transportation proposal to the State Legislature, Islanders have been talking about Highway 305 and its future. The proposal, which is a wish list of sorts for Kitsap-focused transportation funding from the State, requests $15 million within the next six years for…

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Navigate BI meeting CTingling

Citizens Help Navigate Bainbridge in Comp Plan Visioning Workshop

by Christina Albrecht Tinling Monday, November 17, the Navigate Bainbridge Steering Committee (NBSC) hosted the second of two Visioning Workshops intended to clarify public consensus on Island values and guiding principles to direct the Comprehensive Plan Update process by discussing introductory elements of the current Plan. “City Council wants to check in at the outset…

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Mailbox by deejayqueue

Letter to the Editor: Recommend- ations for Suzuki Property from a 2008 Task Force Member

I live on Commodore Lane NW, which is immediately south of the pond on the Suzuki property. I was a member of the 2008 Suzuki Task Force. Some of my suggestions below on the disposition of the Suzuki property address issues raised at the November 3, 2014, Community Workshop on the Suzuki Property. Potential transfer to…

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Station 23

Poll: Should Fire Station 23 Be Staffed to Improve Safety of North Islanders?

by Sarah Lane and Julie Hall A fire this morning on the north end of Bainbridge Island that destroyed a house, injured a resident, and killed a dog trapped in the home received its first response from Kitsap Fire and Rescue units in Suquamish. Units from Station 21 on Bainbridge Island took longer to get…

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traffic on 305

Council Paves the Way for 305 Expansion/ Bridge Rebuild

The Bainbridge City Council has not fast-tracked a plan to expand 305 and rebuild the Agate Pass Bridge without the community getting to weigh in on the matter. But the Council has given the go-ahead to a countywide lobbying effort to get the state legislature, among other things, to focus on Bainbridge transportation needs and…

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Bainbridge Island City Hall

Firewall Problem Takes Down City’s Internet

If you’ve been having trouble connecting with the City of Bainbridge Island (COBI) online, it’s because COBI’s Internet service has been out since yesterday afternoon. COBI Community Engagement Specialist Kellie Stickney said that it was a firewall problem. When the firewall was relaunched, the problem was resolved. The problem, which affected City Hall, the police department, and…

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