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Station 21

Fire Department Makes the Case for the Fire Levy and Bond Measure

Your ballot should be arriving any day now. On the ballot, you will be asked whether you support a general levy increase for additional firefighter/EMT staffing on Bainbridge. And you will be asked to consider a bond measure for fire stations and capital equipment. Yesterday, January 21, Bainbridge Island Fire Department Chief Hank Teran, Assistant Chiefs…

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city staff seahawks fans

Photos of the Day: City Staff Turns Blue and Green

Bainbridge Island City staffers showed the love today for their Seahawks. Clad in blue and green and flying 12th man flags, everyone got in on the action in a show of solidarity in advance of this weekend’s Seahawks playoff game against the Green Bay Packers. Both teams go into the postseason sporting a 13-4 record,…

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Michael Scott

Our City Council Decisively Votes in Its New Member

The six-member City Council held a special meeting tonight, January 15, to vote in a seventh seat, following the resignation last month of Dave Ward. Councilmembers made their nominations following an interview and evaluation process. Of six applicants, three received nominations this evening from the sitting Council. Councilmember Steve Bonkowski started the nominations with Monica Aufrecht….

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Council Issues Its City Manager Evaluation—Mostly, Council Is “Pleased”

The City Council officially released the key findings of their 2014 performance review of City Manager Doug Schulze at Tuesday’s (January 13) City Council meeting. Overall, the Council reports it is “pleased” with Schulze’s performance. The Council was asked to rate Schulze’s performance in relation to leadership, management, and completion of the 2014 Work Plan. He…

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no cheese

City Hall Cuts the Cheese This Friday

City Manager Doug Schulze has done nothing untoward in cutting the cheese from City Hall this Friday, January 16. Instead, through the appropriately named Executive Order 121212, Schulze has thrown a wheel of City support behind the Seahawks who this weekend face Wisconsin’s Green Bay Packers in a playoff game. The Packer fans, a.k.a. “cheeseheads,” tend to wear,…

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up and down

Say What? Council Rescinds Last Waterfront Park Switcheroo Vote

At the oxymoronically named “special regular” business meeting of the City Council last night, January 13, the Council made yet another rapid change of course on the matter of the Waterfront Park upgrade. At the previous week’s council meeting on January 6, the Council had suddenly decided, after Public Works Director Barry Loveless’s presentation on the…

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waterfront park steps

One More Chance at Funding for Waterfront Park Upgrade

After Public Works Director Barry Loveless told the Council at last week’s City Council meeting, January 6, that the City would not be getting any grant money for the proposed waterfront upgrade project, the Council voted to prioritize City dock replacement over enhancing Waterfront Park. There were other factors at play, such as public opinion, but the…

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Company mailbox by billsophoto

Letter to the Editor: Councilman Tollefson Faults Colleagues’ Conduct in Public Records Lawsuit

Bainbridge Island recently settled a lawsuit brought by two of our citizens claiming that the City violated the Washington Public Records Act. The suit involved delays and ultimately failure of two members of the Council to produce email messages that they had received concerning City business on their personal email accounts. This suit was a…

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Police Academy

Want to Know What It’s Like to Be a Bainbridge Cop? Sign up for Citizens’ Police Academy

Everyone I’ve ever talked to about the BIPD Citizens’ Police Academy, and there have been a lot of graduates who have eagerly told me about it, says the experience is not to be missed. The only reason I haven’t done it yet is the time commitment: two hours once a week, in the evenings, for…

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No Vacancy by bd

Kitsap County Report Shows Slight Land Capacity Deficit on Bainbridge

The (RCW 36.70A.215) requires Kitsap and five other counties to prepare a Buildable Lands Report (BLR). The Kitsap BLR draft, which was just released in December, is key to the County’s Comprehensive Plan update (due by June 2016). It shows whether the County and its Cities are achieving planned urban densities and if sufficient land…

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waterfront park madrona

Council Switches Waterfront Upgrade Priority from Park to Dock

[Updated 1/8/15 at 5:30 p.m.] At the December 6 City Council meeting, Public Works Director Barry Loveless presented the Council with an update on the Waterfront Park redesign project, reviewing the phases of work on the park and the City dock. The understanding from the Council that he was operating under was that the City…

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Suzuki property

Energetic Crowd with Diverse Opinions Gives Council an Earful About Suzuki Property

The Council Chambers were packed for Tuesday night’s, January 6, City Council meeting, a good portion of which was devoted to considering the next steps for a decision about the City-owned Suzuki property, which is located on the southeast corner of New Brooklyn and Sportsman Club. City Planning Director Kathy Cook started off the topic,…

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Bainbridge Island City Hall

Council Will Select New Member Right After Public Meeting on January 15

By the end of the day on January 15, Islanders will know who has been selected to fill the recently vacated City Council seat of Dave Ward. Although the actual selection process will happen behind closed doors in Executive Session, the public is invited to attend the immediately preceding applicant interviews. There are six applicants…

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Full ahead

The Comp Plan Gets a Vision Statement Draft: City Wants Your Feedback

The current vision statement for the City’s Comprehensive Plan Update is the work of many. It was developed by the Navigate Bainbridge Steering Committee—Mayor Anne Blair, Councilmembers Sarah Blossom and Val Tollefson, and Planning Commissioners Mack Pearl, Maradel Gale, and Mike Lewars—from the feedback of the more than 100 citizens who attended two public meetings on…

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Mailbox by Serene Vannoy

Letter to the Editor: What’s Wrong with the Old Draft Vision Statement?

The draft “vision statement” recently proposed by city staff for the “Comprehensive Plan Update” is a mere shadow of the former community statement (see below). The city needs to go back to the drawing board with proper allowance for community input to meet state Growth Management Act (GMA) mandates. Organized citizen meetings without staff, consultants, or…

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empty seat

Who Are the Six Applicants for Vacated City Council Seat?

The City has a total of six applications for the Council post vacated with the resignation of Dave Ward. The deadline for application was 4 p.m. on December 30th. In addition to Gary Pettersen who submitted his application first, the applicants are Monica Aufrecht, John Green, Joe Levan, Gregory Millerd, and Michael Scott. Levan originally…

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Inslee’s Budget Plan Would Give Big Support to the Ferry System

The proposed budget that Governor Jay Inlsee unveiled on December 18 makes a big nod to the ferry system that keeps Bainbridge connected to Seattle. The budget targets three areas of ferry support. 1. System Preservation Inslee wants to “preserve” the ferry system through 2015–17 funding of $379.9 million, with a target of a 12-year…

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Housing Resources Board Launches Campaign for Suzuki Property

The City Council has yet to determine whether to sell the Suzuki property, located on the northeast corner of Sportsman Club and New Brooklyn, and to whom. It has so far collected four proposals for use of the site. One of those is from Housing Resources Board, which has launched a promotional campaign to support…

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hat in the ring by Rob Brewer

The Only Applicant So Far for City Council Post Once Served on Planning Commission

Gary Pettersen may be our next City Councilmember. Pettersen is the only applicant so far for the post vacated earlier this month by Councilmember Dave Ward. Pettersen is not unfamiliar with public service, having served on the City of Bainbridge Island’s Planning Commission (and before that on the Planning Commission of the City of Winslow)….

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Letter to the Editor: Our City Council’s Reckless Role in Public Records Lawsuit

Recently Kim Hendrickson published a letter to the editor on Inside Bainbridge titled “A Paulson/Fortner Win and Our Loss.” The piece is both an attack on Bob and Althea and a defense of Bonkowski and Ward. Keep in mind that both Bonkowski and Ward violated the city’s Governance Manual and refused to turn over public…

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