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police at school

Traffic Emphasis Hits Bainbridge This Afternoon

You may be seeing a lot of patrol cars on Bainbridge today, April 20. That’s because the Bainbridge Island Police, the Washington State Patrol, and the Bremerton Police are collaborating to target speeders and distracted drivers on the Island between noon and 4 p.m. Target Zero Manager Marsha Masters of the Washington State Patrol explained…

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National Volunteer Week Starts Now: Wear Your Button, Do Your Part, Celebrate

You can’t spit on Bainbridge without hitting a volunteer. Last year, volunteers donated 1,397 hours of their time to the City of Bainbridge Island alone. We have about 17,700 volunteers on the Island, or about three-quarters of the Island population, something the City was able to determine through a community survey in 2013. This week, National…

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well city

Bainbridge Is One Well City

According to the Association of Washington Cities, 66 of every 100 people are overweight, 54 have a poor diet, 47 have high stress, 27 get little or no exercise, 16 have poor emotional health, and 4 use drugs. To combat those numbers, AWC offers what it calls the Well City Awards to cities meeting nine…

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Shoreline by Doug Kerr

Legal Challenge Against City Over SMP Fails

On April 8, the petitioners and respondents in the legal challenge brought by Preserve Responsible Shoreline Management et al. against the City of Bainbridge Island and the Washington State Department of Ecology learned that the challenge is going nowhere. The Growth Management Hearing Board’s decision issued this week supports the City’s Shoreline Management Plan as it…

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Visconsi cleared site

Walgreens and Key Bank Going into Visconsi Site

The City of Bainbridge Island (COBI) has provided building permits for construction of a full-service Walgreens at the Visconsi-owned site on the corner of Highway 305 and High School Road. According to the permit application, the Walgreens will be a single-story store with a drive-thru pharmacy. The building will be 14,475 square feet on a 1.57…

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Ben Sias

Officer, Civilian of the Year Named at BIPD Gala

At the annual Bainbridge Island Police Department Gala Awards Ceremony on Friday, March 27, held at Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, Officer Ben Sias was named Officer of the Year. He was awarded a Plaque and Bar for being the highest performing officer in 2014. Sias’ colleagues and volunteer civilians were also honored by the department…

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bainbridge police car jh

City Finalizes Location of New Police Station

by Sarah Lane and Julie Hall After more than a year of citizen meetings, consultant work and presentations, and Council discussions, the City Council has finally made a decision about where to locate a new police station for the Island. At Tuesday night’s (March 31) meeting, Councilmembers voted 6-1 in favor of a parcel located…

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Russ Melhorn

Bainbridge Amputee Vet Ignored by VA Gets Help from Local Fireman

Bainbridge resident Russell Melhorn served 22 years in the United States Navy. During the Vietnam War he was exposed to a heavy dose of Agent Orange, a deadly chemical used by the U.S. military as part of its herbicide warfare program. Since retiring from the Navy Melhorn’s health has deteriorated. Doctors told him that exposure…

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COBI Staff

City Recognizes Long-Time Service of 5 Employees

Five City of Bainbridge Island staff members were honored this week for their long-term service to the City. They were recognized this week by City Manager Doug Schulze who awarded them with special certificates, talked about them during the City Council meeting, and wrote about them in his weekly newsletter. Four employees just crossed the 20-years-of-service mark: Karl Shaw,…

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bainbridge police car jh

Meet BIPD’s Four New Recruits

The Bainbridge Island Police Department has just hired four new officers to replace those who retired this year. Joining the staff are lateral hires Kurt Enget, Bill Shields, and Chuck Kazer and new recruit Cameron Lewis. Enget and Shields started on February 17. Kazer and Lewis started March 16. Cameron Lewis As the newbie to police…

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Council Set to Pass Tamer Leash Law, Considers Off-Leash Trial at Pritchard

At the March 24 City Council meeting, the Council will be voting on and likely passing a much softened version of their originally proposed dog leash law. At this week’s March 17 meeting, the Council had the chance to discuss the latest version on the table and they decided to advance it to next week’s consent…

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Police Body Cams, Privacy, & Public Right to Know: What Will Rep. Hansen’s Bill Do?

The increase in the use of body cameras by law enforcement to record interactions with the public has been accompanied by an increase in the public’s ability to view those interactions. This has caused concern among law enforcement officers and private citizens. State House Representative and Islander Drew Hansen is one of the sponsors of a…

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city of bainbridge island city hall

Three Proposed Development Projects Need Your Input

The City of Bainbridge Island is looking for public input on three very different proposed development projects. The first is for ten buildings to be built on 4.5 acres of undeveloped land accessed by the road serving Manzanita Park and the Saddle Club. The developer, Tseng Properties LLC, wants to offer light manufacturing uses such as…

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winslow arms court hearing

Judge Finds Elder Abuse and HUD Violation at Winslow Arms Apartments

In a packed courtroom on Tuesday, March 10, Bainbridge Island Municipal Court Judge Sara McCulloch concluded a two-day hearing with a sharp rebuke of both the in-house manager and overseeing management company of Winslow Arms Apartments for violating at least one HUD rule and subjecting residents to abuse and unreasonable threats of eviction. The hearing…

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Agate Pass bridge cleaning

State Transport- ation Package Passes Senate: What It Means for 305

With a vote Friday (February 27) in the State Senate, the $15 billion State Transportation bill, including $33 million earmarked for Highway 305 improvements, took another big step toward passage. Now the bill will go to the House. If it’s voted into law, what will the bill mean for Highway 305 and Bainbridge Island? No one seems to know. Coucilmembers…

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BI shoreline

Council Settles for Medium-Level Monitoring of Shoreline “Net Loss”

The Shoreline Master Program requires monitoring of the shoreline to ensure “no net loss” of shoreline ecological functions. No one has yet been able to define what that term from the Department of Ecology means in any measurable way, but the City has to try to figure out what it means and how to monitor…

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USS Bremerton submarine

Photos of the Day: Holy Torpedo!

Photographer Robert Dashiell captured these images of the USS Bremerton (SSN-698) submarine passing Bainbridge Island through Sinclair Inlet this morning, February 25. Commissioned in 1978, the 360-foot-long Bremerton is the oldest United States sub currently in active service. It is armed with four 21-inch torpedo tubes aft of its bow that can launch MK-48 Torpedoes and Harpoon and Tomahawk ASM/LAM…

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navigate bainbridge meeting

Navigate Bainbridge Session Tonight on Green Community & Vibrant Economy

As part of the Comprehensive Plan Update/Navigate Bainbridge process, the City is hosting listening sessions in February and March, inviting citizens to help shape the future of Bainbridge Island. An important session tonight, February 25, focuses on Vibrant Economy and Green/Well-Planned Community. Citizens will have the opportunity to give input on issues including future growth, land and energy conservation,…

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Council Approves Tougher Tree and Land Clearing Protections

This week it just got a little harder and more costly to cut down Bainbridge’s finest—its towering resident trees. Ordinance 2015-03 (formerly 2014-38), modifying the Land Clearing regulations in the Bainbridge Island Municipal Code, went into effect on Monday, following approval by the City Council on December 10, 2014. Crafted by the Tree Ordinance Ad Hoc Committee,…

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City Considers Changing Electric Charging Station and Its Parking Rules

At last night’s (February 17) City Council meeting, Public Works Director Barry Loveless asked the Council to approve a capital improvements purchase of a new electric vehicle charging system for Winslow Way in front of Blackbird Bakery. The old system, explained Loveless, hasn’t been working for months. That’s because the company that installed it, Blink,…

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