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Victor Arden Barnard

WA State on Manhunt for Accused Cult Leader Charged with 59 Felony Counts of Child Sex Abuse

The Washington State Patrol is working with the Department of Homeland Security and the Pine County Minnesota Sheriff’s Office to apprehend Victor Arden Barnard, accused of felony sexual assault of two girls starting when they were each 12 years old into their early twenties. The girls were members of a tight-knit religious group that originated…

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Even Bainbridge Islanders Need to Worry About Heartbleed—What We Can Do

Heartbleed is a newly discovered security flaw in OpenSSL, software used by hundreds of thousands of sites around the Web to establish a secure connection between a user and a service, such as e-mail, Instant Messaging, e-commerce, and  online banking. According to a Bloomberg article today, April 11, the flaw has enabled the NSA to spy on people…

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pregnant doe

National Guard Youth Outraged at Bainbridge Shooting of Pregnant Doe

On the morning of Saturday, March 22, West Sound Wildlife Shelter received a call from a citizen about a dead deer in his yard off Sunrise Drive just south of Day Road on Bainbridge Island. The Shelter agreed to pick up the deer and haul her away to use as food for its animal charges….

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getaway vehicle

Burglars Hit a Gun Shop in Gorst—Police Want Your Help

When the burglary alarm went off at Gorst’s Boerner Firearms this  morning, April 9, at 4:53 a.m., first responders didn’t have far to go. South Kitsap Fire and Rescue Station 16 is right across the street, Highway 3 West, and firefighters immediately began informing Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office about what they were seeing. Patrol deputies…

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Colin Dahlquist

Bainbridge Man Killed in Edmonds Drug Deal

Early Friday morning, March 28, Bainbridge Island resident Colin S. Dahlquist got into a fight while at an Edmonds QFC, that ended in his death. Dahlquist, who was 23, was there allegedly to make a drug deal. His alleged accomplices, a man and a woman, have been charged with his murder. Police found Dahlquist in the…

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Man Makes Death Threats, Hurls Insults, Damages Property, and Exposes Himself

At 3:09 in the afternoon of March 24, a man called 911 to report that a person living in a shack near his property was yelling at him and threatening to kill him, his wife, and his young daughter. Officers Ben Sias and Mo Stich arrived on scene and met the caller at the driveway…

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Fraud Finds a Welcome Home on Bainbridge

Fraud is hardly unique to Bainbridge. But over the last year, our community has seen an upsurge in the number of cases reported to police. This may be a reflection of people’s awareness of the need to report incidents to the police, it may be a sign of an actual increase in incidents, or it…

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burglar alarm

Serial Burglar Hitting Bainbridge in the Daytime

The Bainbridge Police Department is warning Islanders about a rash of daytime and weekday burglaries away from the downtown core. In half of the reported cases, the burglar or burglars is using a smash and grab approach, forcing entry into homes and grabbing small, easy-to-conceal items, such as guns, prescription medication, and jewelry. The BIPD reports…

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Hey, Islanders: Learn How Not to Be Victims of Fraud

The Bainbridge Island Police Department is hosting a fraud awareness and prevention workshop. Detectives Scott Weiss and Aimee LaClaire will cover scams, check and mail fraud, identity theft, financial exploitation of elders, and reverse mortgages. Also presenting will be representatives of the Social Security Administration, Federal Housing and Urban Development, the United States Postal Service,…

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battle point park frey parking lot near duck pond

Daytime Car Break-in and Theft at Battle Point Park

On Monday, March 3, a woman returned to her parked car at Battle Point Park after a 30-minute walk around the loop to find her right rear window shattered and her valuables stolen. She had parked at noon in the Frey Avenue parking lot near the duck pond and hidden her purse under the rear…

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Jury Duty

Scam Alert: You Really Can’t Pay Your Way out of Jury Duty

A scam that surfaced last summer is back. The Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office and the Office of the Kitsap County Clerk have issued an advisory about the ongoing scam, which is running throughout the West Sound area. According to the clerk’s office, someone claiming to be a representative of the Sheriff’s Office is telephoning county…

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scam alert

Washington State Patrol Warning: Widespread Identity Theft Phone Scam

Washington State Patrol (WSP) has issued a warning about a broadly targeted phone scam occurring in Washington State. WSP has received reports of individuals getting phone calls from people identifying themselves as an official from the “Washington State Police” and the “U.S. Justice Office.” Callers ask people to “call today” to an (813) area code number…

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No Robbery

Two Kitsap Home Invasion Robberies (One in Poulsbo) Put Law Enforcement on Alert

The Kitsap County Sheriff’s Department has reported two home invasion robberies in Kitsap on February 6, one in South Kitsap and one in North Kitsap. In both cases, suspects entered the homes forcibly and used violence to subdue the residents. The first incident happened at about 2:03 a.m. on Bethel Burley Road in Port Orchard….

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Number 7

Bainbridge Is Seventh Safest City in State

We didn’t make the top three, but seven still seems pretty safe. Safewise, a home security ratings website based in Utah, has just released its report on the 50 safest cities in Washington. Safewise describes the process used for making the decisions: “SafeWise used the most recent FBI crime data from 2012, population, and other…

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From DUI to Homeland Security Arrest: One Man’s High Cost to Our Community and Beyond

Askia Rummul Williams hasn’t killed anyone while driving drunk—yet. But starting with his arrest in 2009 for a DUI on Bainbridge until his latest arrest on January 7 in Seattle by Homeland Security, this Tacoma/Suquamish carpenter has run up a high cost to himself, to our community, and to communities around the Sound. Although Williams’…

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Aaron Bylsma Now Slapped with Felony Charges for Bainbridge Thefts

The man arrested in December for a five-day string of vehicle prowls, auto thefts, and burglaries in Winslow, Aaron Michaels Bylsma, is now looking at felony charges as well. Today, January 28, Bainbridge Police Chief Matt Hamner announced that the felony charges include motor vehicle theft and possession of stolen property in the second degree. Second…

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empty mailboxes

Bainbridge Police Arrest Four for Kitsap Mail Theft Spree

On January 10, Bainbridge Island Police arrested a 27-year-old Port Orchard woman and a 38-year-old man for mail theft around Kitsap County. The thefts affected more than 75 people at the end of 2013 and involved hundreds of pieces of mail. Bainbridge Island Police got a break in the case when one of the suspects used…

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wayne allen hartley

Level III Sex Offender Advisory

The Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office issued a sex offender advisory notice this evening, January 21, to inform the public that a level 3 sex offender, the highest level of offense, has registered residence in the Poulsbo area in the 27000 block of Big Valley Road. According to court documents, Dwayne Allen Hartley, 44, was convicted in…

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Anti-Theft Sticker

Bainbridge Police Announce That Suspect in Car Prowls Now Linked by Fingerprint to Stolen Car

Aaron Michaels Bylsma, the 21-year-old homeless man arrested by the Bainbridge Island Police on December 17 in relation to a string of car prowls on the island is now linked to an even bigger crime: car theft. When a Porsche that had been stolen on the island later resurfaced, the BIPD called in the Washington…

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bainbridge police

Bainbridge Police Arrest Woodward Middle School Student for Burglary

Bainbridge Police announced today, January 10, that on Tuesday the 7th they arrested a fourteen-year-old Woodward Middle School student on four counts of burglary. Police had been called to the school on the 4th when a staff member working on the weekend noticed two juvenile males in the hallway inside Eagle Harbor High School. When…

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