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Poll: Will You Vote Yea or Nay on Proposition 1?

You’ve got your ballot. So, how are you voting on controversial Prop. 1? Here is its full text: The City Council of the City of Bainbridge Island, Washington, adoptedOrdinance No. 2015-18 concerning financing for a public safety facility. If approved, this proposition would authorize the City to finance the design, construction, land acquisition and related costs…

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Pocket park at ericksen and hildebrand

Poll: Should Hildebrand and Ericksen Be Connected for Thru Traffic?

With the new police and court facility planned on Madison Avenue adjacent to City Hall, the key north-south Winslow artery will experience even more traffic and slowdowns. Indeed, many wonder how police vehicles will safely maneuver through downtown. With Madison further burdened, some are returning to an old question: Should Ericksen Avenue be connected to Hildebrand Lane for…

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fireworks, by Pete Saloutos

Poll: Fireworks—Love ‘Em or Hate ‘Em?

The warm weather this week kicked off fireworks on parts of Bainbridge Island and across the water at the Suquamish Casino. Many of us love the bombs bursting in air, the blasting bottle rockets, stink bombs, smoking snakes, and fleeting sparklers. And others, some former fireworks lovers, have come to hate the noise, pollution, and…

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apple core

Poll: Will Your Kid Opt out?

by Julie Hall and Sarah Lane The Smarter Balanced Assessments (SBAs) will be administered this spring to kids throughout the Bainbridge Island School District. These new tests are aligned to the Common Core Standards in English language arts/literacy and mathematics for grades 3-8 and 11. The purpose of the assessment is to determine how well schools are…

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strip club sign

Poll Results: Your Answers to What Should Go into Winslow’s Former Storyville Site

After over three years, Storyville Coffee owners put the undeveloped storefront on Winslow Way back on the market, on March 23. They had purchased the space in late 2011 and kept it vacant. The site was previously a home furnishings store and before that a hardware store for many years. Here are your responses to…

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Poll: What Should Go in the Storyville Spot on Winslow Way?

After keeping a prime property on Winslow Way vacant for over three years, Storyville Coffee officially put the retail site back on the market yesterday, March 23. Judging by reader reaction (see our Facebook page) to our Storyville story announcing that the space is up for sale, Bainbridge Islanders welcome the move and are hopeful that it will…

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Bainbridge ferry traffic

Poll: How Should Money for SR 305 Improve- ments Be Used?

by Sarah Lane and Julie Hall A state transportation bill that recently passed in the Senate is now being examined in the House. If it passes, as much as $33 million could be allocated for “safety improvements” to State Route 305. Just what “safety improvements” would be made is ultimately up to the Washington State Department of…

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Poll: Should People Be Required to Vaccinate Their Kids?

This week Washington State Representative June Robinson (D) introduced House Bill 2009, which would remove “personal belief” as a legally accepted reason for vaccination exemptions for school-aged children. Washington Governor Jay Inslee has endorsed the bill. What do you think? Should vaccinating be required for all healthy (non immunocompromised) school-aged children? Or should people have the…

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heavy rain

Poll: How Are You Feeling About Shorter Days and Rain?

Here we are, full circle again, with the days now shorter, the rain falling, and temperatures cooling. We’ve already had windy weather and power outages. Indian summer is a sweet memory. How are you feeling about the seasonal shift? Tell us in our new poll here or in the right column of our Home page….

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gun by derkamener1984

Poll: Will the Marysville School Shooting Affect Your Votes on I-594 & I-591?

Today’s tragic shooting attack in Marysville-Pilchuck High School in Marysville, Washington, has left two students (one the gunman) dead and four others injured. As word of yet another school shooting rifles across the news and through the hearts of people around the country, the deadly serious subject of gun violence asserts itself front and center yet…

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tree sit chiara d'angelo

Poll: Lessons from a Tree Sitting?

Bainbridge Islander Chiara D’Angelo, 19, drew media attention that reached a national level this week with her 40-hour tree sit in a forest slated for clear-cutting starting this week by commercial developer Visconsi Companies. Locals rallied around the young activist, decrying the planned mall’s immoral destruction of a living ecosystem and its unwanted sprawl, both…

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bunny in hole at night by Caroline

Poll: Is Bainbridge Looking too Good for Its Own Good?

Bainbridge Island has been quite the state/national darling lately. An article this week in the Huffington Post included us among the top ten idyllic islands to retire on. Last month our ferry rides were rated third best in the USA Today Best Boat Ride Contest. Two recent analyses of crime data for cities in Washington State put Bainbridge in…

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12th man

Poll: What Kind of Hawks Fan Are You?

Football fever is running high in these parts. Even the fair weather fans nearly spewed their brew when it looked like the 49ers might score in the last seconds of Sunday’s NFC Championship game. Take a moment from planning your Super Bowl XLVIII party to tell us what kind of fan you are. A true blue (and…

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shop till you drop acid

Poll: Proposed Shopping Center at 305 and High School a Boon or Bane?

An out-of-state developer, Visconsi Companies, has submitted plans to the City of Bainbridge Island (COBI) to put in a shopping center on High School Road at Highway 305. The commercial space would span over 8 acres and likely include a pharmacy, bank, and medical facilities, among other things. The forested land there would be cleared for…

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rotary skis

Poll: What’s Your Rotary Auction MO?

The 2013 Bainbridge Island Rotary is a month away, on June 29. Debate rages about claims that this bargain bonanza is the biggest rummage sale in the world. We’ll say with assurance that our little Island’s big event is at least the largest of its kind in the Northwest. For over 50 years, this community…

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libros en Espanol

Poll: What Should Our School District Do About Language Immersion?

In the wake of the lively and fractious community discussion about the El Velero Spanish immersion program, we’re asking you how you think the Bainbridge Island School District should respond. El Velero, which is housed at Commodore, is a pilot language program funded in part by private donations made through the Bainbridge Schools Foundation. Some…

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Poll: Staycation or Awaycation for Winter Break?

Ready or not, the kids are getting a week off from school coming up the third week of February. Are you off to warmer climes, visiting with family, chilling out here on The Rock, or doing a little of each? Tell us in our new poll in the right column of our home page.  …

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Poll: Should U.S. Gun Laws Be Reformed?

Shootings are not new, but the recent events in Aurora and Newtown have painfully reminded our national consciousness of the issues around gun ownership and gun control. Do you support gun law reform? Please share your opinion in our poll in the right column of our Home page. Related Stories Pistol Fires in Silverdale’s World…

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Poll: You Can’t Always Get What You Want, but If You Try Sometimes . . .

8 a.m. It’s the giving (and receiving) season, and we’re wondering what you’re wishing for, material or not—more time with your kids, a job, regular date nights, whirled peas, the iPhone 5. . . . Write in your wish(es) in our new poll (in red) in the right column of our Home page, below the…

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Scratch the Baby Poll: Ferry Babies Galore!

12:07 p.m. Sorry people. Although the Washington State Ferries Director of Communications informed Inside Bainbridge that the only birth on a WSF ferry occurred in 1979, several of our readers remember other births, before and after that year. Thank you for shedding light on what is obviously murky recordkeeping, no offense intended toward WSF. The…

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