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Photos of the Day: 9th Annual Arms Around Bainbridge Swim

Saturday, August 22, swimmers took to the water in the annual relay swim around the Island to raise funds  for Arms Around Bainbridge. Photographer Pete Saloutos was on scene to document the event.    Related Stories Arms Around Bainbridge’s 2015 Calendar Makes a Gorgeous Gift Bainbridge-Based Photographer Pete Saloutos Brings Back Pieces of Iceland Bainbridge…

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BIR Masters and Ferry

Photo of the Day: A Tale of Two Boats and a City

Before conjuring back some rain on the Rock today, Bainbridge Island photographer Pete Saloutos took this early morning shot of the Masters Rowers on serene Eagle Harbor waters, backed by ferry and Seattle skyline. Nice way to start the day. Thanks Pete!  

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Chickens by John Sydor

Photo of the Day: Why the Chicken Crossed the Road

To get to the other slide. Reader John Sydor captured this shot of some busy hens down the hill from the playpark and T&C on Brien. Maybe they were looking for some more dangerous play equipment with a bigger thrill quotient. Or maybe they were cleaning up dropped Cheerios under the swings or picking up organic Italian parsley…

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dog sitting in passenger car seat with arm extended at texaco station

Photo of the Day: Shotgun at Texaco

Fill ‘er up.                               Related Stories Photos of the Day: Guard Dogs Use Subtle Mind Control to Defend Bainbridge Home Photo of the Day: Rear Window Good Dog! How to Teach a Proper Door Greeting with Visitors, Followed by Martinis Photo…

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sakai osprey babies

Photos of the Day: Sakai Osprey Hatch Two Lively Little Ones

The osprey pair who relocated this spring to a specially built platform behind Sakai School after several years of struggling to nest on a cell phone tower next to the Coppertop commercial district are too busy for a baby shower. These dedicated parents are spending their days catching and flying in food for their demanding…

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Photos of the Day: Spying on Poulsbo Fireworks

Reader Troy Williams was able to capture these gorgeous photos of the Poulsbo fireworks last night, July 3, from across the water in Keyport. Williams took manual exposures in bulb mode to grab the splendor. Northern Islanders had no problem hearing the show from across Agate Pass. Don’t miss the Bainbridge spectacle tonight in Eagle Harbor….

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kid on bike sunset battle point park

Photo of the Evening: Sunset Ride

Our long warm nights invited this shot of a child venturing out for a late sunset bike ride at Battle Point Park tonight. Thanks Marilynn Gottlieb for capturing and sharing the moment. Like certain sentences or snowflakes, sometimes life only delivers one singly defined moment.                    …

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cedar waxwings sharing a berry

Photo Series of the Day: Love Birds? Or Gimme That Sucka!

Ah, love. Caring, sharing, giving, taking, and sometimes taking for granted. Fruit eaters, these striking cedar waxwings are “sharing” a berry. Named because of their preference for cedar trees, these elusive birds are shy of humans but gregarious with their own kind, living and breeding in flocks. Thanks Jay Wiggs for sharing these great photos!    …

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baby barn swallows

Photos of the Day: Into the Mouths of Babes

With their awesome aerial agility, barn swallows are a delight to watch. And if you’ve ever been buzzed by them, it’s quite an experience to feel the air move a feather’s length away from your skin as they fly by with utter precision. With demanding babes like these, mother and father work long hours to catch insects on…

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Grace Episcopal mourners

Photo of the Day: Islanders Mourn for Emanuel AME Dead

Yesterday, June 18, Islanders gathered to mourn the nine people killed in the shooting at Emanuel AME in Charleston, South Carolina. A gunman opened fire at a prayer meeting at the Charleston church on Wednesday. The Islanders gathered for the prayer vigil at Cedar’s Unitarian Universalist Church. They were led by CUUC  Reverends Barbara W. ten Hove & Jaco ten Hove…

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summer sunset by joyce rudolp

Photo of the Night: Bainbridge Sunset

Our uncommonly sunny and dry June weather has ushered in some stunning sunsets. With summer solstice, June 21, around the corner, we are seeing the longest days of the year. Thank you to Bainbridge-based Hollywood photographer Joyce Rudolph for this Bainbridge Island snapshot of sunset tonight, June 17.              …

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moon jay wiggs

Photo of the Day: June Moon

With our clear skies and fat full early June moon there have been some lovely moony nights. Because our moon orbits Earth in an elliptical pattern, its proximity to us varies. On average our moon is 238,857 miles away. At its closest point (perigee) the Moon is 225,622 miles away, and at its most distant point…

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orca jay wiggs

Photo Series: Orca Pod off Kingston

According to Orca Network, several people spotted a large pod of unknown ecotype last night, June 4, between Kingston and Edmonds. The organization is currently working to identify the sighted individuals. Luckily, Inside Bainbridge photographer Jay Wiggs captured the playful group in a series of photos taken near Kingston. Jay gets around!      …

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Fay Bainbridge sunset by Tommy Dillon

Photo of the Day: Fay Bainbridge Sunny Sunset

The Rev. Tommy Dillon III, the new rector at Grace Episcopal and a newcomer to BI, was out walking his dog yesterday evening, June 4, at Fay Bainbridge, when he got a glimpse of why so many of us moved here. Maybe it was the Island’s way of saying, “Welcome.” We say, “Welcome,” too and…

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house on barge

Photo of the Day: The Arrival

Bainbridge residents were treated to a rare sight today. The Rain family transported a large house by barge from Seattle’s Denny Blaine neighborhood near Lake Washington to Country Club Road on the south side of Port Blakely Harbor. Lucky for them, the weather provided for smooth sailing. The unusual relocation project required a special shoreline exemption…

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Polar Pioneer shell oil rig

Photo of the Day: Shell’s Oil Drilling Hulk Arrives in Our Waters

Shell’s massive oil driller Polar Pioneer moved past Bainbridge this afternoon on its way to the Port of Seattle, where it is docked at Terminal 5. The rig is 400 feet long, 292 feet wide, and extends about 250 feet above the water. According to The Seattle Times, it is the largest of a fleet of…

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teacher strike rally

Photos of the Day: Islanders Rally for Teachers on Strike Day

With a 99% yes vote on Monday, Bainbridge Island public school teachers agreed to join the statewide strike today in our capitol. This morning they gathered to caravan together to Olympia in a show of numbers aimed at pressuring the legislature to provide adequate education funding. Bainbridge Islanders young and older rallied in Winslow today…

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Yoga Man by Sarah Lane

Photo of the Day: Yoga Man Poses on a New Rock

Ethan Currier’s rock sculpture, a figure in Vrksasana pose, which for about 9 months until the fall of 2013 sat atop Blakely Rock and was visible from the ferry, has a new home on a pile of rocks on this rock. Currier re-erected the statue in its new permanent home at the corner of Miller and Day…

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fierce eagle jay wiggs

Photos of the Day: Not Yer Everyday Eagle Pics

In these parts we do love our bald eagles, and we do often photograph them. And try as we might not to overdo the eagle eyes here at IB, we just can’t help but share these photos of this particular by turns fierce and thoughtfully alert raptor. Thank you wildlife photographer Jay Wiggs for sharing…

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pheasant and quail

Love Is a Many Splendored Thing . . .

These unlikely sweethearts, a female California quail and a male pheasant 10 times her size, embody the truism that love conquers all. According to Winslow resident Neil Johannsen, these two love birds have been spending all their time together for the past three weeks in his half-acre yard. But for this unlikely pair it wasn’t love…

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