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banana slug

On the Wild Side: I Heart Banana Slugs

Repulsive slimy garden pests, you say? I say nay. There are so many reasons to admire banana slugs! They have a hidden mouth full of teeth. Their jaw is a solid structure that drops down on food like a guillotine. Then they use their backward-pointing teeth to rasp at their meal. Like sharks, they continually…

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Artist's Conk

Nature’s Canvas: The Artist’s Conk

Ganoderma Applanatum may sounds like something contagious but it’s really a beautiful, pervasive, and perennial mushroom found on almost every continent. Call it a polypore, because it has many pores on its soft white underside, or call it a shelf fungus because it juts out from trees like a shelf. But don’t call it for…

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On the Wild Side: Salmonberry

It’s always a good idea to know your neighbors. With this article, here at Inside Bainbridge we are starting a series about our “wild” living neighbors, the plants and animals that live among us and help make our community the wonderful, vibrant place that it is. Salmonberry is a tall delicate shrub that you’ve probably…

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