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The Honey Bucket That Got Away

Some three and a half years ago, shortly before the fool’s idea of launching Inside Bainbridge zizzed my brain, something wonderful happened. I drove by a striking scene: A Honey Bucket picked up from an event at Battle Point Park and loaded onto a trailer traveling down the steep hill of Devil’s Dip (Arrow Point…

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This Journalist’s Mommy Brain and a Dead Sheep

Perhaps young parents do not suffer from this brain condition. But on the older side of parenting a still relatively young kid I find myself wandering into rooms with no recollection of why I walked 22 steps toward—what? My synapses tell me that I have a purpose, but my frontal lobe draws a blank. On…

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A Different Kind of New Year’s Resolution: Honor Where You Are in Your Life Circle

A new year turns our minds to change, renewal, a re-do. It turns our minds to the idealism of being more, and less: more successful, more active, more healthy, more productive, more organized; less fat, less selfish, less slothful, less distracted by meaningless endeavors. We each have our resolutions. And at the transition point from…

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unloading ferry

Tips for Bainbridge Island Newbies (& Visitors)

New to the Island? Here are seven tips to buff off some of that newbie shine: Ferry Etiquette: Ferry etiquette may seem impenetrably complex, but it can be distilled into six don’ts. Don’t idle. Don’t pass. Don’t speed. Don’t forget where you parked. Don’t get too close to bikers and cyclists. And, most importantly, don’t…

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bainbridge street

You’re a Bainbridge Mom If . . .

You’re a Bainbridge Island mom if you hate speeders but drive like you’re gunning the Bat Mobile when it’s time to catch the ferry, pick up your kid(s) from school, and/or drop off your kid(s) at soccer practice; you try really hard not to put people in “on-Island”/”off-Island” categories; you wear makeup to create the…

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Nude Beach sign

Nude Beach on Bainbridge?

One is led to wonder why a sign that reads “NUDE BEACH” is sitting on a junk pile in the Park District maintenance yard at Battle Point Park. One wonders, for that matter, why a “NUDE BEACH” sign would turn up anywhere on Bainbridge Island. This is not the south of France. Puget Sound is just…

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special deluxe

One Fool’s Stab at Defining Bainbridge Island’s “Special Nature”

Perhaps you will recall not so long ago as our community started its search process for a new City Manager the overwhelmingly most-voiced criterion for our future leader was being able to preserve “the special nature of Bainbridge Island.” Although I basically agreed with the sentiment, it also struck me as absurdly vague and impossibly…

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red mailbox with white daisies

So Long Saturday Mail: We Had Seasons in the Sun

The U.S. Postal Service announced today that it is phasing out Saturday mail delivery starting in August. This came as no surprise; most of us knew it was inevitable. The feds are broke, and technological “progress” is making letters look prehistoric. But I took the news with regret nonetheless, in spite of the fact that…

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Rosie closeup

Coop Scoop: How I Reluctantly Became a Hen-Struck “Chicken Sucker”

Thank you to our Coop Scoop sponsor Bay Hay & Feed. Until New Year’s Eve, a few hours from the stroke of 2013, I was 200 percent anti-backyard-chicken-farming. Not that I had anything against other people doing it, but for my family I considered it madness. Already we have too many animals. Already we spend…

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How a Gun in the House Killed My First Friends on Bainbridge Island

12:05 p.m. The day my partner and I first arrived on Bainbridge in our rental home, Katy B. sent her husband Dan B. across the street to our house with a plate of freshly prepared fried oysters she had made. It was July 3, and Dan explained the music in the neighborhood was the brass…

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My Rock: Are Bainbridge Islanders “Privileged Whiners”?

Originally published December 26, 2011 In light of a recent article in a local newspaper profiling Bainbridge Islanders (Kitsap Sun, Opinion, April 6), we thought it relevant to repost this piece on the subject: By most standards, Bainbridge Island is a great place to live. We enjoy unusually beautiful surroundings, mild weather, clean drinking water,…

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On Dead Blackbirds and New Year’s Resolutions

I have a friend who is a field biologist specializing in quail research. She posted a link on Facebook yesterday to an article about hundreds of Red-winged blackbirds falling dead from the sky after being spooked by New Year’s Eve fireworks in the town of Beebe, Arkansas. Apparently the birds, who can’t see well in…

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fat tire

My Rock: Notes from a Fat-Tire Fanatic

As a fat-tire biker, I’m used to getting passed by long, lean-legged skinny-tire road riders. Yeah, it pricks my pride a little to be left behind so decisively, even by people obviously more senior than me. It would be nice to be the passer, not the passee, more often. But then I think about the…

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My Rock: Off the Deep End at the Aquatics Center

Like many parents on the Island, I’ve spent countless hours sitting at the little plastic tables along the wall of the Bainbridge Island Aquatics Center watching my kid splash through swim classes. In truth, I don’t always watch my daughter; I also chat with other parents, read, work, or just people watch. (It’s especially fun…

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Road Hump street sign

My Rock: BI’s Steepest Biking Hills

Going up? If you bike on Bainbridge Island, soon enough you will be. But the good news is that what goes up must come down, so those hot humps eventually ease into fast, cool glides. I was raised on the easy cycling of flat Midwestern roads, so it took some time for me to embrace…

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