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christine chapman

Crumbs Cakery Serves up Artful Sweets for Your Special Occasion

To see her work, one can only conclude that Christine Chapman, owner of Bainbridge-based Crumbs Cakery, is of an exclusive order of cake masters. If taste is the judge, the fact that many of her customers are already repeats suggests that she gets more than the design right. Chapman grew up in Austria making cakes…

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four swallows sign

Four Swallows Restaurant Closes

The closure of Four Swallows Restaurant yesterday, October 22, came as a shock to Bainbridge Islanders and no doubt will be met with regret by the many people beyond Bainbridge who have regularly crossed the water to enjoy a fine meal there. After nearly 26 years in business on Bainbridge and 20 years in the…

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The Bees and Wiggs

Bainbridge Bestselling Author Susan Wiggs Hosts Montana Book Group for Dream Visit

Eight Montanans, including three librarians, gathered yesterday evening (October 19) around a table topped with wine and hors d’oeuvres on the beach by the home of award-winning and The New York Times #1 bestselling author Susan Wiggs. The sun was setting, Mount Rainier was out, the ferry was lumbering past, and these women were having…

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Autumn Recipes from Chef Greg Atkinson: Slab Apple Pie & Pumpkin Soup

by Greg Atkinson I’m sharing two fall recipes, one savory, one sweet. I prepared the dishes in stages in the same cooking session, going back and forth between them as they cooked. Pumpkin Soup This soup, with a base of sweet-tasting caramelized onion, is smooth and creamy. The gentle crunch of pumpkin seeds on top…

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zucchini bread

The Best Zucchini Bread Recipe

It’s zucchini season, which for my family means zucchini bread. This recipe is my mother’s, and I don’t know where she got it, but I’ve never had better zuc bread anywhere. Yeah, I know I’m making another grand claim for “The Best” (see The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe), but to me this is the…

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Starbucks Comes out to Bainbridge (No, Virginia, There Is No Chain-Free Clause)

Starbucks, which for years has been closeted as a kiosk at Safeway, has finally come out to the Island with its own 1,850-square-foot cafe in Island Village on High School Road. It officially opened yesterday morning, September 5. Despite a persistent rumor on the Island that chain restaurants and fast-food outlets are prohibited here, Starbucks…

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new westside pizza

Westside Pizza Moves, Expands, Offers Beer on Tap

Bainbridge Island’s Westside Pizza has new owners, with a new vision. That vision was just unveiled last Friday, when the greatly expanded ‘za joint opened its spiffy new doors to hungry customers. Formerly located upstairs in a small spot in Winslow mall, Westside Pizza is now in the Safeway/Rite Aid commercial center in a stand-alone…

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Parade ceremony at Library

Blackbird Bakery Gives Its $1,000 July 4th Parade Award to the Library

If you saw the Fourth of July parade this year, you most certainly remember the Blackbird entry: toque- and apron-wearing people pushing giant slices of pie in wheelbarrows and then, periodically, in formation, bringing them together to make the whole pie. That entry won this year’s second annual Most Humorous Parade Entry Award, which comes…

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Suyematsu and Bentryn Family Farms

Curried Jade Dumplings? This Saturday Go from Farm to Fork to Cork (with Podcast)

Reading the menu is almost unbearable it sounds so good, and I may have to stop writing this at any moment to go get lunch. The EduCulture Farm to Fork to C0rk dinner this Saturday August 2 promises scrumptiousness of the locally grown variety. The EduCulture Partnership is an initiative of Global Source Education, which…

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Hammy’s: Lynwood Center’s New Old-Style Hamburger Joint

Ryan and Amber Welch, the managers of Hammy’s, Pleasant Beach Village’s about-to-open hamburger spot, want people to be able to go out for a casual family meal and not spend a fortune. They’ve managed to put together a menu that will ensure people can eat out for under about $10 per person. That’s not the…

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The Second Voyage of Cafe Trios: New Owners Try Their Luck on Land

Angela Veeder and her boyfriend Michael Doctor arrived on Bainbridge after careers at sea—she was a captain for Argosy Cruises, and he worked on oil rigs. Now they’re trying a land-based career as the owners of the relaunched Cafe Trios, at the corner of Ferncliff and Winslow Way. The original owners, who ran the successful…

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Bainbridge Island Brewery

Bainbridge Island Brewery Takes Gold in Washington Beer Awards

Bainbridge Island Brewery, which just celebrated its second anniversary yesterday, June 21, had a growler of a day June 14 at the Washington Brewers Festival held at Marymoor Park. The local brewery took gold in the Washington Beer Awards in the Belgian Ales category with its Bainbridge Blonde, beating out Poulsbo’s Valholl Brewing Company and…

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sidewalk use

Council Set to Lay Down the Law for Bainbridge Sidewalk Cafes and Displays

The Wild West of wanton Winslow sidewalk use is about to be tamed. The Council has pushed Ordinance No, 2014-16 relating to the retail use of sidewalks to a second reading, which means that the City is close to enacting rules for regulating sidewalk use throughout the island. The main provisions of the ordinance are…

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KCTS Cooks

Islander Featured on KCTS 9 Cooking Show

Susan Wiersema, who many Islanders may know as the artist/teacher who likes to make portraits of people’s pets, is also a cook. And on yesterday’s (May 17) episode of KCTS 9 Cooks she joined other Seattle-area home kitchen masters whipping up simple meals using their best recipes. The episode was hosted by Mark Christopher and Chef Carol Dearth of…

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New Crêperie Set to Open on Madrone Lane

Paul Pluska took some time out from busily readying his new crêperie on Winslow’s Madrone Lane to tell me about his plans for his authentic French-style Bainbridge Island eatery. Pluska, who opened the popular little crêperie at the Kingston ferry terminal in 2003, has had his eye on Bainbridge Island for a long time. He said…

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Aaron Bludorn

BHS Grad Just Named Exec Chef at NYC’s Michelin-Starred Cafe Boulud

Aaron Bludorn, who graduated from BHS in 2002, just achieved what in the food world is the equivalent of being named a department head at an Ivy League school: He is the new Executive Chef at a Michelin-starred restaurant, New York City’s elite and très bon Café Boulud, which Michelin says “seldom disappoints.” That’s Michelingo…

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Bainbridge Bakers

Bainbridge Bakers Turns 28, Celebrates with a Party and Another Expansion

I don’t remember my 28th birthday as being an especially big deal. But Bainbridge Bakers wants you to remember theirs. They have just completed an expansion at their Winslow Green location. And now they’re going even bigger with an off-site expansion at Island Gateway, next to the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art. To celebrate it…

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tokyo tapa japanese restaurant

Tokyo Tapas Gets Ready for Its Bainbridge Island Debut

Takao Saito, owner and main chef of Winslow’s latest culinary experiment, is just about ready to roll out the goods in the former space of Shima Sushi on Madison Avenue, just a(n authentic) Ramen noodle north of Winslow Way. When I popped in on Saito today, March 19, he was standing in a state of controlled chaos…

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In Season

Bainbridge Chef Greg Atkinson’s New Book Is a Romance

Restaurant Marché owner and prolific food writer Greg Atkinson’s latest reissued book In Season (Sasquatch Books, 1997, 2014) is about food and is full of recipes, but it could just as easily be classified as a romance. I don’t mean the kind of romance in which two star-crossed lovers battle societal mores or cross oceans to…

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Take That, Putin: World’s Best Vodka Is from Bainbridge

The top prize of the World Vodka Awards, which are  presented by, a website for “drinks professionals,” belongs to Bainbridge Organic Distillers. BOD’s Legacy Organic Vodka was named World’s Best Vodka 2014 and World’s Best Vodka Design 2014. The UK-based TheDrinksReport described it as “an excellent spirit that’s well balanced and full of individual…

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