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Islander’s Memoir of ‘Living Closer to the Ground’ Picked up by Patagonia

Bainbridge Island writer Dylan Tomine spent a year exploring the food options available for foraging in the Puget Sound environment and then wrote a book about it. Closer to the Ground: An Outdoor Family’s Year on the Water, In the Woods and at the Table was just re-released last month, fully revised, in paperback format by Patagonia,…

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San Carlos

San Carlos Changes Manos

The popular Southwestern/Tex-Mex San Carlos Restaurant is about to change hands after 31 years. Long-time owners Lee and Marianna Jorgensen are retiring and selling the establishment to the restaurant’s general manager, Dean Gellert, and his wife Kristin. The Gellerts will take over ownership January 1. Dean Gellert, who has been working at the restaurant for 14 years—on the…

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Heyday Farm

SOLD OUT: History Museum Is Lying—Again

This event is now sold out (9/18/15). The Bainbridge Island Historical Museum is holding its fourth annual Lives and Lies fundraising party on Saturday, September 19. This time, the focus of their lies is Eagledale’s heritage. You probably didn’t know that Eagledale was once a Nike missile site, but that’s true, probably, as is the fact that…

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Rolling Bay Farm blackberry jam

Recipe: Rolling Bay Farm’s Bodacious Blackberry Jam

by Adrienne Wolfe, Co-Owner of Rolling Bay Farm Our jamming is pectin-free for two reasons: It’s an added expense and ingredient we found we don’t need, and there are a fair number of people with food allergies who try to avoid it and appreciate a pectin-free product. Rolling Bay Farm’s Bodacious Blackberry Jam Recipe Here is our pectin-free…

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zucchini bread

The Best Zucchini Bread Recipe

It’s zucchini season, which for my family means zucchini bread. This recipe is my mother’s, and I don’t know where she got it, but I’ve never had better zuc bread anywhere. Yeah, I know I’m making another grand claim for “The Best” (see The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe), but to me this is the…

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Grab a Growler to Go This Fall at T&C

Growler bar is perhaps not what you were thinking when you envisioned the T&C remodel, but that vision is part of the plan. T&C Markets Beer and Wine Spirits Specialist Don Thornton confirmed that, ideally sometime in September, the 8-tap fill-‘er up facility will be installed. One reason for the delay is law-related. Growler bars were…

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Recipe: No Need for Kneading—Deliciously Simple Bread

by Alex Sanso I enjoy cooking. I’m no gourmet, but I’ve been known to whip up some pretty tasty meals. I like to get creative, using a recipe just for guidance if needed but am happy to try something new and see what happens. Breakfast is my favorite meal to make for others—maybe because it’s…

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Eagle Harbor Wine Co. and Amelia Wynn Win Double Gold at Seattle Wine Awards

The 2012 wines are being served now, and Eagle Harbor Wine Co. and Amelia Wynn Winery took top honors in multiple categories at the 2015 Seattle Wine Awards. For its 2012 Condor, EHWC was awarded Double Gold in the Red Bordeaux styles $20.01 to $35.00 category. Amelia Wynn won a Gold in that same category for its…

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bainbridge bakers front

Bainbridge Bakers Reopens Under New Ownership

Wondering what recent activity in the Winslow Green Bainbridge Bakers location is about? To the Island institution’s many fans, the fact that Bainbridge Bakers is reopening will be very welcome news indeed. Four partners purchased the business from former owner Mike Loudon in early May. One of the new owners, Sean Osborn, is relocating to…

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How to Make Your Own Delicious Nutritious Live-Culture Yogurt

I eat a lot of yogurt. Plain yogurt. Breakfast, snack, lunch . . . I just love it. Eating so much yogurt, while satisfying my stomach, was weighing heavily on my greenness—so much plastic used to contain this heavenly stuff! As the containers stacked up in my laundry room, to be used for who knows…

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Bainbridge Brewwing

Bainbridge Brewing Bottles Its Beer to Celebrate Birthday 3

You are invited to a party: the 3rd birthday celebration for Bainbridge Brewing, which has just shortened its name from Bainbridge Island Brewing. In honor of the occasion, BB is launching a new logo and its first bottled beers as well as one brewed just for the occasion of the birthday, a whiskey barrel-aged Doppelbock. Brewmaster and…

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Recipe: Salade Nicoise

by Rebecca Rockefeller With apologies to the fine people of Nice, France, here is my Bainbridge Island version of the traditional Salade Nicoise. I suppose this one could be called Salade Bainbridge, though that just doesn’t roll off the tongue the same way. Fortunately it tastes great under any name. A true Salade Nicoise features…

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Storyville Opens Coffee Bar at Coppertop

An enormous banner hung across the entrance to the Storyville roasting facility at Coppertop Loop reads simply, “Love Everybody.” When asked about the sentiment, Storyville Customer Service Assistant Jakob McDowell said that it’s just a popular saying at their company, and he showed me where on a wall of the facility founder Garry Phelps is quoted as…

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wing point country club dining room

Gerry Farraro Resigns as Head Chef at Wing Point Country Club

This morning, May 13, the Wing Point Golf & Country Club management notified members that recently hired Executive Chef Gerry Farraro has resigned her position. Jeff D’Amico, who will take over as Wing Point General Manager on June 1, said Farraro resigned on Monday, May 11. He declined to comment on record about the reason…

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orzo salad

Recipe: Orzo Salad

by Kathryn Mathias Somehow over the years I kept amalgamating a few recipes until I ended up with this one. It’s popular at potlucks, and I frequently make it because it is so easy and I almost always have all the ingredients in my house. It’s also one of my husband’s favorite dishes (he recommends doubling the…

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Bainbridge bakers front

Bainbridge Bakers Shuts Down GoFundMe Account; Owner Under Investigation

[Updated 2:45 p.m. April 23, 2015] Yesterday evening, April 22, Bainbridge Bakers owner Mike Loudon posted an update on the company’s GoFundMe fundraising page. Loudon announced that he had closed the account and would be returning the money that had been donated. The account was launched by an employee of the company, Ben Goldsmith, on…

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plate & pint sign

A Sneak Peek at the Plate & Pint

Crews are working to put the finishing touches on the Plate & Pint, the upcoming family-friendly sports restaurant and bar located in the former Island Grill in the Safeway complex. When I stopped by today, April 8, the new windows were still taped and dry wall dust was hanging in the air, but things looked…

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Bainbridge Bakers

Bainbridge Bakers Temporarily Shuts Its Island Gateway Outlet for “Restructuring”

A note now posted on the door of the Island Gateway Bainbridge Bakers outlet announces that the location has not reached the owner’s expectations and that it will be closed until early May for “restructuring.” (Although it is April Fool’s Day, this story is for real.) The restructuring will result in “more of a full-service restaurant,…

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Manor House

Big Restaurant Changeroo at Pleasant Beach Village’s Manor and Beach Houses

Pleasant Beach Village’s Manor House in Lynwood Center with the fantastic view has gone through a series of incarnations throughout its long life. After the land was homesteaded in 1898 by Mr. and Mrs. Emil Olson, the couple’s son and daughter-in-law had the Tudor-style manor home built there. About two decades ago it was home to…

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206 Pie pizza mobile

206 Pie Artisan Pizza Is Rolling into Town

Fresh dough is rising right now for tomorrow’s opening of 206 Pie, the new spot for artisan pizza in downtown Winslow. You may have sampled owner Chris Kelly’s fresh made-to-order pizzas at Intentional Table, where he has been teaching the art of pizza making. Or perhaps you’ve noticed his “mobile pizza unit” parked in the…

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