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Mt. St. Helens

Local Filmmakers Want to Hear from You About Mt. St. Helens Eruption

This year is the 35th anniversary of the eruption of Mt. St. Helens, which killed 57 people and thousands of animals, caused more than a billion dollars in damage, and laid waste to hundreds of square miles, 27 bridges, and 200 homes. If you were in Washington at that time, you probably remember exactly what you…

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Sarah Mather in Carousel

BHS Junior’s Star Rises Again and Life’s a Carousel

Sarah Mather, a junior at Bainbridge High School, is an actor, a dancer, a singer—and a rising star. Again. She was recently selected by Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theatre for the second year in a row to be part of the Rising Star Project, which stages a teen production of the same show being put on by…

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Snow Falling on Cedars

A Big Snow About to Fall on Cedars: An Exclusion Survivor’s Daughter Sets the Stage

“Snow Falling on Cedars,” the play, is about to open at Bainbridge Performing Arts. It is at the heart of a whirlwind of activities all centered around FDR’s Executive Order 9066 and the subsequent forced exclusion of Japanese Americans during World War II and all culminating March 30th on the anniversary of when it began in 1942,…

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Side by Side by Sondheim

BPA Production Adds New Side to ‘Side by Side by Sondheim’

“Side by Side by Sondheim” is a musical revue that was created when actor-singer Dame Cleo Laine and her musician husband John Dankworth asked actor and singer David Kernan to put together a show for a benefit for a local theater company they owned. Kernan and director Ned Sherrin decided to use Stephen Sondheim material for the…

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Olympic Performance Group’s Nutcracker Lets Loose, Goes Roaring Twenties

Imagine Clara in the Roaring Twenties, surrounded by flappers, Keystone-like police, frenetic music, cartoonish action, and manic dance. The nutcracker is still there as is Uncle Drosselmeyer and Clara’s wild dream, but everything is infused with a libertine, pre-Depression excitement, and the rats wear uniforms and carry handcuffs. In 1960, Duke Ellington released a jazz…

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Darling Children and Pan Medium

Ovation!’s Peter Pan Is Pure Fun (and Funny)

Ovation! Director Ron Milton described the company’s new production of Peter Pan as a “work of love,” and it shows. At the dress rehearsal last night before the opening performance today, December 5, some key performances and a happy, on-the-spot cast of silly adults and capable children lit up the stage and delighted the lucky…

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Bob McAllister

Beloved Teacher and Poet, Bob McAllister, ‘The Mad Priest of Bainbridge,’ Takes His Leave

It is hard to find a life on this island untouched in some way by Bob McAllister, who died August 18, surrounded by his family. He was a beloved teacher, a poet, an actor, a director, a carpenter and home builder, a father and husband, a well-loved friend, a lover of classic cars, and a…

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Island Theatre 2014 TMPF

Got Some Time? Ten-Minute Play Festival This Weekend (w/ podcast)

What can happen in 10 minutes? You and your significant other can have a fight. You can be pushed to the edge of breakdown. You and a stranger can get to know each other. A lingerie saleslady can teach you a thing or two. You can call tech support and get high at the same…

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Ovation!’s ‘Evita’ Is So Large It Will Not Be Contained

When Director Ron Milton introduced Ovation! Musical Theatre’s Production of Evita last night, July 17, at the dress rehearsal, he called it “a big puppy of a show,” which is a serious understatement. Evita is more like a Great Dane. The stage barely contains this company, which has steadily grown in reach, ambition, and achievement….

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KIDiMu + BIMA = Family Art Day

Next Saturday, July 19,  the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art and the Kids Discovery Museum (KiDiMu) are joining forces to make a new event: Family Art Day. The event welcomes visitors to both museums at no charge and links the two spaces with music, entertainment, hands-on art activities, and artist demos in the plaza between….

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Flag at Ellis Island

Don’t Miss Gripping Immigration Play at The Island School

This is the sixth year for Paved with Gold: Gratitude in Our Veins, the ever-changing annual play put on by The Island School fifth graders and directed and choreographed by Pamela Dharamsey Lee. The reason it’s always changing is that, each year, as a culmination of the fifth graders’ study of immigration, it reflects the ancestry…

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Island Theatre Gidion's Knot

Island Theatre Invites You to a Parent-Teacher Conference Showdown About Bullying

Get ready for a parent-teacher conference like no other. Corryn wants to talk about her fifth-grade son’s suspension from school. His teacher Heather wants to avoid talking about it. Corryn won’t take no for an answer, and the clash that follows is unforgettable. Blunt talk about classroom bullying, youth suicide, fantasized violence, artistic freedom, and pre-teen…

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Sarah Mather

Bainbridge’s Sarah Mather Is a Rising Star

She may be just 16, but Bainbridge High School student Sarah Mather already has a long-term plan. She wants to be a stage actor. She’s willing to work very hard to get there. And she just took a giant leap forward by earning a spot in the 5th Avenue Theatre’s Rising Star Program. Rising Star…

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Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Is Coming. . . . Get Your Tickets Now

Jesus Christ Superstar, the Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber musical with the dueling tenors, Jesus and Judas, is not for the timid. Only a company with the confidence of Bainbridge’s Ovation! would dare tackle it. The music is hard to sing, the orchestration is complex, and the production requires the main characters to belt it out…

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Bob Cedarwell

Bainbridge Performing Arts Actor and Supporter Bob Cederwall Dies Suddenly

If you didn’t know Bob Cederwall, the word in the Bainbridge community is that you missed out. Cederwall, an actor and one of the longest-standing Bainbridge Performing Arts board members ever, died suddenly yesterday morning, November 18, at the age of 67. BPA Executive Director Dominique Cantwell said that it was fitting that yesterday it…

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Island Theatre 2012 Play Fest - I See France

Super-Citizens, Bank Robbers, & More at 10-Minute Play Festival

Either there is a lot of math involved in 10-minute play festivals or the overall focus on time gets me into a calculating state of mind. For this year’s Second Annual Island Theatre Ten-Minute Play festival, three judges had to sift through 630 minutes of plays submitted by playwrights, new and experienced, from all over…

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Ally Aubry

Longtime Supporter of Bainbridge Arts Karen Rice Passes Away

Karen Rice, who passed away yesterday, July 27, at the age of 78, was not a Bainbridge resident—she lived in Poulsbo. But she was an integral part of the performing arts scene here on the island. Her friend Denise Harris said about Rice’s performing talent, “Oh, she was really, really good.” Ovation! performer and member…

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summer jobs

You Did What That Summer? Slam Some Summer Job Stories Thursday Night

When I was 18 my summer job was to catalog the entire library collection of the family of one of my classmates. We were living in Spain so the collection was in Spanish, which threw a whole other element of difficulty into the mix. The reason I got the job was that I had volunteered…

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The Tempest

A Tempest Brews at IslandWood

O, wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world, That has such people in’t! The wonder hits in just twelve days when (my favorite Shakespeare play) The Tempest storms about the Creaky Tree Meadow at IslandWood. “Ye Olde” Bainbridge Performing Arts Shakespeare Society will relive the shipwreck and…

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Summertime Frolic in the Parks with Wednesday Concerts, Friday Movies, and Shakespeare

The Bainbridge Island Metro Parks and Recreation District makes our great parks even better in the summer with free concerts, free movies, and free Shakespeare. Concerts Each Wednesday through August 21, the Bainbridge Island Metro Parks and Recreation District turns up the heat at one of the Island’s parks with a summer concert, featuring a…

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