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Spirits & Spirits Fest Continues with ‘Beetlejuice’ at Lynwood Wednesday

The Spirits & Spirits Fest, which is sponsored by the North Kitsap Tourism Coalition, launched Saturday evening with a nighttime Ghost Walk of Port Gamble led by Pete Orbea, a paranormal investigator. Since then it’s continued with specials at restaurants, bars, wineries, distilleries, breweries, lodging establishments, and local attractions around North Kitsap County. Tomorrow night,…

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Celluloid Bainbridge

Bainbridge Goes Celluloid This Weekend

This weekend the 17th annual Celluloid Bainbridge film festival takes over the screen at the Lynwood Theatre. The films all have ties to Bainbridge—either they are about the Island in some way or they’re made by Islanders. The headliner is Zach Ingrasci’s and Chris Temple’s inspirational and, at times, wrenching documentary about the Syrian refugee…

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‘Rockaway,’ New TV Show to Be Based and Filmed on Bainbridge

Award-winning Bainbridge native filmmaker Garrett Bennett has made his hometown the focus and the set for his next project. Rockaway, a TV drama that stars local actors Ted Dowling (currently starring in BPA’s Hair) and Meredyth Yund, Northern Exposure‘s Cynthia Geary who lives in Kirkland, and Hollywood actor Eric Roberts, is a mystery, possibly a paranormal one,…

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Lee Grant

Academy-Award Winning Lee Grant to Visit Island (and Her Daughter)

There is an awkward, painful scene in Ordinary People when two characters played by Islander Dinah Manoff and Timothy Hutton reminisce about their time in a hospital psych ward after failed suicide attempts. For Hutton’s character, the memories are relatively good ones, and he relishes recalling them. But Manoff’s character is clearly distressed by the conversation—at the…

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Mt. St. Helens

Local Filmmakers Want to Hear from You About Mt. St. Helens Eruption

This year is the 35th anniversary of the eruption of Mt. St. Helens, which killed 57 people and thousands of animals, caused more than a billion dollars in damage, and laid waste to hundreds of square miles, 27 bridges, and 200 homes. If you were in Washington at that time, you probably remember exactly what you…

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Wood Witch

Bainbridge Gets Some Horror Cred with New Movie Filmed Here

Wood Witch: The Awakening is—no lie—about a tree that comes to life and scares the bejesus out of two young couples on a camping vacation. The movie, a co-production of Islander Courtney Jones’s Pod Intermedia and Under The Wire Productions, was shot on Bainbridge (and on the ferry and at Golden Gardens) using a number of Bainbridge and…

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Lezzi and Fehsenfeld by Gary Matoso

BHS Grads Kayaking to Alaska: Local Filmmaker Following Their Journey

The distance, as the kayaker kayaks, to Skagway, Alaska, is 1,200 miles. Two BHS grads who are local rowers have turned around to face forward as they paddle the long distance from Fay Bainbridge Park, up the east side of Vancouver Island, to the small town in the 50th state’s Mud Bay. Luca Lezzi, 22, and Xander Fehsenfeld,…

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jaws cast

JAWS Bites Back on Bainbridge After 40 Years

Spoiler alert: There are plot giveaways in the following article. Bainbridge Cinemas’ special theatrical run of the legendary 1975 JAWS this Tuesday and Wednesday nights played to full and enthusiastic audiences in commemoration of the film’s 40th anniversary. Viewers ran the gamut from original 1975 movie goers, to TV devotees, to kids of nostalgic fans. The…

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patrick dempsey

Starstruck Ferry Riders Get Some Eye Candy Today

If you happened to be on the 9:35 ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge or the 10:25 to Seattle on Thursday morning you probably spotted a Grey’s Anatomy film crew and possibly actor Patrick Dempsey. And, yes, that helicopter above was part of the film crew, taking aerial footage. According to Washington State Ferries (WSF) Communications spokesperson…

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BHS Grad Begins to Make a Name in Hollywood

Cali Fredrichs graduated from Bainbridge High School in 2004. Since then, she has steadily been building a career for herself on the small and big screens. In 10 days (on March 26), you’ll see her as the guest star on an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.” But you’ve probably already seen Fredrichs without realizing it. Know that horror-film Geico…

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Revised Fundamentals

Filming Starts Today for Local Author Jonathan Evison’s ‘The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving’

Bainbridge author Jonathan Evison says his book The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving is semiautobiographical in that he shares some of the experiences of a number of his main characters, including the protagonist Ben. In the forthcoming movie of Evison’s book, actor Paul Rudd is playing Ben. Evison is pleased with the choice. “Yeah, it’s great,” he…

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Imitation Game

Lynwood Theatre Offers Weekly Open-Caption Screenings

Hearing-impaired film buffs can now see first-run films with captions every Tuesday at Lynwood Theatre. Open captioning is a process that displays dialogue on the bottom of the screen much as for foreign-language films. This extra service will be provided at no additional cost and will coincide with Senior Tuesday, when admission will remain $6.50 for…

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Bainbridge Cinemas One of Few Theaters to Show Controversial ‘Interview’

The Interview might have passed through movie theaters breezily with little fanfare had hackers not compromised Sony Pictures’ cybersecurity, threatening further payback if the movie weren’t pulled from the shelves. It’s not exactly a highbrow picture, a bromance with jokes about secret “packages” being hidden in unusual and uncomfortable places. But the movie, which features…

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Islanders Liz Ellis and Matt Longmire Launch a Web Series Film Fest

Liz Ellis is one of the founders of Honey Toad Studios and one of the creators of the popular Web series Wrecked. Matt Longmire is the founder of Northwest Films and the creator of the Web series The River. Both are from Bainbridge and you’ve certainly seen their video work promoting local productions and organizations. Along…

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Fumiko Nishinaka Hayashida

Bainbridge in Celluloid: Film Festival Aims Lens at Japanese American Exclusion

The annual Bainbridge film festival, Celluloid Bainbridge, wherein every film is filmed on Bainbridge or includes an Islander in cast, crew, or production team, starts tomorrow, November 14, and runs through the weekend. This year, among its 28 films are a select few taking a hard look at Japanese American Exclusion, that episode of American history…

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The Late Bob Burkholder Honored in New Film Opening Friday, Followup to ‘Old Goats’

Old Goats was the debut film of Islander Taylor Guterson. The film featured, among others, actors Britt Crosley and the late Bob Burkholder. Guterson’s new film, which opens Friday, September 19, at the Lynwood Theatre, features the same two actors and bears the name of one: Burkholder. Guterson, the son of novelist Dave Guterson, said that…

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Don Sellers and Lucy Ostrander

BI Filmakers Win Prestigious Erik Barnouw Award for Film About Merrill’s Marauder Roy Matsumoto

Bainbridge Island couple Lucy Ostrander and Don Sellers, the team behind Stourwater Pictures, have received lots of attention before: Sellers worked on PBS’s Frontline and many nationally television documentary series, and Ostrander’s films and work have won a Student Academy Award, the Nissan Focus Award, a CINE Golden Eagle, and an Artist Trust Fellowship. Now…

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Liz Ellis

Liz Gets an Amy: Local Creator of Web Series Wrecked Is 14th Emerging Artist Award Winner

Islander Liz Ellis is the latest recipient of the annual Amy Award for Emerging Artists, given out for the past 14 years by the Bainbridge Island Arts and Humanities Council to a BI artist under 35 “whose work demonstrates a strong sense of quality, creativity, exploration and dedication.” You may remember Ellis as the director…

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ski jumper

Poll: Name Your Favorite Olympics—Winter or Summer?

The 2014 22nd Winter Olympics, in Sochi, Russia, kicks off Friday, February 7, and runs through the 23rd. The first winter Olympic games were held in 1924 in Chamonix, France. Cross-country and alpine skiing, ski jumping, speed skating, figure skating, ice hockey, and Nordic combined were the original sports. Since then snowboarding, curling, bobsledding, luge, skeleton,…

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Producer of Twilight Films Buys Rights to Book Set on Bainbridge Island

Matt K. Turner found the inspiration for his eBook, Genesis, when he first rode the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island to visit his father and stepmother after they moved here in 2012. First rights to the story, set in Seattle and Bainbridge, have been bought by Mark Morgan, producer of the popular Twilight movie…

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