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bainbridge island a rich history since 1991

Logo of the Day

Last night a South Carolina firm submitted a new logo and flag for Bainbridge Island as part of a community rebranding project, financed by the City. The company’s “reveal” was met with mixed responses. Citizens are submitting alternative logo ideas on Facebook. Here is one from IB’s art department. Related Stories Bainbridge Gets a Makeover Through…

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chocolate easter bunnies

The Funny Bunny Pages: Happy Easter and Chag Pesach Sameach!

Happy holiday! Here are some Easter Bunny jokes for the whole family:   Q. What does the Easter Bunny get for making a basket? A. Two points like everybody else!   Q. What do you call a rabbit with fleas? A. Bugs Bunny.   Q. Why did the Easter Bunny hide the egg? A. Because…

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bainbridge police car jh

City Finalizes Location of New Police Station

by Sarah Lane and Julie Hall After more than a year of citizen meetings, consultant work and presentations, and Council discussions, the City Council has finally made a decision about where to locate a new police station for the Island. At Tuesday night’s (March 31) meeting, Councilmembers voted 6-1 in favor of a parcel located…

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BI Drift/sink map

UW Scientists Say Bainbridge Island Is Sinking and Drifting at an Alarming Rate

Scientists at the University of Washington have reported startling geological findings about Bainbridge Island. UW’s Geophysics and Tectonic Dynamics Department Chairperson Dr. Joshua Boule announced yesterday, March 31, results from a 20-year study indicating that Bainbridge is sinking and drifting northward. “We have been tracking the Island’s mean perimeter and center mass since 1994. With modern laser-based measuring…

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Snark by Alan Levine

Here’s to a Snark-Free (or at Least Snark-Lite) New Year

One of the worst side effects of the Internet is snark, the snide + remark combo that so frequently slithers into comment streams on Web sites, including IB, and on Facebook and other social media. This past year we saw an increasing amount of snark and found it largely ugly and detrimental to our community….

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Pay Here sign Battle Point Park

Photos of the Day: Parking Fee Station at Battle Point Park ‘a Lawsuit Waiting to Happen’

[Before contacting the Park District, please read to the end of this article.] Apparently the Bainbridge Island Park & Recreation District has instituted a new parking fee at Battle Point Park. The $5 rate seems steep by any measure, especially since parking there historically has been free. Adding injury to insult, the Park District is not…

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Chevron station

Two More Chevron Stations to Open at Highway 305 and High School Road

Hard to believe? We thought so too. But as a second Chevron station, with an upscale convenience store and organic eatery inside, prepares to open across from the existing Chevron, more Chevrons are in the works for the busy intersection. Not two, not three, but now four Chevron stations are planned at 305 and High School,…

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my dearest

Letter to the Editor: Mrs. Simona Hoonan Partridge Informs You of Your Inheritance

Dearest one, It is with expeditious joy to inform you of the considerable sum to which you alone are privileged to entitlement. A relation unknown to you until his recent decease expressly assigned the amount of $62,000,000 U.s. dollars American for your inheritance. As his closest next of kin you are his sole heir, with…

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Help Point buttons

Doin’ the School Scramble (aka More Vodka in My Coffee, Please)

by Trish Bittman Every year around the third week in August I am ready for summer to end and school to begin. I need to get my three kids out of my house (and my sight) for a few hours a day. I’m practically giddy while clothes shopping and picking out backpacks and lunch boxes for…

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summer jobs

You Did What That Summer? Slam Some Summer Job Stories Thursday Night

When I was 18 my summer job was to catalog the entire library collection of the family of one of my classmates. We were living in Spain so the collection was in Spanish, which threw a whole other element of difficulty into the mix. The reason I got the job was that I had volunteered…

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zeta softball

The Agony and Ecstasy of a Little League Mom

by Trish Bittman Everyone loves little league: the peanuts, the crack of the bat, the crowds cheering, and the sun shining down (on occasion). So why do I hold my breath every February and hope like hell my daughter won’t want to sign up? I’ll tell you why. I hate the freaking schedule and time…

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Bainbridge shoreline

Shoreline Property Owners Secede from Bainbridge, Incorporate as “Vista City”

After years of disagreements between a large contingent of shoreline property owners and the City of Bainbridge Island (COBI) over the specifics of the city’s Shoreline Master Plan, an uneasy peace now reigns. The détente is the result of a bold move on the part of the shoreline contingent: complete secession from COBI and incorporation…

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handicapped parking sign

Photos of the Week: Inappropriate Parking at Battle Point Park

For the love of orange juice, no one, least of all handicapped people, should have to park under these conditions. We urge our Park District to conduct a costly study to review how this parking spot was selected and why proper access was not provided. We expect safe and accessible parking at our parks, compliant…

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‘Hobbit on Ice’ and More Oddball Search Terms

Yep, we’re back with more weird, funny, and surprising search terms that have led readers, whether they like it or not, to Inside Bainbridge. Although we can connect the dots to most of the articles that bring people’s searches to our website, the search terms often still amuse, puzzle, and even at times annoy us….

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Things I’m Uncoolly Not Grateful for on Bainbridge Island

12:47 p.m. I was making a list of things for which I’m grateful in honor of Thanksgiving when I naturally tumbled over into the category of things for which I am entirely ungrateful. Completely. (And I know it’s really uncool to admit that on the day before the big T.) In a sign of interstellar…

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“The Dirty Bainbridge” and Our Other Weird Reader Search Terms

5:18 p.m. Behind the scenes here at Inside Bainbridge we keep an eye on a lot of things. Sometimes your interest or lack thereof in particular articles surprises us when we look at our metrics. But another often surprising thing we get to see is what search terms readers use that lead to our website….

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City Council to Face Off in “Hunger Games” Survivalist Showdown

After a group viewing of the popular film “The Hunger Games,” members of the contentious 2012 Bainbridge Island City Council have finally reached consensus: After gorging themselves over spring break, they will spar to the death during a “Hunger Games”-inspired battle of brute strength, cunning, and skill. Cue cards and hand signals from former Councilmembers…

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Bridges Help People Cross Rivers: Journalistic Gaffes and Laughs

I don’t know about you, but I’ve really been needing a good laugh lately, and these priceless headlines sent to me by a friend delivered some fine laugh-out-loud tears down my cheeks. At the risk of offending hordes of people and/or making readers wonder what this has to do with Bainbridge Island (nothing), Inside Bainbridge…

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