David Eisenhour sculptures

With Latest Exhibits, BIMA Transforms into an Aquarium, a Tsunami, and a Cache of Surprises

The Bainbridge Island Museum of Art crew have done it again, completely transforming the space of our Bainbridge museum for their latest world-class exhibits. The Rachel Feferman Gallery has been remade into an aquarium, the Cynthia Sears gallery bursts in a tsunami of color, and the downstairs gallery offers a loosely connected assortment of surprises….

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Joseph Gregory Rossano, Labrador Ducks

You and the Planet Are Running out of Time: Don’t Miss BIMA’s Whitewashed

You have just a few more weeks to catch the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art’s exhibit Whitewashed by Joseph Gregory Rossano. It’s much harder to say how much time you (and I) have before we feel acutely the effects of the current, ongoing sad, human-induced sixth mass extinction that Rossano documents so carefully, and beautifully,…

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student art contest winner

Arty Kids Can Show Their Stuff at the Bainbridge Student Art Contest

Got arty pants in your life? The 14th Annual Bainbridge Island Student Art Contest is their place to see and be seen. A program of the Bainbridge Park District, the Student Art Contest is now taking entries from Bainbridge Island students K-12. Young artists can enter up to three pieces of art created within the past…

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parking meter flower art

Tip of the Day: Take a Walk Down Wood Avenue to See the Funky Art

At the south end of Winslow’s quiet Wood Avenue where it meets Stetson Place is a house and yard adorned with a charmingly oddball collection of art. It’s a delight to discover and not to be missed. Because one is not enough, there are two “parking meter flower” sculptures. There is a leaping red animal…

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BIMA party

Night at the Museum: One Heckuva Party at BIMA (w/ Photo Gallery)

A jester on stilts and an Oompa Loompa (of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fame) greeted guests at the front doors of the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art (BIMA) last night, December 13, for a lavish evening to remember hosted by BIMA architect Matthew Coates. In a kind of thank-you gesture, which happened to fall…

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An Examination of the Recent Exodus from the Bainbridge Arts & Humanities Board

There’s no simple explanation for the recent exodus (mostly in September) of the entire executive committee and two additional members from the Bainbridge Island Art and Humanities Council board. The departed members include Joe Levan (President), Susan Arens (Vice President), Tina Yentzer (Secretary), Kate Anderson (Treasurer), Juliet LeDorze (Immediate Past President), Fred “Fritz” Levy, and…

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The Winter Studio Tour Celebrates 30th Anniversary with the Work of 60 Artists

This upcoming weekend, December 6, 7, and 8, the Bainbridge Island Winter Studio Tour will be celebrating its 30th anniversary with nine studios presenting some of the best Northwest arts and crafts. More than 60 artists will be showing their work in a variety of media from textiles to yard art to jewelry to painting…

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Don’t Get Caught with Your Pants Down at Bainbridge’s Best Little Art Exhibit

Quick: Before the end of the month, check out the best wee gallery exhibit on the Island, a gathering of Islander Michael Pontieri’s small paintings at The Island School Privy Gallery. Five minutes will be enough for this tiny venue. Privy refers most concretely to the location in The Island School’s public/adult restroom. But more…

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Thanksgiving Cranberry-Eucalyptus Bouquet

I picked up the idea for this festive Thanksgiving bouquet from some creative soul at Central Market in Poulsbo. S/he had put cranberries in a big glass vase with water and created a striking bouquet with seasonal flowers, next to that big tub of soaking cranberries they put in the produce section at this time…

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East Endicott Road, Adams County, by Gayl Bard

Bainbridge Artist Gayle Bard’s Wallop of an Exhibit Headlines New Things at BIMA

The Bainbridge Island Museum of Art’s new headline exhibit is not one that sits quietly and politely requests your contemplation. Island artist Gayle Bard’s giant oil landscapes, most barely contained by thick black frames, fly open like windows on sweeping vistas and blast a breeze in your face. The exhibit occupies the entire main Rachel Feferman…

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Blakely Rock statue silhouette

Blakely Rock Yoga Man Takes a Tumble

The Yoga Man sculpture that has been posing for about eight months atop teeny island Blakely Rock within view of the Bainbridge-Seattle ferry toppled over yesterday, September 8. Sculptor Ethan Curie said the first thing he thought when he heard the news was, “I hope nobody got hurt.” Nobody did—other than the 12-foot granite figure….

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Green Drinks

Green Drinks Blend with Local Color at Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

by Sarah Lane with Steve Giovanis Green Drinks, Sustainable Bainbridge’s monthly social gathering ongoing since 2010 for supporters of sustainability and the environment, got to mix up the colors August 30 at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art. The last time Green Drinks was held at BIMA was in July 0f 2011, and in the…

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Lewis Roof Garden

BIMA Lecture Series Puts You up Close with Artists: This Week George and David Lewis

The Bainbridge Island Museum of Art not only has the art, but it also has the artists. The BIMA Eye on Artist lecture series began earlier in the month with a lecture by the museum’s architect Matthew Coates. This Tuesday, August 27, the series continues with a lecture by George and David Lewis, the landscape…

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mesolini glass

Letter to the Editor: From the Artists of the Bainbridge Island Working Studios

Thank you Island residents and others who attended and supported the newest venture of exposing artists and their artistic talents during the Bainbridge Island Working Studios (BIWS) premier summer event. The celebration was a grand success; we applaud you! BIWS enriches the lives of people who live on and visit Bainbridge Island by introducing artists in…

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an island quiz in ferry walkway

Tour Bainbridge’s Quirky Past in the New Ferry Walkway Exhibit “An Island Quiz”

Wondering about the new banners in the ferry passenger walkway? The Bainbridge Island Historical Museum has installed an exhibit of 30 banners that face both directions so passengers walking on and off the ferry can take a Bainbridge Island history ”quiz.” Rick Chandler, museum curator, said he worked with museum staff and volunteers to provide an educational…

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Iris Expression by Shirley Sakatani Skiftsad

New Participants Among 46 Artists in Upcoming 13th Annual Studio Tour

August 9-11, you have the chance to check out the work of 46 regional artists showcased at six Bainbridge studios. Among those 46 will be some new participants this year. Silverdale artist Shirley Sakatani Skifstad, who created this year’s Tour poster, is one of them. Skifstad’s poster features blue-iris-most-definitely-à-la-Van-Gogh, although (a) the artist cites Monet…

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Wishing Pear Tree branch

The Wishing Quince Tree at Battle Point Park (w/ Audio)

The wishing quince tree is once again adorned with written wishes hanging from its branches and blowing in the warm breezes of summer. “If you wish to make a wish,” take a card from the bag at the bottom of the trunk and tie it to the tree. Haven’t seen the wishing quince tree? It’s…

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blakely rock statue with eagle

An Update About Who Owns Blakely Rock

Love it or hate it, the Blakely Rock Statue appears to have become a fixture in our Puget Sound seascape since artist Ethan Currier erected it last December (see The Blakely Rock Statue Mystery Unveiled). After we published our most recent article about who owns Blakely Rock, we learned that the Washington State Department of Natural Resources…

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Spring Sea by Alfredo Arreguin

Bainbridge Island Museum of Art Gets . . . Art!

We know the building: Matthew Coates’s eco-friendly and possibly soon-to-be certified LEED Gold stunner at the corner of Winslow and Highway 305. We’ve been hearing about the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art for months. But the persisting question that has bubbled, at least in my mind, is “What about the art?” Yesterday, June 10, on…

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blakely rock man and ethan currier

The Blakely Rock Statue Mystery Unveiled

Just before Christmas a reader sent Inside Bainbridge a photograph of a distant statue on Blakely Rock, the intertidal “Island” about a mile offshore from southeast Bainbridge and across from West Seattle. He asked if we knew anything about the surprising artistic assertion there, which he had noticed from the Seattle-Bainbridge ferry on December 21,…

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Bay Hay and Feed
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