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School District Head Comments on Teacher Misconduct Investigation

by Sarah Lane and Julie Hall Regarding the announcement made yesterday, February 25, about allegations of inappropriate conduct between a teacher and student at the high school, the Bainbridge Island School District is consistently on message: Let the investigators do their work. Today BISD Superintendent Faith Chapel declined to address the rumors that the teacher is a woman….

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Bainbridge High School Principal Issues Letter to Parents About Alleged Teacher Misconduct

[Updated 7:22 a.m., February 26, 2015.] Bainbridge High School (BHS) Principal Mary Alice O’Neill released a letter Wednesday evening to BHS families informing them of allegations of “inappropriate conduct” between a teacher and student at the school. The letter followed an official notification of the allegations to the Bainbridge police earlier in the day. Police Chief…

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Bainbridge High School

Bainbridge High School Teacher Accused of Misconduct with Student

[Updated at 7:40 p.m., February 25, 2015.] The Bainbridge Island School District announced today that allegations have been made of misconduct between a Bainbridge High School (BHS) teacher and a student at the school. Bainbridge Island Police Chief Matt Hamner said the police department launched an investigation into the matter as soon as they were made aware of…

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Video of the Day: Take a Gander at GAEA

Last night, February 24, in a special pre-Open House sneak preview, the BHS Spartronics robotics team robot GAEA (Grabber Actuated Elevator Automaton) made her public debut, strutting her snazzle-dazzle pneumatics and Mecanum wheel drive. Tonight you will have the opportunity to meet GAEA in, um, person. Before GAEA’s performance, the Spartronics robotics team had an…

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Spartronics Invite You to Meet GAEA, ATLaS’s Mother

GAEA is the name given by the award-winning Spartronics robotics team to the robot they are making for this year’s FIRST Robotics competition. The name stands for Grabber Actuated Elevator Automaton. But the name is more than an acronym. In Greek mythology, Gaea is the primal goddess of the Earth and the mother of the…

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Common Core

Learn About the New Smarter Balanced Tests Coming Soon to a Kid Near You

When State Superintendent of Schools Randy Dorn began to adopt the Common Core Standards in 2011, he initiated the alignment of those Standards with our state learning standards and set in motion the process of changing our standardized testing. Washington school districts fully implemented the standards during the 2013-2014 school year. Now, this spring, public…

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police at school

Bainbridge Says Yes to CRO, No to SRO: An Examination of the Issues

CRO and SRO are the acronyms for Community Resource Officer and School Resource Officer. Just last month, the Bainbridge Island School District decided, for now, not to take up Police Chief Matt Hamner’s invitation to station a full-time SRO in the schools. But at last week’s City Council meeting, February 3, the City Council approved…

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exempt by Jerry "Woody"

Are Bainbridge Island Kids Under- vaccinated?

With an escalating Pertussis outbreak on Bainbridge Island and at least five confirmed cases of measles now in Washington state, vaccinating is on our collective minds. Here are some things to consider for your kids and yourself. “Herd” immunity is conferred when a portion of a community is immunized against an infectious disease. As long as a certain percentage…

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Robot Building

Spartronics Start Building Robot for 2015 “Recycle Rush” Competition

The challenge for this year’s First Robotics Competition was announced January 3 to robotics teams all across the world. Locally, teams gathered at Mountlake Terrace High to attend the kickoff event. Bainbridge’s champion Team 4915, the BHS Spartronics, were there with Coach Enrique Chee. Last year, the then-rookie Spartronics finished in the top 5 percent…

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Bainbridge High School

BHS Teacher and Coach Mike Roe Dies Suddenly

Mike Roe, long-time librarian and assistant football coach at Bainbridge High School (BHS), died last night unexpectedly in his sleep. The cause of death is currently not known. Roe was 61 and in apparent excellent health. The news of his passing has sent a shockwave through the school community. It is the second unexpected death of…

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Vicky Marsing to Step Down from Bainbridge Schools Foundation

Vicky Marsing has served as the Executive Director of the Bainbridge Schools Foundation for the past seven years. Now she is set to retire, and BSF is launching a search for her replacement. BSF’s President Jennifer Kim said about Marsing, “Over the last eight years, the Bainbridge Schools Foundation has flourished as a result of…

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Dora G T

22-Year Ometepe Calendar Project Torch Passes to The Island School

Twenty-two years ago former Ordway third-grade teacher Alice Mendoza organized the Ometepe Kids Can Make a Difference Calendar fundraising project with her students to raise money for construction projects, library and school supplies, scholarships, and other activities on our sister Island. In 2007, Ordway teacher Boo Schneider and her third graders took over with Mendoza’s…

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middle school by steven depolo

Parenting Right in the Middle: New Program to Help Bainbridge Parents of Tweens

The Bainbridge Island School District, Hyla Middle School, and Raising Resilience have partnered to help parents with that often troublesome and yet overlooked middle age: the Tween years (grades 5 through 8). Tweens are dealing with it all—identity formation, sexuality development, risk-taking behaviors, intergenerational communication challenges, and increased technology use—and yet often lack the skills…

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BHS Band

Spartan Marching Band Finishes Its Season as Division’s Best in State

The Bainbridge High School Marching Band has just returned from the Auburn Veteran’s Day Parade and Field Show Competition, widely regarded as the state’s unofficial championship for Marching Bands, as first-place winners in Division A. The November 8 win is the second victory in 3 years for the BHS band (in 2013, it “only” finished…

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Letter to the Editor: Recent School Shootings Show That BISD Needs SEL

October is National Bullying Prevention Month and yet is is also marked by another dreadful reminder that everything can change in the moment it takes for a troubled high school student to shoot a weapon. None of us wants to believe such things can happen here, yet we all know tragedy does not discriminate. Social…

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letter box

Letter to the Editor: Serious Safety Concerns at Sakai

I’m writing to voice my major concern over the parking lot safety at Sakai. I currently have two fifth graders attending the school and have one older daughter who was there for the past two years. My children take the bus almost every day. I fully believe the bus is the safest and easiest way…

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Bainbridge School District Responds to the Marysville School Shooting

Our thoughts are with the Marysville community following the shooting at Marysville-Pilchuck High School. While we hope to never experience such a tragic situation, we know an incident of this magnitude can happen anywhere. At the Bainbridge Island School District, the safety of our students is our top priority. We want to assure students, families,…

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GirlsGen Spartronics

Girls Generation Spartronics Alliance Takes Second at Tahoma Tournament

by Sarah Lane Spartronics Team 4915, the amazing rookie robotics team from Bainbridge High School that ended up going all the way to the world championships in its first year, 2013-14, enjoyed such a large turnout of girls to the team this year (2014-15) that it has been able to field its own all-girls team….

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stop bainbridge island school district school bus

‘Disturbing’ Number of Bainbridge Drivers Passing Stopped School Buses

For National Bus Safety Week the Bainbridge Island School District (BISD) has issued a statement of concern about the number of drivers in our community violating bus stop laws. As part of a statewide survey, for one day last May BISD bus drivers tallied the number of times vehicles illegally passed their buses while they…

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Orange flags by Darwin Bell

Grown-ups Bully Too—Community Leaders Weigh in with Their Insights for Adults

Today, October 22, is Unity Day, the national campaign to raise awareness about bullying. Kids at Bainbridge schools dressed in orange to show their opposition to bullying and their desire to stand united with classmates against aggressive, mean-spirited attacks by classmates, both in person and online. But bullying doesn’t just happen among children. Dr. Justin…

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