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Blaze Your Trail: Time to Apply for BI Parks Foundation Community Grants

Do you have a great idea for Island recreation? A way to improve a trail or a park or a recreational facility? The Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation invites you to complete and submit a 2014 BIPF Community Grant application for your project so you can get funding of between a few hundred and a few…

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fish farm

A Second Coalition Files Petition for Review of SMP, This One About Aquaculture

Two coalitions filed different petitions for review of the Bainbridge Shoreline Master Plan on October 7. As we reported yesterday (October 8), one of these was made up primarily of Preserve Responsible Shoreline Management LLC. Their petition focused on perceived inconsistencies in the SMP, perceived violations of the RCW, and alleged undue burdens placed upon shoreline…

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Pet food by Ed Schipul

Pet Food Wars Part III: Poulsbo Accepts Bainbridge Challenge

It’s unclear why storage businesses like to challenge each other to charity duels, but it has happened again. This time, in what will be known as Pet Food Wars III, Poulsbo’s Proguard Self Storage is taking the bait, accepting the challenge by Bainbridge Storage (and its affiliates Bainbridge North Storage and Bainbridge U-Haul) to mano-a-mano…

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Pun Alert: The Buzz About the Bainbridge Buzz Spelling Bee (w/ Photo Gallery)

The organizer of the second annual Bainbridge Public Library’s Bainbridge Buzz Spelling Bee, Teri Weldy, says the event on September 20 raised over $8,000 for the library. The event, which was held at Bainbridge Performing Arts, pitted 42 spellers on 15 teams against one another and was vibrating with stinging puns. The night belonged to…

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Wildlife Corridor land near Meigs by BILT

Land Trust Expands Historic East-West Wildlife Corridor

Bainbridge Island Land Trust (BILT) Executive Director Jane Stone is excited. BILT has a contract to purchase a 15-acre parcel of land replete with wildlife that would expand and solidify a vital east-west corridor connecting Grand Forest East with Meigs Park. The connection is part of a much broader corridor extending from Meigs Park, which…

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12,000 Eyeballs a Day: Half-Priced Ad Deals Now for All One Call Orgs

Calling all One Call for All nonprofits and those who value and support them! We love what you do, and we want to help you get the support you deserve during red envelope season. As Bainbridge Island’s number one news and information source, Inside Bainbridge commands a huge readership averaging nearly 6,000 views a day. Yes,…

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red envelope stuffers on call for all

Photos of the Day: Red Envelope Stuffers!

Volunteers are busy today stuffing those familiar red envelopes for the annual One Call for All fundraising campaign. Established in 1960, One Call for All supports more than 90 local non-profit organizations on Bainbridge Island. One hundred percent of contributions from community members goes to local causes. Just in the last 10 years, the Red Envelope…

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Helpline House Loses Its Milk Money?

Earlier this month Helpline House quietly announced on its message whiteboard that it would no longer be offering milk in its food bank. The announcement generated a small flurry of concern on Bainbridge, with some talking on Facebook about creating a milk fund to help out. Helpline’s Food Bank and Volunteer Services Manager Marilyn Gremse acknowledged…

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Frog auction

Frogs Re-Released Downtown After BIDA Gets a Big Jump from Auction

Karin Lehotsky, the organizer of the Frogs on the Rock Gala Auction held September 13 at the Boundy Farm, is hopping with excitement over the event’s success. She said that, by auctioning off the 36 artist-designed frogs displayed over the last year throughout Winslow, they raised more money than anticipated, with all proceeds going to…

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Bainbridge Artisans Raise a Community BARN (w/ Photo Gallery & Podcast)

So far, what’s been raised are the acronym on a sign, a bunch of money, 2,000 square feet of rented space for the members of the Bainbridge Artisans Resource Network, and lots of furniture and equipment. But an actual barn is in the works too—more on that later. In the meantime, community members of all…

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Phil Copperhopper

One Bainbridge Frog May Be Forced to Leave His Home

Phil Copperhopper may look like a moneybags, his body covered in 3,955 shiny copper pennies. But this frog is running short of the $5,000 he needs to buy himself a stay of extradition from his current home with the Bainbridge Community Foundation. The frog is one of 36 on the Island that were created, sponsored…

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Hide Sparky and Then, If You Don’t Have Ortographobia, Read This

Ortographobia is the fear of making spelling mistakes, matched in intensity only by technofailophobia, which is a fear that spell check will let you down. If you’re free of these fears and could spell them out loud while standing on a stage (meaning you don’t have topophobia) in front of a crowd (because you’re enochlophobia…

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Hop to and Get Your Frog on the Rock Now

The 36 giant Frogs on the Rock will soon be hopping away. That’s because they’re being auctioned off and sent to live at their forever homes. Eighteen months ago, Islander Karin Lehotsky came up with the idea for a community art project involving frogs. In cooperation with the Bainbridge Island Downtown Association, Lehotsky and a…

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Deception Brass with Quilt

Photo of the Day: Military + Brass + Museums + Quilts

Yesterday, August 29, in celebration of Military Appreciation Day at three local museums—BIMA, KiDiMu, and Bainbridge Island Historical Museum—the Northwest Navy Band Deception Brass performed in the Island Gateway Plaza. They took a break to visit with the Bainbridge Island Modern Quilt Guild, which was giving a demo on repurposing old shirts into quilts and…

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Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial

Two Islanders Reflect on History of Japanese American Exclusion (w/ podcast)

At the end of May Congressman Derek Kilmer introduced a bill in the House to recognize a new name for the Bainbridge Island memorial to the 120,000 Japanese Americans who were forced from their homes to concentration camps during the Second World War, one that acknowledges their exclusion from mainstream American society. If passed, the…

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arms around bainbridge by pete saloutos

Get Moving with Arms Around Bainbridge This Saturday for a Great Cause

It’s not too late to sign up to get moving for your Island neighbors in need. Arms Around Bainbridge (AAB), a nonprofit Bainbridge-based organization dedicated to assisting recipients struggling with serious illness, is holding its biggest event of the year this Saturday, August 16, from dawn to dusk. Swim, bike, row, walk, or cheer on…

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khs free cat day

Thursday Is Free Cat Day at Kitsap Humane Society

On Thursday, August 14, Kitsap Humane Society (KHS) will waive all adoption fees for cats 6 months and older. KHS will be open from 12 to 6:30 p.m., with adoption counsels closing at 5:30 p.m. Every adopted cat comes vaccinated, treated for fleas, dewormed, microchipped, and spayed or neutered. Each cat costs KHS a minimum…

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raise the woof khs fundraiser

KHS Raises the Woof on the Rock(s): Get Your Tickets Now for This Catered Concert

Summer is far from over, and this season’s hottest act on the Rock is yet to come. The Kitsap Humane Society (KHS) is throwing a party (adults only) here on Bainbridge Island, and you’re invited. The brainchild of five KHS board members who live on Bainbridge, Raise the Woof promises to be the first of…

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Celebrate 25 Years of the BI Land Trust: Picnic at Hilltop Sunday (w/ podcast)

For 25 years, the Bainbridge Island Land Trust has been strategically buying land and organizing conservation easements on the Island to ensure that future generations of Islanders can enjoy open space. This Saturday, BILT is celebrating the quarter century of successes—such as Gazzam Lake, the Peters Property, the Close Property, the Grand Forest West, Grand…

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Obliteride 180 mile wave

Countdown to Obliteride: A Hundred Cyclists to Cross the Island for Fred Hutch

Obliteride is the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center fundraising bicycle ride with the goal of obliterating cancer. The die-hard, 150-mile riders will be crossing over from Seattle on the 7:55 ferry next Saturday, August 9, and launching their cancer-battling journey across Kitsap from the Bainbridge Island ferry terminal. Organizers hope people will cheer them on with…

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