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Letter to the Editor: Another ‘Mega-Development’ on Wyatt?

It has been a year since all of the negative publicity started about the Visconsi development. Just searching for “Visconsi” on the Inside Bainbridge website is very informative—it shows the visceral reaction to habitat loss and a general disgust with clearcuts. I recently had an opportunity to visit the area and have to admit that…

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Letter to the Editor: Gratitude for Our Local Fire Departments

On July 31st, while mowing a wider fire break around one of our structures, our mower struck a rock and started a grass fire. The wind drove the fire quickly across the tinder-dry hillside and we called 911. The Bainbridge Fire Department responded immediately and when they saw the fire, called on help from North…

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Letter to the Editor: Suzuki Property Should Be a BISD Swap

At the last City Council Meeting July 21, 2015, the City Council voted to remove the “Fair Market Value” requirement from the Suzuki property sale. Why should Islanders lose money on the sale of the one piece of land that is so valuable to our schools and our children’s educational resource’s? At Last January’s intergovernmental meeting,…

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Letter to the Editor: Coyotes Nabbing Small Dogs

A word of caution to every small dog owner: I just heard of two troubling instances. In the first incident, on the north end, a coyote grabbed a small unleashed dog who was within 15 feet of its owner. This dog has survived with injuries due to the owner chasing the coyote. The second incident did not…

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Horse in the Forest

Letter to the Editor: How to Interact with Horses in the Grand Forest or Other Island Parks

The Grand Forest is such a beautiful recreational resource, almost unique, and widely utilized by walkers, dog walkers, runners, mountain bikers, mushroomers, and by us on our horses. We ride our horses in the Grand Forest almost daily. Horses are flight animals: When a horse feels threatened he reacts only two ways. The first is to…

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Letter to the Editor: Find Help with the Housing Crisis Here on Bainbridge

“I cannot find a place to live!” “I cannot afford a place to live!” Almost every day in both the local and national news, there is a story about the housing crisis: rental prices going up, sales prices going up, and inventory diminishing. Here on Bainbridge, last week alone I had four conversations with acquaintances…

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Letter to the Editor: Support a Revenue Neutral Carbon Tax

The science is clear. Climate change is happening now and threatens our future. Impacts include epic storms, flooding, deepening drought, and wildfires. Ocean acidification threatens sea life. In Washington State we now have a solution: I-732, a revenue neutral carbon tax. This citizen-led ballot initiative was launched in April by CarbonWA. It will reduce carbon…

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Letter to the Editor: Fireworks Should Be Restricted to Professional Oversight

Let’s all be safe this Fourth! With forest fires raging across the West and higher than normal temps coming to the Northwest, are we really going to allow fireworks? Having fought fires caused by fireworks and seen such tragic loss, I feel that it’s time to use common sense and restrict all fireworks to be…

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Letter to the Editor: City Should Have Been More Transparent and Inclusive with Branding

I am writing in response to Inside Bainbridge’s stories on June 15, 2015, “Firm Presents Branding Package Proposal: What They Were Thinking,” and June 17, 2015, “Branding Process Not Clear Cut,” in which IB point out the consultant’s proposed crest had been met with disfavor.  Given the way the City approached this endeavor, the public…

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Letter to the Editor: BI Strode in Solidarity for Partners in Health

The Bainbridge Island chapter of Partners In Health Engage would like to thank everyone who participated in and supported the 2015 Strides In Solidarity fundraising walk. Together we were able to raise more than $2,500 to help fight childhood malnutrition in Haiti. Over 100 people walked, volunteered, and made donations. Many in the island business…

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Letter to the Editor: Island’s 5 Principles Under Attack

Our Planning Commission is continuing with deliberations over the future of our Comprehensive Plan. Currently they are working on the Land Use Element. Sadly, comments and suggestions from citizens seem very slow to find their way into recommended revisions offered up by city staff. On Thursday night, May 28, this was made painfully obvious when…

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Letter to the Editor: ‘Listening’ to Music Not Possible in a Bar

I am hoping that some of your readers will be able to help me settle a “discussion” that has been happening in my household since going to see, and not hear, the band St. Paul de Vence at the Treehouse Cafe last Saturday night. Not just Saturday night but on several occasions lately, I have gone…

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Letter to the Editor: Bainbridge MS Walkers Raised the Roof

On behalf of the over 100 Islanders with MS and their families and friends, we’d like to thank the several hundred people who walked, volunteered, and made donations to the 2015 National MS Society Walk MS. With this year’s $80,500, the Bainbridge Island walk has raised $760,000 since 2007 for MS research and services. This…

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Letter to the Editor: Is Public Power Right for Bainbridge Island?

It’s time for the Island to have a community discussion about how to reduce our carbon footprint. And public power may be just be the answer. Island Power is hosting a public forum Saturday May 9 from 10 a.m. to noon at the Grange Hall on Madison Avenue to discuss the idea of an Island-owned electric utility. The…

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Letter to the Editor: The Fight for Schools Starts in Governor’s Home Town

Even though I have known Governor Inslee for years and I have admired and supported his diverse efforts, I now stand against him in his tepid fight for schools. When he addressed 4,000 teachers on Saturday I was there with my wife and daughter, both intensely proud of their career choice, and together we waited for him to dynamically explain what he believes schools need. When…

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Letter to the Editor: A High-Stepping Thank You from the BI Rope Skippers

The Bainbridge Island Rope Skippers and special guest jumpers from Hot Dog USA in Kirkland joined forces to put on a crowd-pleasing performance to a packed Paski Gym on April 17th. Lizzy Sharman and Anna Warga organized the community show. Although the senior project graduation requirement was lifted, BHS senior Anna Warga decided she still…

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Letter to the Editor: Why the Possible Teacher Strike?

As you may have heard, schools across Washington are staging rolling walkouts to protest the proposed Senate, House, and Governor’s budgets being debated in Olympia right now. On Monday, April 27, the members (teachers) of the Bainbridge Island Education Association will be voting on staging our own rolling walkout. Additionally, school districts across the state…

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Pritchard Park.

Letter to the Editor: Be Earth Day Savvy at Pritchard Park

Know about your Island’s Toxic Superfund Site: Wyckoff /Pritchard Park Beach/Eagle Harbor. Before you head out the door with your family to volunteer on Earth Day, remember the following facts and keep your loved ones safe including the four-legged ones. Superfund Site Definition A Superfund Site is any land in the United States that has been…

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Letter to the Editor: Doggedly Addressing the City Council

Dear City Council Members: I apologize for not being able to make the meeting on Tuesday evening. I understand from the posted agenda that Council is still intent on passing an ordinance that makes it a punishable offense to walk your dog off-leash and under voice control within the Lynwood Center and Winslow service areas,…

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Letter to the Editor: What Is “Active Approach” to Protect Island’s Environment?

Bainbridge’s ongoing Comprehensive Plan Update is an important opportunity for the island’s residents to participate in defining the vision for a policy document that is intended to guide our City’s long-term development. In its final draft version, the Island’s new vision statement clearly articulates our collective interest in protecting the island’s natural environment by reducing…

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