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Like Capote and Plath Before Her, BHS Sophomore Wins Scholastic Art and Writing Silver Medal

BHS sophomore Sophia Bidinger has joined a cohort that includes average Joes like Zac Posen, Joyce Carol Oates, Truman Capote, Stephen King, Andy Warhol, Sylvia Plath, John Updike, and Ken Burns. All of them received Scholastic Art & Writing Award Silver Medals, a recognition that’s been given out annually since 1923. The award was announced March…

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Fifteen BI Teens and Adults Going to Haiti to Help Orphans, Schoolkids, and Malnourished Children

Ask Laura Van Dyke about Partners in Health, the organization that boldly proclaims “Health is a human right,” and she will gush. That’s because she believes fully in founder Paul Farmer’s practical but ambitious vision that communities around the globe need to be empowered to take care of the health of their citizens. Unlike other…

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Healthy Youth Summit

Third Healthy Youth Summit Focused on Who Bainbridge Kids Are, Not Just What They Do

Marina Cofer-Wildsmith, Executive Director of Bainbridge Youth Services, sees the three Bainbridge Island Healthy Youth Summits that have been held so far as a way to tackle a very real problem in our community: Surveys and focus groups of Bainbridge Island teens show high levels of stress and pressure to succeed, and many young people…

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Healthy Youth Summit

Healthy Youth Summit Part III, Initiation, Set for Saturday

The third in the popular and well-attended Healthy Youth Summit series will focus on Initiation this Saturday, March 15, with the goal of putting into action the ideas generated and developed in Parts I and II. The first summit was attended by about 200 people and the second by about 300. The organizers—Bainbridge Youth Services,…

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Sarah Mather

Bainbridge’s Sarah Mather Is a Rising Star

She may be just 16, but Bainbridge High School student Sarah Mather already has a long-term plan. She wants to be a stage actor. She’s willing to work very hard to get there. And she just took a giant leap forward by earning a spot in the 5th Avenue Theatre’s Rising Star Program. Rising Star…

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Rotary Honors Three Bainbridge Students with Youth Leadership Awards

BHS student Natalya Niehaus and Eagle Harbor High School students Tova Levine and Johanna Rosenboom have been selected by the Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island as recipients of Youth Leadership Awards. The three were chosen for their leadership potential and commitment to service. The Rotary will sponsor their attendance at the March 6-9 Rotary Youth Leadership Awards…

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Girl scout cookies

488,064 Cookies Stacked at the Fire Station

Fire Station 23′s garage looked more like a warehouse than a fire station yesterday, February 25. The engines and tenders and ambulances had been moved to the driveway outside, and 21,840 boxes (1,820 cases) of cookies were stacked in their stead. Cars drove through the garage like it was an oil change business, and volunteers…

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Laura Kastner Event

300 Wise-Minded Parents Attend Raising Resilience Event

by Sarah Lane with Tracey Denlinger On Thursday, February 6, Dr. Laura Kastner addressed nearly 300 community parents about how to raise kids more thoughtfully and less reactively. Kastner spoke about her book Wise Minded Parenting with the audience gathered at the BHS Commons. Kastner spoke about the seven essentials for raising successful tweens and teens:…

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student art contest winner

Arty Kids Can Show Their Stuff at the Bainbridge Student Art Contest

Got arty pants in your life? The 14th Annual Bainbridge Island Student Art Contest is their place to see and be seen. A program of the Bainbridge Park District, the Student Art Contest is now taking entries from Bainbridge Island students K-12. Young artists can enter up to three pieces of art created within the past…

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laura kastner author

Parenting Author Laura Kastner Talks Thursday About Raising Successful Tweens & Teens

This Thursday, February 6, author and clinical psychologist Laura Kastner, PhD, speaks about raising teens and tweens in the latest part of the Raising Resilience series on successful parenting. This week’s talk follows last month’s Healthy Youth Summit. Presented by Raising Resilience and Bainbridge Youth Services, Kastner will discuss her new book Wise Minded Parenting: 7 Essentials…

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Owen Marshall

Owen’s Playground: Will Tonight Be the Start of a “Joyful Kid’s Legacy” for Waterfront Park?

Four months ago, just days after her six-year-old son Owen died after a short lifetime of struggle with severe physical problems, Islander Stacy Marshall’s good friend Pam Perry said to her, “I know this is a really rough time. But people want to give to Owen’s legacy and we need to find a way for…

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Healthy Youth Summit

Healthy Youth Summit Draws Big Crowd in from the Rain

A daylong downpour did not deter about 170 people from Saturday’s (January 11) Healthy Youth Summit. The summit was the second part of a three-part series, and about the same number of community members showed this time as attended the first, which happened in November. Attendees included School District Superintendent Faith Chapel, School Board President…

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Healthy Youth Summit

The Bainbridge Healthy Youth Revolution Continues This Weekend: Inspiring You and Your Youths

Don’t worry if you missed Part I. This Saturday, January 11, you will have another chance to experience the Healthy Youth revolution that started November 2 at Bainbridge High School, when about 200 parents, educators, other professionals, and community members met to generate questions that matter to us as a community in the area of raising…

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sara young-buck

Former Student Tells Anguished Story of Brutal Serial Bullying in Bainbridge Schools

Reader Warning: This article contains disturbing content and some rough language.  After writing a three-part series about a case of felonious sexual bullying of a freshman at Bainbridge High School by three upperclassmen and the recent court ruling against the school district, I got quite a few emails, but one in particular stood out. Former Bainbridge…

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Giving Thanks

Interfaith Children’s Choir Seeks Singers

Tiffny Weighall, the director of the Interfaith Children’s Choir, says, “Making the world a better place starts with an idea, and then a voice.” The voice she’s referring to belongs to kids, ages 5 to 12, who wish to participate in this year’s Interfaith Council Second Annual Children’s Choir. Bainbridge Island’s Interfaith Council is a group…

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Bainbridge Healthy Youth Summit

First Bainbridge Healthy Youth Summit Draws a Crowd of Focused Parents and Other Community Members

This past Saturday, November 2, about 170 grownups filled The Commons at Bainbridge High School to talk about kids. Four organizations—Bainbridge Youth Services, Raising Resilience, Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island, and the Bainbridge Island School District—joined forces to organize the summit with the goal of improving the well-being of young people. This first of three scheduled…

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jack o lantern

Five Tricky Treats Not to Miss on Bainbridge

With Halloween creeping up, this weekend and Halloween day (Thursday, October 31) are packed with fun for all ages. So, break out your fake blood, pumpkin, treat bag, and freak flag, and hit the spooky scene. 1. Pleasant Beach Village Halloween Festival | Pleasant Beach Village | Saturday October 26 | 1-5 p.m | Free. Halloween…

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Sensory Processing Part 3: Disorder Kids or a Disordered World?

October is National Sensory Awareness Month. As part of this national education effort, Inside Bainbridge is publishing a series on Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), citing the latest research, information from experts in the field, and personal stories from parents, caregivers, and kids affected by the condition. (Family names have been changed for privacy.) Read the other articles…

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Volunteering teens

Nominate Teens for Com- passionate Action Awards

For ten years Bainbridge Youth Services has recognized volunteer efforts and generosity and kindness among kids 12 to 19 with the annual Compassionate Action Awards. BYS is now seeking your nominations of young people who make positive contributions to our community. Nominees should be young people who go beyond the expected, beyond “usual friendship, usual…

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Public TV Station to Film Bainbridge Teen Talking Circle

In 1993, Bainbridge photographer Linda Wolf came up with an innovative idea for getting teens to connect and work through the issues they face. She launched The Daughters Sisters Project for teen girls the next year. Twenty years later, what is now known as Teen Talking Circles and includes boys as well is still going…

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