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CFL by Adam

Thanks to New Program You Can Recycle Your CFLs at Ace

Since 2010 it has been illegal to toss your mercury lights in the garbage but it hasn’t been easy to find ways to dispose of them properly. Because of a new program called LightRecycle Washington, 190 sites across the state are now offering free recycling for mercury-containing lights. One of those sites is the Bainbridge…

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Ace Hardware employee Erin Ayriss holds up strands of broken holiday lights

Holiday Season Is the Time to Recycle—Find out How

Every year, Bainbridge Island Zero Waste issues a Holiday Recycling Guide to help you figure out what to do with all the extra stuff that accumulates at this time of year. That’s because every year over the Winter holidays Americans generate 25 percent more trash than they do at any other time, according to Zero…

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Suyematsu and Bentryn Family Farms

Curried Jade Dumplings? This Saturday Go from Farm to Fork to Cork (with Podcast)

Reading the menu is almost unbearable it sounds so good, and I may have to stop writing this at any moment to go get lunch. The EduCulture Farm to Fork to C0rk dinner this Saturday August 2 promises scrumptiousness of the locally grown variety. The EduCulture Partnership is an initiative of Global Source Education, which…

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Kid with bike

Pump up the Tires and Ride Safely for National Bike to School Day, May 7

Tomorrow, May 7, is National Bike to School Day. The Washington State Department of Transportation reminds motorists to share the road and watch for young bicyclists and pedestrians, especially around school zones. WSDOT also wants bikers to play it safe and reminds them that bicycles are legally considered vehicles on Washington’s roadways, which means bikers must…

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Island School green team 2014

Bainbridge’s Island School Is Greenest in the State

The Island School on Bainbridge Island has become the first school in Washington to earn the highest level of certification from Washington Green Schools’ (WGS) innovative sustainability program. During its five years of work through the WGS program, the K-5 private school “where every child matters” has taught its students that every action matters and…

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Cave Avenue tree saved

Big Firry Deal: The City Spares a Tree

This 100-year-old Douglas Fir tree along quiet Cave Avenue in Winslow has been spared from cutting. What’s the big deal? Last spring a nearly 2.5-acre forested area in an ecologically sensitive ravine across the street from this tree was wiped out by a private party owner to build a multifamily housing complex. After losing a…

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T&C Board

Bainbridge’s Town & Country Market First in Nation to Get Green Power Boost from QEC Bonds

On March 6, the Washington State Housing Finance Commission issued $1.15 million in bonds for the Kitsap County Green Community Initiative. Town & Country Markets officers saw an opportunity and took it, securing a lower-interest loan for energy upgrades to the Bainbridge market as part of the remodel, making it the nation’s first private-sector project…

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Letter to the Editor: Council’s Green Power Decision Mars Bainbridge Environmental Rep

I moved to Bainbridge Island to be part of a community with a reputation for environmental stewardship. And one of the reasons I served on the City Council was to make sure that that our city continued to be worthy of that distinction. We’ve had some notable wins, but the Council’s decision on green power…

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Wind power

City Commits (Partly) to Purchasing Green Power from PSE

At their meeting last night, February 26, the Bainbridge City Council approved Resolution 2014-01, authorizing the City to buy a limited amount of green power. Opting for green power from PSE represents a higher cost commitment. Specifically, the City Council voted to designate $3,000 a year toward this effort, representing about a one-third greater commitment to…

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Powel Land

Public TV’s QUEST Series Features Bainbridge’s Powel Family Land

KCTS 9, our local Public Television station, has just aired a Bainbridge-centered episode of its QUEST Northwest series, which presents stories about the science of sustainability. The episode featured the Bainbridge Island Land Trust-backed shoreline restoration of the Port Madison Powel property, which we wrote about in August of 2012. The QUEST article and video titled…

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After Some Bainbridge Input, State Commission Asks PSE to Reexamine Its Position on Colstrip Coal

In its 2013 Integrated Resource Plan released last May, Puget Sound Energy argued the long-term economic viability of relying primarily on power generated by its Colstrip Coal Plant in Montana, writing that “Colstrip reduces cost and market risk in most likely scenarios.” But just last week, February 6, the State’s Utilities and Transportation Commission said the…

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king tide bainbridge by joe michael

Climate Change on Bainbridge: We’re Talking Wyckoff, Visconsi, SMP & Waterfront Park

There isn’t much argument anymore that we’re well down the path of human-induced climate change. Albert Einstein’s famous definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, tells us that as the results of our behavior remain the same, we have to change business as usual to keep from reaching…

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scouts Christmas tree recycling

Letter to Editor: Thanks from the Scouts for a Record-Breaking Tree Recycling Year

Thank you Bainbridge! The recent Scout Troop 1564 Christmas Tree Recycling event was a great success. Despite the stormy weather, 34 Scouts and their parents picked up and recycled over 1,000 Christmas trees from across the Island. This is a record! The resulting mulch has been donated to BI Parks and Rec. We know the…

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Oil train protest

Islanders Blow the Whistle on Devastating Environmental Hazard of Coal & Oil Train

Will Washington become host to the largest coal and oil port in the country? Not if 16 Bainbridge Islanders and their fellow members have anything to do with it. The gang of 16 traveled to Seattle to meet up with 100 other protesters this past Sunday, January 26, to call attention to the proposed…

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Visconsi Hearings

Visconsi Development Hearings Highlight City’s Lack of Planning Leadership

A packed house in Bainbridge City Hall Chambers for over three hours last night (January 16) and today starting at 9 a.m. for the hearings on Ohio-based Visconsi Company’s proposed development at 305 and High School has generated a lot of exhibit documents, a fair amount of prickliness, and a little impatience on the part…

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bainbridge aerial deforestation

Google Earth Time-Lapse Images of Deforestation on Bainbridge Island

At a time when world agencies, governments, and businesses are waking up to the sobering reality of climate change and human sprawl impacts around our besieged planet—ocean acidification, species loss, deforestation, shrinking water supplies, and extreme weather, to name a few—Bainbridge Island faces its own ecological losses and threats. The fate of 8 acres, 830…

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yard signs

Candidate Yard Signs Get to Run Again Thanks to BI Zero Waste and BI Disposal

Remember last November when City Council candidates’ yard signs competed for your attention in all major intersections? The elections ended, and some candidates went home as others took an oath of office. Meanwhile, in a nonpartisan, islandwide recycling effort led by BI Zero Waste, the signs themselves gathered in a carport to await a a second…

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styrofoam on Rialto Beach

Keep Deadly Styrofoam out of Our Waters: Recycle Dropoff at Bay Hay This Weekend

As a CoastSaver volunteer I have seen the Styrofoam horror that besieges our ocean and coastlines. Think “horror” sounds hyperbolic? When you witness how the stuff endlessly breaks into smaller components without biodregrading, and when you attempt to pick up its multitude of minute fragments from otherwise pristine environments like Rialto Beach, you conclude there…

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Visconsi protest

Speak Your Mind at Final Hearing About Visconsi Shopping Development

The proposed commercial development on the northeast corner of Highway 305 and High School Road has caused quite an outcry of resistance in our community in recent months. And in a week and a half, on January 21, the final decision will be made about whether the forested land will be preserved or yielded to…

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State Reports All Is Geoducky with Washington Bivalves

The Washington State Department of Health reported today, January 7, that its testing shows Washington geoducks are safe to eat. Their investigation followed China’s December 5 ban on Washington State and other West Coast shellfish. The ban, in turn, followed China’s testing of a Poverty Bay-originating shipment of geoducks, which showed that arsenic levels exceeded…

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