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University of Phoenix bowl

Bainbridge Company Is Taking Nothing to the Super Bowl in Phoenix

Green Mountain Technologies, which is based on Bainbridge Island, is all about nothing when it comes to waste. The company, which was formed in 1992, helps organizations reduce their environmental footprint by making composting easy and affordable. Now GMT is taking its zero-waste philosophy to the Super Bowl. They’ve been contracted by the City of Phoenix to provide…

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more trees

Where to Find Christmas Trees on Bainbridge 2014

Bainbridge Island has plenty of places to keep your Christmas tree shopping local, whether you want to venture out and cut your own or buy one precut. Supporting local tree farms helps ensure their continued survival and preserve the precious undeveloped local land they occupy. Here is a list of Bainbridge Island Christmas tree vendors,…

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zucchini by courtney gibbons

Got a Champ Zuc? Join the Great Zucchini Races Next Saturday

Here’s what you can do with that zucchini that got away on the vine rather than trying to pass it off to a friend. Bainbridge Island’s Great Zucchini Races event is back by popular demand, and your zuc might just be the next free-wheeling winner, particularly if you bribe the judges. Bring your decked-out supersonic squash…

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battle point pea patch flowers by marilynn gottlieb

Photos of the Day: Battle Point Park Pea Patch in Buzzing Bloom

The Battle Point Park public pea patch presently has a lovely display of late-summer blooms. Bainbridge Island photographer Marilynn Gottlieb captured some of the garden’s colorful flower power and bee business this week.                                            …

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amber lotus coop shoot with susan suebert

Twelve Bainbridge Island Chicken Coops to Be Featured in National Calendar

A team from Portland-based Amber Lotus Publishing visited Bainbridge Island over the weekend for a three-day photo shoot of chicken coops. The company chose to exclusively feature Bainbridge coops for its 2016 City Chickens and Their Coops calendar, a popular item among their large line of wall calendars. Why Bainbridge? Amber Lotus Art Director Lydia Hess was…

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Suyematsu and Bentryn Family Farms

Curried Jade Dumplings? This Saturday Go from Farm to Fork to Cork (with Podcast)

Reading the menu is almost unbearable it sounds so good, and I may have to stop writing this at any moment to go get lunch. The EduCulture Farm to Fork to C0rk dinner this Saturday August 2 promises scrumptiousness of the locally grown variety. The EduCulture Partnership is an initiative of Global Source Education, which…

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kids with blueberry buckets

Get Sweet Summer Fatties Now at the Bainbridge Island Blueberry Farm

What could be finer than a bucketful of plump berries and a bright bouquet that you’ve harvested yourself in the sun at a local farm? Bainbridge Island Blueberry Co. on N. Madison Avenue has begun keeping u-pick hours for the start of what owner Stacy Lewars said is promising to be the farm’s best season…

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Updated: New Island Food Circle Connects You with Locally-Sourced Eats

Thanks to a new campaign through Sound Food, a branch of Sustainable Bainbridge, Bainbridge Island residents now have an easy way to find restaurants and retailers, as well as farms, that offer locally-sourced food. Businesses displaying the Island Food Circle decal are consistent and significant supporters of regional food and farming. “Bainbridge Islanders care about…

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farmers' market flowers

Winslow Farmers’ Market Season Sprouts up This Saturday

It’s that time again. Things are growing, and our local farmers are getting ready to share their spring harvests. The Winslow Bainbridge Island Farmers’ Market opens for the 2014 season on Saturday, April 12, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Town Square/City Hall Park. Mayor Anne Blair and City Manager Doug Schulze will…

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What’s a Farm Plan, What’s It for, and Does It Work on Bainbridge?

At Monday night’s (March 3) City Council meeting, the Council was introduced to the concept of farm plans during a study session presented by Planning and Community Development Director Kathy Cook and Kitsap Conservation District’s Brian Stahl. Farm plans, which are required under special circumstances ever since the Municipal Code update completed in 2011, are relatively…

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Letter to the Editor: Marijuana Factories Coming to a Neighborhood Near You?

Dear Editor and Fellow Islanders, I am writing to inform my Island neighbors of a very important issue that is being played out at City Hall this month, one which will affect all of us who live here, but which is not receiving the attention it deserves, considering what is at stake for Islanders. The…

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legal pot farm by Brett Levin Photography

A Pot Farm Could Be Your New Neighbor

Pot farming isn’t your typical peas and carrots. And that is why since voters passed I-502 to legalize recreational marijuana in Washington our state has been working to establish stringent rules about how it should be grown. According to Bainbridge Island City Planning and Community Development Director Kathy Cook, historically Bainbridge has not zoned specific areas for…

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smoking bud

Ruling Allows Local Governments to Ban Marijuana Businesses

Yesterday, January 16, Washington State Attorney General Robert Ferguson determined that local governments have the authority to overrule within their jurisdictions state law I-502 legalizing the production, processing, and selling of recreational marijuana. Ferguson stated, “Under Washington law, there is a strong presumption against finding that state law preempts local ordinances. Although Initiative 502 (I-502) establishes…

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pot plant

Bainbridge Pot Producer, Processor, and Retailer License Application Tally Grows

Although the month-long application period for marijuana business licenses closed on December 20,2013, the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) is still processing and announcing the applications. So our list from last week has grown considerably. According to media spokesperson Mikhail Carpenter WSLCB hopes to conclude its processing period by January 7, 2014. After assessing applications, it…

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Horns the goat

Ivy Got Your Goat? Bainbridge’s Herd of Hungry Weed Busters to the Rescue

Tired of hacking at Scotch broom and blackberry thickets? Goats might be the ticket. These days more and more people are getting back to the basics using goats to weed and clear overgrown land. Hearty eaters with a wide palate, goats make short order of tough invasive species like blackberries and ivy, have a low…

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Akio Suyematsu

Celebrate Islander Akio Suyematsu’s Life and Legacy Monday

When Akio Suyematsu died one year ago on July 31 at the age of 90, it felt like a Bainbridge era had come to an end. Suyematsu, the son of immigrant strawberry farmers who had been working their 40 acres since 1928 and one of the first Japanese Americans forcibly relocated to an internment camp,…

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Rolling Bay Farm blackberry jam

It’s Jam Season! Spoon into Rolling Bay Farm’s Blackberry Jam Recipe

by Adrienne Wolfe, Co-Owner of Rolling Bay Farm on Bainbridge Island August begins the fruit and berry harvesting here at Rolling Bay Farm. It starts with the harvesting of the plum trees. We have learned the painful lesson of how important it is to time our tree picking in our never-ending battle with other species. In…

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Chicken stare down

Chicken Curious or Crazed? Take the 2013 Tour de Coop

Warning: Beware of chicken fanatics. They run afowl these days. Duly Warned: The Fifth annual Bainbridge Island Tour de Coop is Saturday, July 20, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tickets for this self-guided tour of Bainbridge coops will be on sale starting July 13 at Bay Hay & Feed and Dana’s Showhouse. Tickest for…

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get yer spuds

Downtown Bainbridge Farmers’ Market Photo Gallery

The Bainbridge Farmers’ Market is in full swing now that spring is boldly blooming. Saturday turned up glorious greens, bread, cheese, spuds, jams, bees, birdhouses, banjo picking, potstickers, pottery, pasta, flowers, sweets, and a whole lot more local bounty to sample and take home. Here are some photo highlights from this weekend’s May 18 Market. Photos by…

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shellfish farm

Port Madison Shellfish Farm CSA Makes Good Eats and Good (Puget) Sound Sense

Want to add safe shellfish to your diet, keep it local, and help make our Puget Sound a healthier place? You can have your oyster and eat it too through the Port Madison Shellfish Farm CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program right here on Bainbridge Island. Located on the Bloedel Reserve tidelands, the Port Madison site is…

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