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porch light

Porch Lights on: National Night Out Moves to Town Square (with Pie Toss)

The annual free-food, free-information, free-fun event sponsored by the Bainbridge Island Police Department and local businesses to raise awareness about crime, crime prevention, and preparedness won’t be at Sakai this year as it has the previous two years. As it was in 2012, National Night Out will be held in City Hall Town Square, in…

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Two Bainbridge Accidents Highlight Mowing/Trimming Dangers

Lawn mowing can be a dangerous business. Two Bainbridge incidents from the past week highlight the potential dangers of mowers and powered lawn tools and the need to exert caution. On June 18, a woman parked her car at her place of employment on Madison. When she returned to the vehicle, the safety glass in her rear…

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Hey, Landlubbers and Salty Dogs Alike: Boater’s Fair Comes Ashore Tomorrow

The annual Bainbridge Island Boater’s Fair lands at Waterfront Park tomorrow, June 20, which happens to be National Marina Day. The goal of the fair is to entice you to partake in the many boating activities available on an Island and especially Bainbridge and to help you do so safely. The fair’s offerings range from diving to…

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BIFD Applicants

Over 100 Candidates Tested at Sakai for 4 New BIFD Positions

One hundred and twelve fit and well-groomed men and women lined up outside the front entrance to Sakai this morning, June 6, for a chance to earn one of four coveted full-time positions on the Bainbridge Island Fire Department. They were there to take the 2-hour written test of 100 questions selected by Training and Safety Officer…

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Kick up (off!) Your Heels at Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out (GNO) is around the corner, so mark your calendars, chicas. On May 7, it’s shop ’til you stop for a margarita fiesta at San Carlos Restaurant. The day of special discounts and events begins at noon in Winslow. Your GNO swag bag is your ticket. Pick up goody-filled swag bags for $10 at Eloisa’s,…

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Did You Feel That Earthquake?

It wasn’t a tremor this morning at 9:15 that shook City Hall. Instead, it was the rumble of City staff responding to today’s earthquake drill. City Hall was evacuated for 20 minutes. Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management, the organization behind the drill, wants to make sure you are prepared at your workplace for an earthquake….

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Kitsap County Is First in State to Accept 911 Text Service

Kitsap Cencom announced today, March 31, that it has begun accepting emergency texts to 911. The service is available to Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint customers. Kistap County is the first in the state to launch this service. The service is important for people who are deaf or have speech disabilities or who find themselves…

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Is That a Radio Tower, or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

Bainbridge Island City Manager Doug Schulze recently received FCC approval for a 10-year lease to operate an informational community radio station, at no cost, on two AM frequencies, 600kHz and 1700 kHz. Why two? Currently the City, working with Sustainable Bainbridge, is conducting testing to determine which spot on the dial (or digital display) will send…

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New Year's by Gary

Planning to Party on NYE? Fire Marshall Offers Some Safety Tips

State Fire Marshal Chuck Duffy is encouraging you to party safely this New Year’s and offering some tips you might not be thinking about as you plan how to updo your hair or ponder just how late you will be able to stay awake. Duffy says that get-togethers increase the risk for fire. And that…

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Lifeguard training

Photo of the Day: Aquatic Center Lifeguards Hone Their Skills

Today, December 20, Bainbridge Island Aquatic Center lifeguards got some refresher training in using the backboard for pool rescues. They took turns playing the victim in various scenarios involving different locations in the pool, including the access ramp and the frog slide. The lifeguards practiced turning victims onto their backs and then leading their fellow…

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A Sneak Peek at the Bainbridge Harrison Care Facility

The Bainbridge Harrison urgent, primary, and specialty care facility opens in just a few weeks. But you don’t have to wait that long to see it thanks to a guided tour yesterday, November 3, led by architect Matthew Coates and facility Operations Manager Meg Becker that provided plenty of photo opportunities. Primary Considerations Coates started…

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Police by Leonard Bentley

BIPD Is Looking for a Few Good Men and Women Who Like Uniforms

Do you want to serve your community, but bake sales, car washes, and walkathons are just not your thing? If you like uniforms and want to provide an important service, consider joining the Bainbridge Island Police Department Reserves. Reserve Officers perform a variety of functions including responding to medical emergencies and traffic accidents; patrolling the…

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be prepared badge by Calsidyrose

The Rotary Club Wants You to Watch This Emergency Preparedness Video

The Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island has long been active in advocating for emergency preparedness in our community. To encourage locals to get prepared and educate them about how, the Rotary has decided to make public a video about emergency preparedness that two of its members made. Tom McCloskey and Adrian Sawyer put together the video…

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Neighborhood Watch

Bainbridge Police Want You to Organize Your Neighborhood for Security

The Bainbridge Island Fire Department has been telling you this for years: Organize your neighborhood for emergency preparedness. Now the Bainbridge Island Police Department is taking up the refrain but, in their case, with an emphasis on security. BIPD is coordinating the Island-wide Neighborhood Watch program. To launch it, they are hosting a Neighborhood Watch…

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Fallen Tree on Point White Leads to 9-Hour Outage: PSE Explains Why

Yesterday, August 4, sometime after 1 p.m. a large tree came down on Point White Road, knocking out power to over 300 residents of the area. By around 2 p.m., emergency responders had announced the closure of the road. One Point White resident contacted IB this morning to say her power didn’t come back on…

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The Meek Family

Interview with Family of Bainbridge 8-Year-Old Behind Last Night’s Eagle Harbor Water Rescue

Third-grade Ordway Otter Grace Meek and her dad Sean were out fishing last night, August 31, in their 12-foot skiff when Grace heard someone calling out, “Help us.” The eight year old told her dad what she had heard. They were near Blakely Rock and the buoy, and there were a lot of seals nearby….

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National Night Out

National Night Out August 5: BIPD Officer Carla Sias Gives a Preview

This post is part of our new collaboration with Bainbridge Community Broadcasting. BCB is a nonprofit, all-volunteer audio broadcasting organization under the umbrella of Sustainable Bainbridge. Currently they are creating podcasts about community news and events. Soon they hope to be streaming live on the Internet. In our partnership, IB will be sharing BCB podcasts with our readers,…

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Climate Action Bainbridge Memorial Event for Lac-Mégantic Oil Explosion Victims

On July 6, 2013, 47 people were incinerated when an oil train carrying the highly flammable crude from the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota exploded in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec. This Thursday, July 10, Climate Action Bainbridge (formerly Coal Free Bainbridge) wants to join, as they put it, “countless other communities that have designated this week as…

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Zombie prep

Practical KCDEM Disaster Prep Steps You Can Take Today

The Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management issues disaster prep tips each month. The March list seems especially timely for a month of wind and heavy rains. KCDEM writes that, when it comes to disasters, “Planning for your recovery is just as important as planning for your response.” They recommend that now, before disaster strikes,…

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king tide bainbridge by joe michael

Climate Change on Bainbridge: We’re Talking Wyckoff, Visconsi, SMP & Waterfront Park

There isn’t much argument anymore that we’re well down the path of human-induced climate change. Albert Einstein’s famous definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, tells us that as the results of our behavior remain the same, we have to change business as usual to keep from reaching…

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