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After 3 Years Still Nothing Brewing in Winslow’s Empty Storyville Site

Entering into a new year, a rather gaping question persists about Winslow: What’s the Storyville with the empty business space in the center of our downtown? Formerly Winslow Hardware and Port Madison Home, the prime 6,000-square-foot Bainbridge Island real estate was purchased in late 2011 for $1.6 million by Storyville owners Islander Jon Phelps, Kris Rosentrater, and Jamie…

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Hey, Working Stiffs: Let’s Look at Jobs for Labor Day

In honor of Labor Day, we’re looking at jobs on Bainbridge Island. The American Community Survey of 2008-12 reported that 10,284 of us were employed, with a slight majority—5,452—being men. Of those male workers, 3,307 were in management, professional, and related occupations. The number of female workers in that category was 2,715. The next highest…

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Bainbridge Gets Credit Rating Upgrade from Moody’s

Moody’s Investor Service just gave Bainbridge a credit rating boost on July 8 by upgrading the City’s long-term rating from Aa3 to Aa2 on the City’s Unlimited Tax General Obligation (UTGO) bonds. Moody’s also upgraded the City’s Limited Tax General Obligation (LTGO) bond rating to Aa3 from A1. The UTGO rating action affects $5 million in…

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As the Rotary Turns: A Behind-the-Scenes Peek at the 2014 Auction w/ Photo Gallery

On the eve of the final dropoff day of the 2014 Bainbridge Island Rotary Auction, cars streamed in with this and that and that and this, while flocks of volunteers prepared the goods (and not-so-goods) for the big day, Saturday, June 28. In sum, approximately 350 volunteers work the Rotary, cleaning, sorting, pricing, and displaying…

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Andie Mackin

Bainbridge Downtown Association’s Andie Mackin Leaves to Work for Seattle’s Downtown

Andie Mackin, the Executive Director of the Bainbridge Island Downtown Association, who helped keep downtown alive during the difficult sewer system upgrade project that tore up Winslow, who captained the revitalization of the downtown economy, and who positioned BIDA as a model for the Main Street Historical Preservation Program, has accepted a job offer at…

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Historic Winslow sign

Local Tourism Funding at a Crossroads: Bill 2229 in Senate

Tourism is the fourth largest export industry in Washington State, employing more than 153,000 people. But since funding for the state tourism office was cut in 2011, the State has had to limp along with only a basic state tourism marketing program funded by the Washington Tourism Alliance. This has left Washington with a growth…

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2013 Main Street Program Invested $110,000 in Bainbridge Businesses

The Main Street Tax Credit Incentive Program nudges businesses into giving stimulus money to local businesses by offering B&O tax credits in return. In 2013, the program generated a high return on investment, including on Bainbridge Island. Contributions to the Bainbridge Main Street Program (through the Bainbridge Island Downtown Association) hit a new record of $110,000…

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empty space

Photos of the Day: It Doesn’t Get Any Lonelier Than This

Here is a photo gallery of empty and/or available commercial space on Bainbridge Island followed by a Steve Earle video. Related Stories: A Silk Purse Cannot Be Made from a Sow’s Ear: Two Experts Weigh in on Visconsi Visconsi Development Hearings Highlight City’s Lack of Planning Leadership Google Earth Time-Lapse Images of Deforestation on Bainbridge…

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Kitsap Bank Presentation

Kitsap Bank Gives $10,000 Check to Bainbridge Island Downtown Association

Tuesday afternoon, January 21, Mayor Pro Tem Val Tollefson, City Councilmember Steven Bonkowski, Bainbridge Island Downtown Association Executive Director Andie Mackin, and numerous Kitsap Bank officials met for the formal presentation of a $10,000 donation from Kitsap Bank to BIDA through the Main Street Program, which helps communities revitalize the economy, appearance, and image of their…

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StowThat Tells You Where to Put It

Bainbridge is the Google-Named Digital Capital of Washington, and for numerous good reasons. One is that there seems to be no end to Islanders’ excellent techie ideas. The latest is StowThat, a solution to storage needs in an era of grown children moving back home and economics-prompted downsizing. Co-Founder Jason Carroll describes it as the…

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Jerry Clark

Silver Screen Video, The Sequel—Coming Soon to Tormey Lane

The owner of Silver Screen Video, Jerry Clark, was all set to shut down his business of 25 years, due to a changing economy and new competing technology, such as live streaming. But then, after the announcement that his doors would close August 31, he received such an outpouring of love and support—combined with demands…

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Will ‘Buy Nothing Bainbridge’ Change the World?

An increasing movement of people say that humans need to change our definition of “growth.” They say the capitalist economic model of build more/buy more/supersize it is unsustainable, leading to overpopulation, climate change, planetary ecological collapse, and the sixth mass extinction—something a multitude of evidence shows is happening right now, day by day. On Bainbridge Island, there…

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Seen More Tourists on Bainbridge Lately? Here’s Why

Does Winslow seem busier than usual, teeming with meandering people sipping lattes, pausing confusedly in clumps in the middle of intersections, lusting after the perks of small-town life? The entity largely responsible for increased visitorship and the accompanying boost to the island economy is the Bainbridge Island Downtown Association and its recent marketing campaign. The…

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Paper Products Etc.

Paper Products Returns to Its “Roots”: Cuts Staff and Narrows Focus

Co-owner Terry Arndt said yesterday that Paper Product’s sales are 60 percent less than they were two years ago, and that was during the Winslow Way construction, which hurt a number of businesses. So the store is making some changes—what Arndt calls going back to the store’s roots: focusing on paper goods and service. The…

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waypoint welcome to bainbridge island

Bainbridge Named Fifth Best Place to Raise a Kid in Washington

From a financial standpoint anyway, Bainbridge is now considered the fifth best place in the state to raise a kid. That assessment comes from, a website created by self-described “nerds” devoted to synthesizing financial information to make “clear, unbiased, and personalized” recommendations for users. Their ratings are based largely on analysis of financial data….

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Down the Drain

Experts Counsel Against Likely H20 Divestiture Vote Tonight: Why You Should Care

At tonight’s (June 5) City Council meeting, the Council will be considering approving an agreement with Kitsap Public Utilities District to take over management of our City water. So far, it appears as if the Council is split three-three with one vote still not yet shored up for either side. Citizens on both sides of…

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eleven winery

Eleven Winery Gets “Square,” Adopting Innovative Fundraising Model

Like many 21st-century entrepreneurs, Eleven Winery’s Matt Albee is looking to new models for fundraising for his business. And like many entrepreneurs, he’s engaging in a system of crowdfunding. But instead of using Kickstarter, as many of his peers are, Albee has turned to a Seattle-based company, Community Sourced Capital (CSC), to raise the $20,000…

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Shift Change

Acclaimed Documentary “Shift Change: Putting Democracy to Work” Shows May 9

The aptly named “Shift Change: Putting Democracy to Work” by Seattle-area filmmakers Mark Dworkin and Melissa Young is all about shifting business ownership to the people who do the work. It’s not a new idea, and yet in our transnational corporate-dominated global economy this simple and sound notion rings “radical.” Successful cooperatives such as REI, Group Health,…

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Public WiFi in the Works for Winslow

Broad band is on its way to downtown Bainbridge. According to Rex Oliver, President of the Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber has been working with the Kitsap Public Utility District (KPUD) to get free WiFi in Winslow, and they are one signature away from taking the next steps to instal broad band around…

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Peering Over the Fiscal Cliff

by Mark Kruse, December 23, 2012, 1:25 p.m. The year-end economic “Fiscal Cliff” facing the United States has generated a great deal of media attention and consequent anxiety. Beneath the political bluster, the Fiscal Cliff represents a battle between two contradicting economic values: maintaining economic growth and balancing the federal government budget. It is quite…

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