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agle beak by WSWS

Wildlife Shelter Goes MacGyver to Fix Eagle’s Fractured Beak

by Alicia Bye, DVM Fractures are one of the most common injuries we see at the West Sound Wildlife Shelter. We see simple and complicated fractures. We know what we can fix at the Shelter and how to do so, and we also know when we need to refer cases. But we weren’t sure what to do…

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West Sound Wildlife Shelter Blasts Spring Intake and Release Records

This spring was a busy season at the West Sound Wildlife Shelter. Between January 1 and June 15, the shelter took in a record-breaking 756 patients. Compare that with 596 over the same period in 2014, representing a 27 percent increase in 2015. Is the increase due to a growth in the animal population? Or might…

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sakai osprey babies

Photos of the Day: Sakai Osprey Hatch Two Lively Little Ones

The osprey pair who relocated this spring to a specially built platform behind Sakai School after several years of struggling to nest on a cell phone tower next to the Coppertop commercial district are too busy for a baby shower. These dedicated parents are spending their days catching and flying in food for their demanding…

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cedar waxwings sharing a berry

Photo Series of the Day: Love Birds? Or Gimme That Sucka!

Ah, love. Caring, sharing, giving, taking, and sometimes taking for granted. Fruit eaters, these striking cedar waxwings are “sharing” a berry. Named because of their preference for cedar trees, these elusive birds are shy of humans but gregarious with their own kind, living and breeding in flocks. Thanks Jay Wiggs for sharing these great photos!    …

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protection island sign with eagle

Protection Island Wildlife Refuge a Precious Haven in Our Midst (w/ Photo Gallery)

About 7 miles west of Port Townsend at the entrance to Discovery Bay is a remarkable 364-acre (half square-mile) land mass that despite its modest size serves as the nesting ground for nearly three-quarters of Puget Sound’s seabirds. If Protection Island’s irresistibly colorful tufted puffins aren’t impressive enough, there are also some 20,000 pairs of…

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baby barn swallows

Photos of the Day: Into the Mouths of Babes

With their awesome aerial agility, barn swallows are a delight to watch. And if you’ve ever been buzzed by them, it’s quite an experience to feel the air move a feather’s length away from your skin as they fly by with utter precision. With demanding babes like these, mother and father work long hours to catch insects on…

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orca jay wiggs

Photo Series: Orca Pod off Kingston

According to Orca Network, several people spotted a large pod of unknown ecotype last night, June 4, between Kingston and Edmonds. The organization is currently working to identify the sighted individuals. Luckily, Inside Bainbridge photographer Jay Wiggs captured the playful group in a series of photos taken near Kingston. Jay gets around!      …

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Name That Bird: Flashy Ant Eater

About the size of an American crow, this striking bird with a bright red crest and bold black and white markings is the largest woodpecker in North America. Besides being nice to look at, this bird is a good friend to have around, as about 60 percent of its diet is carpenter ants, which it pursues…

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sea star on piling

Beach Naturalists to Lead Search for Sea Stars Under the Bainbridge Ferry Terminal

Bainbridge Beach Naturalists are heading out for a new adventure on Monday, May 18, and you’re invited. The free event will be at the Bainbridge ferry terminal beach from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Learn about the impressive variety of sea creatures that live on and around the pilings at the ferry dock. Naturalists will guide the…

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fierce eagle jay wiggs

Photos of the Day: Not Yer Everyday Eagle Pics

In these parts we do love our bald eagles, and we do often photograph them. And try as we might not to overdo the eagle eyes here at IB, we just can’t help but share these photos of this particular by turns fierce and thoughtfully alert raptor. Thank you wildlife photographer Jay Wiggs for sharing…

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pheasant and quail

Love Is a Many Splendored Thing . . .

These unlikely sweethearts, a female California quail and a male pheasant 10 times her size, embody the truism that love conquers all. According to Winslow resident Neil Johannsen, these two love birds have been spending all their time together for the past three weeks in his half-acre yard. But for this unlikely pair it wasn’t love…

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peregrine falcon female shot, dottie tison

Agate Pass Bridge Nesting Peregrine Falcon Shot

[Updated 1:19 p.m. and 2:49 p.m. April 20, 2015.] In early April, West Sound Wildlife Shelter got a call about a stressed raptor walking in the parking lot on the northwest side of Agate Pass Bridge. Unable to fly, the bird was spotted near the beach trail head on the Casino side of Highway 305….

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Unhappy crow

Photo of the Day: Crow Bar

Reader Jeff Dalton had the quick instincts to snap this photo today, April 16, at Pritchard Park of a crow dive bombing an eagle perched atop a tree. This behavior, known as “mobbing,” is designed to protect nested young from predation, either by annoying the predator until it leaves or by distracting it so it can’t find nests…

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coppertop osprey mating at Sakai

Coppertop Osprey Relocate from Cell Tower to Sakai Platform (+ PG-13 Photos)

Remember the “Coppertop osprey”? Historically they nested each spring on the cell tower at the edge of the Coppertop commercial center. To deter the birds, the cell company began removing their nest after breeding season. Last year an excluder device installed on the tower made things even more challenging for the birds. For weeks they risked injury…

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sapsucker woodpecker pecking metal gutter

Sound of the Week: My Woodpecker Is a Loud Genius

This male red-breasted sapsucker, a type of woodpecker fairly common in the Pacific Northwest, has apparently chosen an unusual way to attract a mate. When he is not feeding at trees or calling, he has taken to pounding at the gutter on my house, greatly amplifying the rapping sound of his pecking. Indeed, this is just…

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heron striking in water

Photos of the Day: Mama Don’t Miss

This Great Blue Heron in Eagle Harbor took her time and was rewarded with a fresh fish. She’ll need to fatten up quickly to have the energy to care for her soon-to-hatch brood in Winslow’s Lovell Avenue heronry, a colony that established itself a few years ago. Females typically lay 2-6 eggs, and both mom and dad work…

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sea lions kissing

Photos of the Day: The Kiss

It’s that time of year: Love is in the air—and sea. Thank you nature photographer Jay Wiggs for sharing this shot of sea lions kissing, along with a lovely panoramic view, taken yesterday off the Olympic Peninsula coast. With scenery like this, no wonder they’re feeling romantic.                …

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baby squirrel

You’re Invited to a Baby Shower at West Sound Wildlife Shelter

The West Sound Wildlife Shelter (WSWS) is expecting. WSWS estimates that 800 or more injured, sick, and/or orphaned wildlife babies across a wide range of species will start arriving at the Shelter later this month, lasting through the summer. As the Shelter gears up for baby season, they need supplies. WSWS invites the public to its first…

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great blue heron in nest

Early Birds Begin Nesting at the Lovell Avenue Heronry

With our mild weather this winter, breeding great blue herons have started nesting early this season at their Winslow site on Lovell Avenue. Bainbridge-based photographer Paul Brians captured a few breeding pairs already at work on their nests this week. Colony breeders, great blue herons have had several rookeries, known as heronries, on Bainbridge Island in…

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name that bird 2/24/15 jay wiiggs

Name That Bird: Green-Eyed Angler

Commonly spotted around Bainbridge Island shores, this sociable coastal bird, slightly smaller than a goose, gathers in colonies. The males choose a nesting site and gather most of the nesting material, while the females are the nest architects. With less preen oil than most waterbirds, this species spends much of its time drying its outspread…

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