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great blue heron in nest

Early Birds Begin Nesting at the Lovell Avenue Heronry

With our mild weather this winter, breeding great blue herons have started nesting early this season at their Winslow site on Lovell Avenue. Bainbridge-based photographer Paul Brians captured a few breeding pairs already at work on their nests this week. Colony breeders, great blue herons have had several rookeries, known as heronries, on Bainbridge Island in…

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name that bird 2/24/15 jay wiiggs

Name That Bird: Green-Eyed Angler

Commonly spotted around Bainbridge Island shores, this sociable coastal bird, slightly smaller than a goose, gathers in colonies. The males choose a nesting site and gather most of the nesting material, while the females are the nest architects. With less preen oil than most waterbirds, this species spends much of its time drying its outspread…

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where pond by marilynn gottlieb

Name (and Find) That Bird: Silent Stalker

This double challenge comes courtesy of Bainbridge Island photographer Marilynn Gottlieb. Can you find and identify this familiar species reflected in the Battle Point Park pond among the reeds and branches? It hangs around water and uses its blade-like bill to snap up smaller prey and stab large fish. Click photo to enlarge (twice).  …

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Juvenile Gray Whale Found Under Colman Dock Was Hit by Propeller

The gray whale that was found dead under Slip 1 at Colman ferry dock in Seattle on Wednesday was likely killed by a ship’s propeller. That was the preliminary finding of the necropsy conducted today, January 24, by Cascadia Research. The juvenile female whale was likely between two and three years old. The necropsy determined…

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dead whale

NOAA Working to Set up Whale Necropsy for Tomorrow

Michael Milstein, a public affairs official for NOAA Fisheries, said today that the whale discovered yesterday, January 22, underneath Slip 1 at the Colman ferry dock was a 32-foot-long female gray whale. She likely had been dead a couple of days judging by the level of decomposition of the body. Milstein explained that the property owner is…

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Dead Gray Whale Found Under Colman Dock

This morning, January 22, before 9, Washington State Ferry workers spotted a dead Western gray whale under the slip usually used for loading Bainbridge-Seattle vehicle traffic. Ferry workers estimated the whale’s length at 25 feet. A ferry passenger said he had seen a gray whale swimming at the surface in the area and wondered if…

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chickadee at feeder

A Guide to Healthy Winter Bird Feeding

by Cate McCaslin, Development and Special Events Manager at West Sound Wildlife Shelter Winter weather is hard on birds, whether it be resident species or migratory ones traveling through. To stay warm, their calorie requirements increase; some birds must eat a third to three-quarters of their weight each day. In addition, food becomes hard to find, increasing…

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barred owl from chimney

The Extraordinary Predicament of the Owl Trapped Down a 50-Foot Chimney

After a couple of days of hearing fluttering in his chimney, a Silverdale homeowner reached through the fireplace’s flue with his camera and took a shot. What he saw was a shock. Looking directly at the camera was a curious, round-eyed, stressed, and very sooty Barred Owl. The homeowner called West Sound Wildlife Shelter (WSWS)…

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foggy battle point park

Photo & Sound of the Day: F(r)oggy Battle Point Park

As the deep fog settled over Battle Point Park Sunday evening, December 7, a chirping Pacific tree frog sounded through the misted world, as it has for weeks. With amphibians taking the front-line hits of climate change and their worldwide populations plummeting, it is an increasingly lovely and rare privilege to hear them. Here is…

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eagle in tree JH

A New Brooklyn Road Eagle’s Rescue and Release Story + Video

A couple of weeks ago during a rainy spell Ken and Sue Hassenmiller awoke to discover a large bald eagle standing in their back yard off of New Brooklyn Road. Ken said they had heard a commotion of animal noises during the night. By the time they got up in the morning one injured eagle…

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baby birds by Dottie Tison

A Record-Breaking Year for West Sound Wildlife Shelter

by Cate McCaslin, Special Events & Development Coordinator at West Sound Wildlife Shelter It’s been a record-smashing year already at West Sound Wildlife Shelter. For fun (and to get a good idea about 2015) we decided to add up our numbers, and what we found was simply astounding! The following numbers are for 2014 up…

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hawk name that bird by jay wiggs

Name That Bird: Ubiquitous Beauty

This stunning, familiar bird is the most common raptor in North America. With 14 subspecies, it has variable plumage but is nonetheless relatively easy to identify, with its large body, rounded wings, and wide short tail. This keen-eyed, efficient hunter is highly adaptable and thrives in a wide range of habitats. Monogamous, this raptor typically…

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Blackberry jpod p-27 orca by Kim

New Map Shows Best Places to See Orcas in Puget Sound

Resident orcas are expected in Puget Sound this week on the hunt for their primary food, salmon, which are returning to area rivers to spawn. Now the nonprofit organization Orca Network has published a map of good on-shore locations for spotting whales in Puget Sound and surrounding areas, from north of Whidbey Island to south…

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name that bird deranged yodeler

Name That Bird: Deranged Yodeler from Dino Time?

This large striking black-and-white red-eyed water bird can be spotted on coastlines and inland fresh lakes in the Pacific Northwest. Lucky Bainbridge Islanders occasionally see this species or hear its unmistakable tremolo and yodel calls, which can travel as far as five miles away to the human ear. One of the oldest birds on Earth,…

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fawn eating blackberries JH

Photos of the Day: Sweet Tooth

While her companions, two does and another fawn, were content to munch on grass, this young black-tailed deer helped herself to juicy blackberries in their prime right off the vine off of Arrow Point Drive. She also browsed on the blackberry leaves and tenderest vines. Deer will feed on a range of berries, including salmonberry,…

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kestrel by jay wiggs

Name That Bird: The Littlest Falcon

This colorful, feisty raptor is the smallest falcon in North America. Often seen in the Pacific Northwest in open spaces along roads, on wires, and in meadows and farmland, this graceful flyer helicopters on the wing and catches a variety of large insects, small rodents, and occasionally small birds on the ground or sometimes in…

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pregnant doe

Wildlife Shelter Issues Watch for Displaced Wildlife During Visconsi Clear-Cut

Bainbridge Island’s West Sound Wildlife Shelter has issued a statement to the public warning people about wildlife displaced and/or injured by the destruction of the forest habitat at High School Road and Highway 305 today, August 20, as the land is rapidly clear-cut by feller bunchers. The Shelter anticipates animals running onto nearby roads, including…

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osprey rescue at battle point

Battle Point Osprey Falls From Nest, Gets Rescued—Twice (w/ Photo Gallery)

At 9:30 Friday morning, August 15, a fledgling osprey fell some 120 feet out of its nest from the platform above the Battle Point Park water tower. Bainbridge Island Park District workers spotted the young osprey on the ground a little ways north of the water tower, where it was flapping around, apparently unable to…

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Battle Point Park nest, by Kelvin Hughes

Three Bainbridge Osprey Moms React Very Differently to ‘Operation Coptercam’

Three high-profile Bainbridge Island opsrey nests were photographed by a flying camera last week. One mother immediately flew to her nest to protect her babies; one was blasé; and one repeatedly attempted to body slam the cam, screaming in a rage. If you follow our local osprey, you may be able to make educated guesses…

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name that bird

Name That Bird: Orange Is the New Black

This big coastal bird is hard to miss along rocky shorelines with its long reddish-orange bill and pink legs contrasted by its brown-black or brown-black and white plumage. This vocal bird of the Pacific Coast can be found from Alaska to Baja California, including on rocky beaches around Kitsap. It uses its strong bill to easily…

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