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Trinity PAWS dog

Animal Tales: This Snuggly Greyhound/ Pit Mix Wants to Be Your Number 1

by Melissa Byrd of PAWS of Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap Thank you Paws & Fins Pet Shop for sponsoring our weekly Animal Tales feature. Five-year-old Trinity is a greyhound/pit bull mix. Trinity is a sweet, sensitive girl who is the lowest ranking dog in a home with several other canines. Her owner loves her but…

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fierce eagle jay wiggs

Photos of the Day: Not Yer Everyday Eagle Pics

In these parts we do love our bald eagles, and we do often photograph them. And try as we might not to overdo the eagle eyes here at IB, we just can’t help but share these photos of this particular by turns fierce and thoughtfully alert raptor. Thank you wildlife photographer Jay Wiggs for sharing…

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pheasant and quail

Love Is a Many Splendored Thing . . .

These unlikely sweethearts, a female California quail and a male pheasant 10 times her size, embody the truism that love conquers all. According to Winslow resident Neil Johannsen, these two love birds have been spending all their time together for the past three weeks in his half-acre yard. But for this unlikely pair it wasn’t love…

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peregrine falcon female shot, dottie tison

Agate Pass Bridge Nesting Peregrine Falcon Shot

[Updated 1:19 p.m. and 2:49 p.m. April 20, 2015.] In early April, West Sound Wildlife Shelter got a call about a stressed raptor walking in the parking lot on the northwest side of Agate Pass Bridge. Unable to fly, the bird was spotted near the beach trail head on the Casino side of Highway 305….

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Photo of the Day: Unbearable Cuteness

Some things are just too cute to look at. The newborn lamb is part of the Herdwick sheep herd at the K-8 Carden Country School on Island Center Road. Office Manager Mrs. Cook said there are 12 lambs this year. Although there are only 9 adult sheep, there were many multiple births. Cook, who is also an…

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Unhappy crow

Photo of the Day: Crow Bar

Reader Jeff Dalton had the quick instincts to snap this photo today, April 16, at Pritchard Park of a crow dive bombing an eagle perched atop a tree. This behavior, known as “mobbing,” is designed to protect nested young from predation, either by annoying the predator until it leaves or by distracting it so it can’t find nests…

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coppertop osprey mating at Sakai

Coppertop Osprey Relocate from Cell Tower to Sakai Platform (+ PG-13 Photos)

Remember the “Coppertop osprey”? Historically they nested each spring on the cell tower at the edge of the Coppertop commercial center. To deter the birds, the cell company began removing their nest after breeding season. Last year an excluder device installed on the tower made things even more challenging for the birds. For weeks they risked injury…

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sapsucker woodpecker pecking metal gutter

Sound of the Week: My Woodpecker Is a Loud Genius

This male red-breasted sapsucker, a type of woodpecker fairly common in the Pacific Northwest, has apparently chosen an unusual way to attract a mate. When he is not feeding at trees or calling, he has taken to pounding at the gutter on my house, greatly amplifying the rapping sound of his pecking. Indeed, this is just…

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dog in mailbox

Letter to the Editor: Doggedly Addressing the City Council

Dear City Council Members: I apologize for not being able to make the meeting on Tuesday evening. I understand from the posted agenda that Council is still intent on passing an ordinance that makes it a punishable offense to walk your dog off-leash and under voice control within the Lynwood Center and Winslow service areas,…

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happy dogs on beach

Citizens Launch Petition to Protect Off-Leash Dog Rights at Pritchard Park

A petition campaign was launched yesterday afternoon, March 22, requesting that the City of Bainbridge Island (COBI) stipulate off-leash dog hours in its land transfer to the Park District. COBI is transferring ownership of Pritchard Park, which includes rare public beach access on Bainbridge Island, to the Park District. Pritchard Park is comprised of three…

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heron striking in water

Photos of the Day: Mama Don’t Miss

This Great Blue Heron in Eagle Harbor took her time and was rewarded with a fresh fish. She’ll need to fatten up quickly to have the energy to care for her soon-to-hatch brood in Winslow’s Lovell Avenue heronry, a colony that established itself a few years ago. Females typically lay 2-6 eggs, and both mom and dad work…

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Council Set to Pass Tamer Leash Law, Considers Off-Leash Trial at Pritchard

At the March 24 City Council meeting, the Council will be voting on and likely passing a much softened version of their originally proposed dog leash law. At this week’s March 17 meeting, the Council had the chance to discuss the latest version on the table and they decided to advance it to next week’s consent…

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sea lions kissing

Photos of the Day: The Kiss

It’s that time of year: Love is in the air—and sea. Thank you nature photographer Jay Wiggs for sharing this shot of sea lions kissing, along with a lovely panoramic view, taken yesterday off the Olympic Peninsula coast. With scenery like this, no wonder they’re feeling romantic.                …

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baby squirrel

You’re Invited to a Baby Shower at West Sound Wildlife Shelter

The West Sound Wildlife Shelter (WSWS) is expecting. WSWS estimates that 800 or more injured, sick, and/or orphaned wildlife babies across a wide range of species will start arriving at the Shelter later this month, lasting through the summer. As the Shelter gears up for baby season, they need supplies. WSWS invites the public to its first…

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great blue heron in nest

Early Birds Begin Nesting at the Lovell Avenue Heronry

With our mild weather this winter, breeding great blue herons have started nesting early this season at their Winslow site on Lovell Avenue. Bainbridge-based photographer Paul Brians captured a few breeding pairs already at work on their nests this week. Colony breeders, great blue herons have had several rookeries, known as heronries, on Bainbridge Island in…

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name that bird 2/24/15 jay wiiggs

Name That Bird: Green-Eyed Angler

Commonly spotted around Bainbridge Island shores, this sociable coastal bird, slightly smaller than a goose, gathers in colonies. The males choose a nesting site and gather most of the nesting material, while the females are the nest architects. With less preen oil than most waterbirds, this species spends much of its time drying its outspread…

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western black legged ticks life stages from CA Dept Health

The Facts About Ticks and Lyme Disease in Western Washington

These days most of us have relatives or friends struggling with Lyme Disease and its devastating impact. An infectious disease, Lyme is caused by at least three species of bacteria from the genus Borrelia, which dates back some 20 million years. Lyme disease in the United States was identified in 1975 when a constellation of cases…

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name that cat litter contest logo

Our PAWS Makes Finalist in Giveaway Contest: Vote for Them!

When Pete Lovejoy added his cat’s name, Daisy, in the Name That Cat Freekatlitter Contest, he never expected that his would be selected among three finalists from 11,676 name nominations. The good news for local felines is that Lovejoy named PAWS of Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap as the recipient of the prize if “Daisy” wins….

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dogs on leash

City Council Considers Law Requiring Leashing Dogs in Your Own Living Room

The ongoing debate over leashing dogs continues at City Hall tomorrow night, February 10. The Council is considering whether to adopt a revised ordinance that would require all dogs to be leashed on city property and private property not owned or leased by the dog owner, except for officially sanctioned off-leash dog areas—the two fenced…

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dog in mailbox

Letter to the Editor: To Leash or Not to Leash

[Note to readers: The Bainbridge Island City Council is considering an Island-wide leash law at tomorrow night’s meeting.] To leash or not to leash should not be a question. At least not one asked by the Bainbridge Island City Council. If the City Council passes an Island-wide leash law, the City is, yet again, listening…

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