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pregnant doe

Wildlife Shelter Issues Watch for Displaced Wildlife During Visconsi Clear-Cut

Bainbridge Island’s West Sound Wildlife Shelter has issued a statement to the public warning people about wildlife displaced and/or injured by the destruction of the forest habitat at High School Road and Highway 305 today, August 20, as the land is rapidly clear-cut by feller bunchers. The Shelter anticipates animals running onto nearby roads, including…

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osprey rescue at battle point

Battle Point Osprey Falls From Nest, Gets Rescued—Twice (w/ Photo Gallery)

At 9:30 Friday morning, August 15, a fledgling osprey fell some 120 feet out of its nest from the platform above the Battle Point Park water tower. Bainbridge Island Park District workers spotted the young osprey on the ground a little ways north of the water tower, where it was flapping around, apparently unable to…

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paws kittens

Animal Tales: PAWS Has 80 Kittens for You

by Melissa Byrd of PAWS of Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap Thank you Paws & Fins Pet Shop for sponsoring our weekly Animal Tales feature. The call comes in to PAWS: “A cat showed up at my house a few days ago and now she has X (fill in any number between 1 and 8 so…

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khs free cat day

Thursday Is Free Cat Day at Kitsap Humane Society

On Thursday, August 14, Kitsap Humane Society (KHS) will waive all adoption fees for cats 6 months and older. KHS will be open from 12 to 6:30 p.m., with adoption counsels closing at 5:30 p.m. Every adopted cat comes vaccinated, treated for fleas, dewormed, microchipped, and spayed or neutered. Each cat costs KHS a minimum…

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Dial 911

Car Nosedives into Ravine on 305: Rush Hour Traffic Slowdown Ensues

At about 4:45 this afternoon, the Bainbridge Fire Department responded to a 911 call about a car that had gone into the ditch on the west side of 305. Witnesses said the southbound vehicle drifted off the road and went up and over the railing. The car ended up nose down into a sheer 15-foot drop…

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name that bird swivel head

Name That Bird: Juvenile Swivel Head

Been hearing this unusual sound lately at night? This fledgling makes that slightly eery call to mom and dad for food and attention. When I took these recent photos, it was sitting silently in the evening in my yard, apparently practicing hunting on its own. A crow was none too happy to see this youngster moving…

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raise the woof khs fundraiser

KHS Raises the Woof on the Rock(s): Get Your Tickets Now for This Catered Concert

Summer is far from over, and this season’s hottest act on the Rock is yet to come. The Kitsap Humane Society (KHS) is throwing a party (adults only) here on Bainbridge Island, and you’re invited. The brainchild of five KHS board members who live on Bainbridge, Raise the Woof promises to be the first of…

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Battle Point Park nest, by Kelvin Hughes

Three Bainbridge Osprey Moms React Very Differently to ‘Operation Coptercam’

Three high-profile Bainbridge Island opsrey nests were photographed by a flying camera last week. One mother immediately flew to her nest to protect her babies; one was blasé; and one repeatedly attempted to body slam the cam, screaming in a rage. If you follow our local osprey, you may be able to make educated guesses…

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amber lotus coop shoot with susan suebert

Twelve Bainbridge Island Chicken Coops to Be Featured in National Calendar

A team from Portland-based Amber Lotus Publishing visited Bainbridge Island over the weekend for a three-day photo shoot of chicken coops. The company chose to exclusively feature Bainbridge coops for its 2016 City Chickens and Their Coops calendar, a popular item among their large line of wall calendars. Why Bainbridge? Amber Lotus Art Director Lydia Hess was…

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name that bird

Name That Bird: Orange Is the New Black

This big coastal bird is hard to miss along rocky shorelines with its long reddish-orange bill and pink legs contrasted by its brown-black or brown-black and white plumage. This vocal bird of the Pacific Coast can be found from Alaska to Baja California, including on rocky beaches around Kitsap. It uses its strong bill to easily…

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baby kingfisher by dottie tison

The Little Kingfisher That Could

by Cate McCaslin, Special Events & Development Coordinator West Sound Wildlife Shelter In early June here at West Sound Wildlife Shelter we got a call from the Tacoma area about two baby herons that were in need of immediate assistance. One of the Shelter’s long-time supporters who happened to be in Tacoma at the time picked up…

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Westie Walkers

Photo of the Day: Westie Walk

A pack of button-cute Westies (West Highland White Terriers) gathered with their people yesterday, July 27, at Bainbridge Island’s Battle Point Park (BPP) for their weekly Westie Walk. The Westie lovers explained that the breed especially enjoys the company of its kind. A loose group of Westies and friends meets each Sunday at about 11 a.m….

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plover by Jay Wiggs

Name That Bird: And the Oscar Goes to . . .

Unlike most shorebirds, this graceful slender-winged plover is often seen on dry land, where it may make its nest and hunt for worms and insects. Whether on the beach or in a field or lawn, this bird is quite the thespian, darting about, calling shrilly (the source of its name), and even sometimes feigning a…

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bantam rooster at Church garden

The Flap About Rooster Dumping and Ethical Urban Farming

In the last week members of the Eagle Harbor Congregational Church community garden in Winslow have reported incidents of roosters being left in their garden. The large fenced garden is a beautiful sprawling area with dozens of well-tended beds and a chicken coop. Several days ago members discovered a small Bantam rooster in the garden…

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name that bird gone in a flash

Name That Bird: Gone in a Flash

Unlike most species of woodpecker, this relatively large bird spends much of its time on the ground digging up ants and beetles with its slightly curved bill. A Washington native, it is relatively common on Bainbridge Island. The best way to identify this handsome bird is by the unmistakable flash of white on its rump…

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puppy by Klearchos Kapoutsis

Connect Through the New BI Lost Pets Facebook Group

With fireworks season just ending, many of us have been hearing about and/or experiencing lost animal family members. It just got easier to connect lost/found/seen pets with their families on Bainbridge Island. Joan Rossi has just launched a Facebook Group devoted exclusively to reuniting lost pets. She invites people to post photos and information. Visit…

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Found Dog: Watson

At 1:15 this afternoon, July 16, a woman near Frey and Arrowpoint found an older male golden retriever named Watson. Watson had obviously been to the beach. She tried calling the number on his collar, but the message went to generic voice mail. If you know this dog, call 206-659-8863.

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Strawberry Hill strawberry rock

New Bainbridge Island Dog Park Set to Open

Bainbridge Island canines will have a new place to run off leash with official sanction as of July 31. According to Park Services Superintendent Dan Hamlin, the Strawberry Hill enclosed dog park will feature approximately 2.4 acres of fenced area, with a separate section designated for small, shy, and/or recuperating dogs. The park will be…

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coppertop osprey chicks

Welcome to the World, Coppertop Osprey Chicks!

The osprey pair who returned this spring to their nest site off of Sportsman Club Road next to Bainbridge Island’s Coppertop commercial center faced a serious challenge that threatened their safety and reproductive success. An excluder device had been installed on the T-Mobile cell tower where they had traditionally built their nest, and the company had…

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great blue heron on eagle harbor piling

Photos of the Day: Dawn Lookout

The most patient of creatures, this great blue heron stood watch on Bainbridge’s Eagle Harbor at dawn. Watch out fishes. Photos courtesy of Jay Wiggs.                                    

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