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  • This friendly little bird showed up one evening. My daughter (pictured) calls him Jack. Jack ran back and forth between my daughter and me hopping up on our hands or resting in our laps. We would love to the know the rest of the story. Do you know this bird?

  • lily-whole-body-6c98372d88baabb765daac192fa269dc3ee002d6


    Our new puppy Star Gazer\'s Lily who\'ll be living with us as of 1/14/12

  • 4 of a gang of 6 Jack Russell pups at Sweetlife Farm, 9 weeks old. We pose for treats.....

  • Blossom

  • This is Piper, the Shore Family terrier-border collie rescue mix and the fastest dog we have ever seen. She is sweet with everyone. Her only faults are that she steals from the kitchen garbage can and rolls in stinky things on the beach. But we love her anyways (after a bath).

  • Our beloved rescue pup, Junebug. Read about her in our post: Bainbridge Girl\'s Rescue and Reunion Story.

Join our gallery of Inside Bainbridge readers’ animal family members! Upload a jpeg (not too large, please), and we’ll post it here once we’ve had a chance to review it. Make sure to give us a brief description.

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    Love that photo of Piper!


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