Ten Reasons to Advertise with Us

  1. We’re online. The trend is for people to get their media online—via iPad, smart phone, or computer. So why advertise in a newspaper? Your newspaper ad gets seen once, and then it’s tossed. An online ad gets seen again and again, every day, as people return for regularly updated content, which we provide seven days a week. If you’re looking for key information at your fingertips, you go online. That’s where your ad belongs too.
  2. Online ads give you more. Your online ad links to your website and/or Facebook page, so people can go find out more about you right away, while they’re thinking about it, before they get distracted and walk away. Even better, you can link your ad to a landing page on your website that offers viewers extra incentive, such as a coupon, photo, video, or information about a special event.
  3. We update our site every day. That means our readers check back regularly to find out what’s happening. You want your ad to be here, where thousands of people are looking each day and people will see it again and again.
  4. We’re local (genuinely). We’re focused on your targeted customers, with an insider’s knowledge and love of the Island. We’re not part of an impersonal media chain. We are real Islanders, deeply invested in Island people and Island life. We live here, our kids go to school here, our friends are here. Our website reflects that. Local is not just a buzzword. Local means creating a self-sustaining community of people who support one another, sharing every kind of wealth—monetary, knowledge, support, and happiness.
  5. We have friends in high places. We’re the only Island-based independent news partner of The Seattle Times and King5.com, so you get not just local but regional eyeballs on your ad. When our partner picks up one of our stories (often a daily occurrence), they link to us on their Home page, bringing hundreds of viewers from the region to our website, where your ad could be for them to see.
  6. We’re a one-stop website. Many of our readers use us as their Internet Home Page. Why? Because we provide Bainbridge Island breaking news, information, and daily resources, including ferry cams and schedules, a calendar of events, movie times, stock reports, an energy dashboard, local weather, a tide chart, and more.
  7. We moderate our comments. By moderating reader comments, we raise the bar, encouraging civil discourse and discouraging the irresponsible anonymity of some online commentary. We are not interested in endless arguments and negative self-indulgent tirades, but we do invite respectful disagreement and debate.
  8. We let you update your ad. Some advertising sources get your ad from you and then glue it into place. We not only accept periodic changes, we encourage them. We think the best ads mix it up from time to time, making people look again with fresh eyes. Our goal is to make you happy and help your business succeed. We want you happy so you stick around, and we’re committed to working actively with you to make that happen.
  9. Other news sources copy us. Enough said. Well, there’s one more thing: We do it better than the copycats do.
  10. People like us. Readers tell us all the time how much they love what we are doing, how happy they are with our news coverage, and what an intelligent, positive influence on and reflection of the community we are. Associating your business with us by advertising on Inside Bainbridge places you in an immeasurably influential position. We attract the best and brightest readers, contributors, and advertisers. You need to be here too. Read our testimonials.

At Inside Bainbridge, we want to help you make your advertising dollars go far and meet your specific advertising needs. Call us to discuss your advertising goals so we can help you craft the right ad that targets the right audience. We will find a way to work within your budget to provide the right fit for your business. And we can help you create ad.

To place an ad on our website, contact Lynn Keating Smith at 206-588-5364 or lynn@insidebainbridge.com.

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  1. Elle Tatum says:

    So excited to be readying for an ad campaign for Elle's Island Spectacle!


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