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We offer discounted rates for local advertisers/sponsors, nonprofit advertisers/sponsors, and advertisers/sponsors choosing longer-term ads. Ad appear in the top and bottom banners and in the sidebars. A sponsorship ad appears in a recurring feature, with a highly targeted subject.

See our Local Ad Rate Card.

See our Local Fast Ads Rate Card, for ads lasting only one or two weeks.

See our Nonprofit Ad Rate Card.

See our local (outside Bainbridge Island) National Ad Rate Card.

Our ad/sponsorship options:

  • the 540 x 80 banner that runs across the top of the site
  • the 540 x 80 banner that runs across the bottom of every post
  • the 125 x 125 boxes in the sidebar
  • the 300 x 125 and 125 x 300 boxes in the sidebar
  • the 300 x 250 boxes in the sidebar
  • a feature sponsorship

The placements shown in the sidebar are not all fixed. We’re happy to speak with you about just where your ad should go. Contact Lynn Keating Smith at 206-588-5364 or

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