Key Bank/ Visconsi Protest Rally Photo Gallery & Video

Posted by on August 20, 2014 at 5:00 am

The final rally around Chiara D’Angelo’s tree sitting yesterday evening drew over 150 people, including numerous community leaders who spoke out in support of the 19 year old’s political activism against a profit-driven corporate value system that sacrifices natural resources and strips communities of sustainable quality of life. (Read more about the rally here.)

D’Angelo said her actions were meant to inspire community activism and spur change. In that spirit, the rally took on a meaning and life of its own, with people of all ages speaking about implementing change to prevent future destruction of natural habitat on Bainbridge Island and more broadly.

Here is a video of rally goers:

Here are photo highlights of the rally:

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Photos and video by Julie Hall.

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8 Responses to “Key Bank/ Visconsi Protest Rally Photo Gallery & Video”

  1. Mahakala says:

    Yep. All the wrongs of the world fall at the feet of those evil for-profit corporations. They need to be vilified and we must quash their right to build on land they own in manner for which it is zoned and have obtained all the required permits. While we are at it we should attempt to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot to deny these evil corporations their right to be heard. Unions yes, corporations no!

    Vladimir Lenin would be proud.

  2. To have a successful retail venture, there is speculation – will the shops be patronized and be successful? How can I best serve the local community/demographic of this region? Will this development be an asset to the community? I feel the developer did NOT take this into consideration. The anchor store (drug store chain) is not what the island needs, it is redundant. Plus, there are many retail spots available for lease, that sit vacant. This Island is largely a community that values nature, innovative sustainable architecture and local businesses. This development sits squarely in opposition of all three. There will be traffic issues as well. The protest was not only questioning the legality, but more importantly saying – "We don't want this, so we will not patronize you – take heed." It takes 2 to dance.

  3. M. Green says:

    The new face of Bainbridge Island thanks to Bainbridge City Council and Mayor Anne Blair, City Manager Doug Schulze 206-842-2545, and Director of Planning Kathy Cook. Just imagine what they will do with the ongoing Comprehensive Plan Update to bottom line the community. Time to dis incorporate and end the siege city staff has over the residents. Yes Visconsi knows how to keep their costs down for their preferred development clients Walgreens and Key Bank. They work in the back room behind closed doors with unethical city staff to obtain variances and favors. They straddle the taxpayers with the required costly upgrades of infrastructure, like traffic mitigation, road repairs, water and sewer upgrades, storm water runoff requirements, and environmental mitigation.

    Contact Information
    Jeff Deeds
    Vice President of Development
    T 216.464.5550 x234

    Brad Goldberg
    Vice President of Development
    T 216.464.5550 x206

    preferred developer program
    Earning the confidence of prominent national clients is gratifying and rewarding. Our Preferred Developer Program brings major advantages to retailers with multi-site expansion or replacement plans — anywhere in the country:

    Reduced risk on site selection and construction
    Expedited approval and development
    Guaranteed rent number
    Hold down land costs
    Use our capital
    Walgreens is the nation’s largest drugstore chain, with stores from the Atlantic to the Pacific. However, when the Chicago-based company decided to enter Northeast Ohio in 1994, they knew they would be in for a fight. Not only was the market fiercely competitive in its own right, it was also the home market of one of Walgreens’ biggest competitors. To make sure they got off on the right foot, Walgreens asked Visconsi Companies, Ltd., to help open the gates of this potentially lucrative new territory.
    Chosen as much for their development and management experience as for their intimate knowledge of the area, Visconsi Companies, Ltd., initially working in partnership with the Blackstone Group, assembled and acquired the sites that would allow Walgreens to make an immediate impact in Northeast Ohio.

    To date, Visconsi Companies has completed over eighty Walgreens projects, with others in development. Thanks to the success of the Northeast Ohio development program, Walgreens has asked Visconsi Companies, Ltd. to assist in Walgreens’ expansion and entry into new markets.

    KeyBank is one of the nation’s largest bank-based financial services companies, with assets of approximately $87 billion and over 1000 full service branches. In 2010, KeyBank selected Visconsi Companies as their national Preferred Developer. We are currently identifying and securing sites, as well as developing new branches, throughout their coast-to-coast fourteen state market area. We additionally serve as transaction manager for new branches and existing branch relocations in a number of KeyBank’s markets.

  4. ListenToThePeople says:

    Nice retort, Mahakala. But you miss the point. If you were at the rally and listened with open ears, you'd realize that the blame was placed mainly on our City Council for refusal to codify the Comprehensive Plan. People recognize that's where the vast majority of the blame belongs. The Council has utterly failed in their duty to do implement the wishes of their constituents. Some blame was also blamed on Key Bank since they like to portray themselves a bank that conducts itself the interests of the community they serve, but this project doesn't reflect what the people want, which is outlined in the Comp Plan. Finally, Visconsi is brought in because they are the developers and the design does not reflect the community vision of what the people have stated they want in the Comp Plan. No one has ever said they don't have a LEGAL right to build there.

    • Mahakala says:

      Missed the rally but I did drive by the tree sit in on my way to ProBuild to buy some LUMBER. Had to honk at a couple clueless gawkers who were standing in the middle of the road. That property was zoned for commercial use and that is how it is being developed. Time to move on…..

  5. An Independent Voice says:

    "but this project doesn't reflect what the people want"

    How do you define "the people"? I only see the same 10-15 people at these events. The City Council was elected by the majority of the voters and appear to be representing these voters in the decisions they make. Consequently, the conclusion I take is that "the voters of the island" support this but the "small group at these protests" do not. In fact, if "the people" you refer to is the majority of the island, then simply pass a referendum to make the decisions "the people" want via a legal path (voting).

  6. M. Green says:

    The City Planning Commission which has been rendered to just an advisory board, voted AGAINST this project…Hello City Council, anyone home? Please put your hearing aids in on Monday nights!

    Time to put their butts on the burner and remind them running and serving on city council is not just a social event. Or an opportunity to find clients for your law firm or business, isn’t that right Grandma, Grandpa? Best check with your in-laws or out-laws to see how to reply first huh? Get your note cards out since it is hard to remember the discussion at the Dias from one hour to the next.

    City Council did not listen to this recommendation from an appointed citizen advisory board designed to represent a majority of citizens (the people) on Bainbridge Island.

    Show up and be counted, turn up the heat and make them sweat for the Comprehensive Plan Update! Enough nonsense already. Remember city staff works for the citizens, not the other way around. Someone on council please get that City Manager doing his job, or are we looking for a replacement again, it is about that time, another one bites the dust.

    • Bruce Anderson says:

      The Planning Commission is an advisory board. The City Council doesn't hear this project.

      Ignorance isn't a good character trait.

      I think you're wise being anonymous.


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