Sewage Spill in Eagle Harbor: People Warned to Stay Away

Posted by on August 10, 2014 at 2:15 pm

Eagle Harbor

The Bainbridge Island Police and Fire Departments are warning people and pets to stay away from the waters of Eagle Harbor near the ferry terminal for a sewage spill. The warning was issued around 2:07 this afternoon, Sunday, August 10.

City Manager Doug Schulze said the spill happened when crews were working early this morning under the ferry dock replacing the old sewer pipe. A contractor hit the old pipe by accident while digging the trench for the replacement pipe. The workers knew immediately what they had done, he said, and shut off the system right away.

Schulze thought only a very small amount of raw sewage had been released before they could shut off the system. He said they would have an estimate of the amount sometime tomorrow.

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  1. Mahakala says:

    Another day, another sewer spill. Over a million gallons of raw sewage have been spilled into Eagle Harbor in the last year. Where is the EPA and the Coast Guard? For an island community that likes to brag about how green they are the city government sure doesn't seem to have any problems with sewage spills in the harbor. It was disgusting to see kids and dogs wading at Pritchard Park yesterday afternoon with an ongoing spill just right across the harbor..


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