Problem with Tacoma Ferry More Serious Than Initially Thought

Posted by on August 8, 2014 at 2:55 pm

Tacoma ferry out of service

Washington State Ferries (WSF) released a brief status report at 2:40 this afternoon, August 8, about the out-of-commission Tacoma, the 202-car Jumbo Mark 11 ferry that services the Seattle/Bainbridge route.

WSF said its engineers are working with technicians from Siemens Global, Inc., to identify the reason the Tacoma suddenly lost propulsion power on its 12:20 p.m. sailing from Seattle to Bainbridge Island July 29. The failure of the Tacoma lead to massive delays that day and night and several subsequent days of limited ferry service on neighboring runs. WSF said Siemens believes the damage to the vessel is more extensive than the initial review revealed and will need more time to complete its investigation before preparing a plan for repairs.

WSF had hoped to have a repair plan for the Tacoma sometime this week.

In addition to contracting with Siemens, WSF has launched an internal Board of Inquiry to investigate the root causes of the power failure, determine contributing factors, and make recommendations to prevent this type of event in the future.

The Tacoma is currently docked at the WSF Eagle Harbor Repair Facility on Bainbridge Island.

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2 Responses to “Problem with Tacoma Ferry More Serious Than Initially Thought”

  1. CDT says:

    And last night the Puyallup was pulled from service with multiple runs cancelled. The Wenatchee was packed and very late on its runs. Not a word from a single ferry employee about it, we could have driven to our destination faster compared to sitting for over an hour extra wondering if the Wenatchee was even still running I generally give the WSF the benefit of the doubt but their communication and customer service skills could use a wee bit of help.

  2. Irked driver says:

    Almost missed the 11:30 a.m. sailing yesterday, a Monday, because WSF stopped tickets 12 minutes before departure. Then, just as the boat was about to sail, they started doing so. Some of the cars outside the lot cars got on, some didn't, even though there was room for about ten more cars. Apparently part of the holding lot was out of use, so there was not room to hold everyone there in advance. I only learned this because i asked two deck hands who had been directing traffic, the first who knew nothing and the second barely articulate. (The ticket agent said nothing.) Management needs to train the front-line staff in the niceties of communication, about getting the word out to front line employees so they can explain to the public why they are about to or have missed a sailing that they counted on making.


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