New Bainbridge Island Dog Park Set to Open

Posted by on July 15, 2014 at 7:47 pm

Strawberry Hill strawberry rock

Bainbridge Island canines will have a new place to run off leash with official sanction as of July 31.

According to Park Services Superintendent Dan Hamlin, the Strawberry Hill enclosed dog park will feature approximately 2.4 acres of fenced area, with a separate section designated for small, shy, and/or recuperating dogs.

The park will be open seven days a week from dawn to dusk. The entry point, double-gated, will be located at the north end of the park near the ballfields so that it is a sufficient distance from the children’s play park. A kiosk near the entrance will include park rules and other informational signage for users. Hamlin said it will be the responsibility of dog owners to determine whether the park is appropriate for their dogs and to oversee proper etiquette, delineated in the signage.

The new Bainbridge Island dog park is the outcome of several years of meetings and communication between residents and Park District Board members and employees. A volunteer advisory committee worked hard to help plan the specifics of the park’s design within the District’s parameters. Dog Park rules .

The new dog park will be located partially in shaded woods and partially on sunny grass. Dog Park map.

An enclosed dog area at Eagledale Park has long been regarded as too muddy and remote for the vast majority of Island residents looking to let their dogs run and play untethered. Time will tell how the Strawberry Hill location will be received by the community.

The request by a large constituency of Island residents for off-leash unenclosed shared use in local parks and trails remains unaddressed.

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 Photo by Julie Hall.

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