Poll: What Kind of Hawks Fan Are You?

Posted by on January 21, 2014 at 3:08 pm

12th man

Football fever is running high in these parts. Even the fair weather fans nearly spewed their brew when it looked like the 49ers might score in the last seconds of Sunday’s NFC Championship game.

Take a moment from planning your Super Bowl XLVIII party to tell us what kind of fan you are. A true blue (and green) long-timer? An avid newbie? A fair weather floozie? Or a Peyton Manning?!

Tell us in our new poll right here:


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One Response to “Poll: What Kind of Hawks Fan Are You?”

  1. Doug Popwell II says:

    As a long time Seahawks fan and past season ticket holder for years, it has occurred to me that the Seattle Seahawks not only represent a National Football Team but they also symbolize a philosophy for all the people of the Pacific Northwest (the 12th man). Unknowingly, we have all embraced the uniqueness of Pete Carrols’ philosophical approach. As far as I can remember, never in the history of the Seattle Seahawks have I seen (a quote from Pete himself) “an environment that allows people to be themselves while still being accountable to the team”. One other statement he made is “It’s a way that you can help people find heights that they might not have found otherwise”. I have found myself implementing those same ideas and concepts in my own livelihood/work/and play… which in turn makes us ALL feel as though we are a vital part of the Seattle Seahawks team. Thank you Pete!

    Doug Popwell II
    Olympia, WA


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