Seahawks Fans: Avoid the Hot-Beer-Breath Wait by PrePurchasing Walk-on Ferry Tickets

Posted by on January 8, 2014 at 11:58 am

seattle ferry colman dock waterfront

For Seahawks fans from this side of the water, ferry waits for Saturday’s playoff game against the New Orleans Saints seem almost welcome in the glow of our home team’s stellar season and the chance to see them advance ever closer to the Superbowl. But it turns out a ferry wait is not enhanced by hot beer breath in your face, and on Saturday even walk-ons may find themselves on the long end of the ferry line, staring at the stern of a boat that has sailed.

To expedite your return trip (remember, the trip to Seattle is free), Washington State Ferries (WSF) is recommending you buy your tickets home before the game. “The 12th Man can be cheering the Seahawks in the stadium and home that much sooner by buying a ferry ticket before the game,” said David Moseley, WSDOT assistant secretary, ferries division.

Walk-on passengers can hustle through Seattle’s Colman Dock and make the early Bainbridge or Bremerton boat by purchasing tickets in advance at a terminal kiosk or online, and then using their pre-paid tickets to cruise directly through the turnstiles.


Photo by Julie Hall.

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