Who Applied for Pot Business Licenses on Bainbridge

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December 20 marked the final day of a month-long window for submitting applications for licenses to grow, process, and/or sell marijuana in the state of Washington. With the passage of Initiative 502 on November 6, 2012, by a decisive 55% to 45% Washington voters made our state one of the first two, the other being Colorado, to legalize recreational marijuana use, blowing smoke in the face of federal policy.

Although Bainbridge Island was assigned no more than one retail outlet for pot sales, the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) did not set a limit to the number of cannabis producers or processors here, provided applicants qualify for licenses.

On December 24, WSLCB released its list of license applicants across the state. Of a total of 1,670 applicants, three are from Bainbridge Island:

  • Brian Farms, 12089 Miller Road NE
  • Olympic Satellite, 8480 Ferncliff Avenue NE Suite A
  • Quince Farm, 5973 Old Mill Road NE

A license for growing, producing, or selling costs $1,000 annually.

The three tiers of producers are

  1. two thousand square feet or less of dedicated plant canopy;
  2. between two thousand square feet and ten thousand square feet of dedicated plant canopy; and
  3. between ten thousand square feet and thirty thousand square feet of dedicated plant canopy.

WSLCB is currently reviewing license applications.

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Photo courtesy of abbybatchelder.

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  1. John says:

    What was the reason for announcing who applied for these legal licenses?

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