Blakely Rock Yoga Man Takes a Tumble

Posted by on September 9, 2013 at 10:03 am

Blakely Rock statue silhouette

The Yoga Man sculpture that has been posing for about eight months atop teeny island Blakely Rock within view of the Bainbridge-Seattle ferry toppled over yesterday, September 8. Sculptor Ethan Curie said the first thing he thought when he heard the news was, “I hope nobody got hurt.” Nobody did—other than the 12-foot granite figure.

Currie, who weighs 200 pounds, said he had climbed all over the sculpture during the installation and it was secure enough to hold his weight, so he has “very little confidence it fell over by itself. In fact zero.” He said someone would “have had to get it rocking” to knock it down, so the fall was likely caused by vandalism. Currie said that the night before the fall, while riding the ferry, he had the thought that he probably needed to get out to Blakely Rock to stabilize the sculpture.

The artist, who kayaked out to the island last night to see it for himself after hearing about the fall, said he plans to clean up the sculpture and haul the parts away from the island. He said he will sell it to the highest bidder if people are interested.

When I asked if he had plans to rebuild it there, he said he would not unless he received an overwhelming public response. Then he would take evidence of that support to the federal government, which owns Blakely, and request permission. He said doing public art without official sanction is “not something you do in the same place twice.”

If you want Yoga Man back in vrksasana pose—whether on the rock or in your own yard—you can contact the artist on his website.

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Photo by Julie Hall.

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6 Responses to “Blakely Rock Yoga Man Takes a Tumble”

  1. Rob Dalton says:

    it's ironic that the "artist" claims the tumble was "likely caused by vandalism" —i consider the piece itself to be an act of vandalism; currier (or is it "currie," or "curie," inside bainbridge?) deciding to anchor his sculpture to that rock is tantamount to me spraypainting "rob was here" on an old-growth cedar in the great forest.

    —rob dalton

  2. Mike Griffin says:

    Hello again Sarah!
    As a local crank, I'm compelled to applaud this symbolic downfall of the tyrannical yoga cult that has infested Bainbridge Island. The true vandal was the person who erected his rock unsolicited (well, no one asked ME anyway). Blakely Rock is beautiful. It needs no decorations except maybe a few sirens (Greek, not police). It certainly doesn't need decorations with a message (yoga is cool!) . Unless that message is that Mercer Island sucks! Just kidding, I love all of Puget Sound's islands (not Vashon) Anyway, I hope it stays down.

    -Mike Griffin, Bainbridge Island (Washington state)

  3. israd says:

    I loved and appreciated this unexpected piece of true art that appeared here. It is a wonderful peaceful greeting that reflects the overall spirit that helps reflect the rhythm of our island. My hat is off to the artist that worked so hard to create a very peaceful, welcoming, strong symbol that reflects the entire spirit of (most of ) the island. I was very proud of this wonderful piece and happily pointed it out on every sailing to my kids, myself, and my visitors! Thank you so much for your hard work and your amazing artistry! Keep on! And by the way, I hate yoga, could never do yoga, but this piece is not about yoga alone. People opposed, expand your thinking!

    • Are you referring to Bainbridge Island? The "spirit of (most of) the island" is certainly not defacing natural beauty.

      • Really? says:

        I find it hard to believe that there are people who consider the yoga man on Blakely Rock to be objectionable. Can't you people tell the difference between an expression of art that makes our existence a little bit more interesting versus some random graffiti? Have we all really become that narrow minded?

  4. rob dalton says:

    speaking of expanded thinking, it's difficult to take anonymous comments seriously; my hat is off to folks with opinions they'll stand behind.

    —rob dalton


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