Bainbridge Home Brazenly Burglarized in Broad Daylight

Posted by on September 3, 2013 at 7:55 pm

Venice Loop

A family on Venice Loop was subjected to a break-in during the middle of the afternoon today, September 3, perhaps an indication of increased nerve among thieves. The thief or thieves climbed in through a high, hard-to reach, open but screened window to grab camera equipment, a computer, and a weed wacker, among other things.

The homeowner said that plenty of other items were left untouched so it seemed likely the theft was hurried. He also said he had been home just a short time earlier and that his older dog was in the home during the break-in. The window used for access was not visible from the street and would only have been spotted by someone at the vacant home next door.

Officer Trevor Ziemba was able to dust the home for prints.

Witnesses saw an unfamiliar red vehicle in the neighborhood around the time of the theft. People who might have information about the vehicle should call the Bainbridge police at 842-5211 or 911.

Photo by Sarah Lane.

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