July 4th Fun Run Results

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Fun Run July 4 2013

Bainbridge Youth Services hosted its 34th Fun Run this July 4. The event featured a 1-mile run and a 5k run/walk on a day that was perfect running weather, dry and just cool enough.

A whopping 639 participants took part in the two races this year, with an additional 75 in the Kid’s Dash.

“We experienced our highest levels of pre-registrations and a 17% increase in revenue this year to support our no-cost youth counseling program,” said Marina Cofer-Wildsmith, Executive Director. “We want to thank the community and our sponsors for their ongoing support.”


Special Winners

Corporate Team Award: Church Mouse

Sports Team Award: Girls Lacrosse

Costume Award: Mount Rushmore

Team Spirit Award: BI Cross Country

4th of July Spirit Award: BI Fire Department

Service Award: Cops For Kids


Overall Race Winners

1-MILE: Thomas Delgado, age 18, 5:44 & Victoria Gray, age 11, 7:22

5K: Stuart Smith, age 17, 16:57 & Janet McDevitt, age 39, 19:24


Race Winners by Age Category


Male 50-59: Glen Cook, 6:10

Male 40-49: Mike Rosendin, 6:38

Male 30-39: Joe Jaszewski, 6:10

Male 19-29: Pat Colwell, 5:48

Male 16-18: Thomas Delgado, 5:44

Male 13-15: Derek Rosendin, 7:16

Male 10-12: Grant Wolfe, 5:59

Male 7-9: Alexander Miller, 6:56

Male 6 & Under: Jack Thompson, 9:19

Female 50-59: Anne Montgomery, 7:35

Female 40-49: Christine Jackobson, 7:54

Female 30-39: Sage McCotter, 10:22

Female 19-29: Alexandra Simpkins, 18:30

Female 13-15: Jenna Rosendin, 9:01

Female 10-12: Victoria Gray, 7:22

Female 7-9: Noelle Perry, 8:45

Female 6 & Under: Olivia Brain, 9:10


Male 70+: Paul Benton, 23:44

Male 60-69: Steve Reynolds, 20:35

Male 50-59: Rob Ferguson, 20:41

Male 45-49: Frank O’Brien, 18:31

Male 40-44: Tom Provencher, 19:40

Male 35-39: Chris Charles, 17:42

Male 30-34: Chris Springer, 18:51

Male 25-29: Jason Vaughn, 23:08

Male 19-24: Justin Mejia, 18:17

Male 15-18: Stuart Smith, 16:57

Male 14 & Under: Tyler Moravec, 22:27

Female 70+: Judith Tingley, 39:56

Female 60-69: Pamela Keyes, 27:04

Female 50-59: Brenna Prickett, 25:09

Female 45-49: Barbi Jo Smith, 23:25

Female 40-44: Jennifer Campbell, 22:55

Female 35-39: Janet McDevitt, 19:24

Female 30-34: Laura Springer, 20:36

Female 25-29: Sabrina MacDuff, 22:02

Female 19-24: Mackenzie Vaughn, 21:13

Female 15-18: Amelia Keyser Gibson, 21:54

Female 14 & Under: Emma Strevell, 24:54


The Kids Dash partipants were all winners, sprinting, skipping, and hopping across the Winslow Green.

Learn more about or donate to Bainbridge Youth Services at www.bainbridgeyouthservices.org. You can select Bainbridge Youth Services during One Call For All.


Photo courtesy of Bainbridge Youth Services.

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  1. Darren says:

    Hey, where's my time? I must have come in 4,000th or so, (in my age group) but I don't see the full listing?

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