On Same Day, Two Drunk Drivers Flee Police and Crash into Trees

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At approximately 1:20 on the morning of July 11, Cencom advised Poulsbo, Suquamish, and Bainbridge units of a possible DUI vehicle on Suquamish Way. The vehicle was described as a blue Audi. The reporting party thought it might be headed to Bainbridge.

Officer Gary Koon parked at the Rotary Park on Seabold. When he spotted a blue Audi heading south on 305, he began to follow it. As he was catching up to it, it made a sharp turn east onto Hidden Cove Road. It did not slow down prior to the turn and did not use the turn lane.

The Audi drove on the fog line four times, crossed the center line once, and drove on the center line once. It was driving at about 45 mph in a 25 mph zone.

As it approached Phelps, Koon activated his emergency lights. The vehicle slowed down and pulled into a dirt pullout. Then suddenly it pulled out, spinning rocks and dirt onto Koon’s car.

The vehicle turned north onto Phelps and sped up so that Koon wasn’t able to keep up in his vehicle. He notified Cencom he was in pursuit. The vehicle ran through the stop sign at Madison. It drove about 15o meters before the Phelps curve and then left the road and drove into the trees.

The car had come to a rest after traveling through about 100 feet of underbrush. The sunroof had been open and the car was full of leaves and debris. A tree hit by the car had fallen onto it, blocking the sunroof.

Koon left his car and started to approach the vehicle. He ordered the driver to come out with hands in the air. He shone his flashlight down where the vehicle was and saw a female walking away from the vehicle in the ravine back up toward him. He asked her if there was anyone else in the vehicle and she said no. Koon handcuffed her and put her in the back of his car.

He inspected the suspect’s car to make sure there was no one else in it.

Lieutenant Chris Jensen arrived on scene. He asked the suspect if she was hurt and she said no. She then said that she had not been driving.

She said she wanted her lawyer. She smelled of alcohol. Koon arrested her for DUI and attempting to elude police.

At the station she tried to contact her attorney in Oregon but did not get through. She was able to contact a public defender. She signed the form indicating she understood her rights but would not sign the form waiving those rights.

She requested a blood test instead of a breath test. Koon explained she would be offered a breath test but that she had the right to additional tests administered by a qualified person of her own choosing. He asked her if she needed clarification from the public defender. She called him back and then agreed to sign the Implied Consent Warning.

She agreed to submit a breath test. She blew a 0.273 and a 0.288. Her license was also suspended. Koon added the charge of driving with a suspended license to the DUI charge.

The woman refused to answer any questions from the arrest report.

Later that day, a driver attempting to elude Officer Steve Cain ran the stop sign at Phelps and Madison, traveling at about 50 mph in a 25 mph zone. She was unable to negotiate the curve at Euclid and drove off the road, through the ditch, and 100 feet through the underbrush before colliding with a 45-foot fir. The driver was arrested for DUI, trying to elude police, and driving with a suspended license.

Photo by Robert S Donovan.

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