New Frog Hopper Bus Will Take You and Visitors to Key Bainbridge Destinations

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It makes sense, since Bainbridge Islanders have this thing about frogs, that the new Chamber of Commerce tourism bus system is called the Frog Hopper Bus. The name also makes sense since riders can hop on and off the buses at favorite visitor destinations including Rolling Bay, the Bloedel Reserve, Coppertop Loop, Lynwood, and Pritchard Park.

Starting July 6, during the day on weekends all summer long and likely through September, two buses will carry residents and visitors to places beyond Winslow that are of special interest. The bus is the Chamber’s response to the many of the 50,000 Island visitors last year who, when speaking with Chamber staff at the ferry kiosk, requested transportation to visit high-interest destinations.

The buses will cover two routes, each route about 45 minutes long:

  • The North Loop route will go through town, then to Rolling Bay, Fay Bainbridge Park, and the Bloedel Reserve, returning down the highway to High School Road and via Madison and Winslow Way to the ferry.
  • The South Loop route will take the highway to Madison, then to Coppertop, Bainbridge Gardens, the Grand Forest, Battle Point Park, Lynwood Center, near Fort Ward, and the Japanese American Exclusion Memorial/Pritchard Park, returning via Wyatt, Grow, Parfitt, and Madison to Winslow Way and the ferry.

Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center Manager Mickey Molnaire said that the buses are being funded for fifteen weekends through a combination of lodging tax revenues and matching funds from sponsors. The two buses, which are being provided by Agate Pass Transportation are 31 feet long. They have bike racks and ADA lifts.

Many of the details—such as the schedules and a family fare—are still being worked out for this pilot project. Molnaire said they had hoped to go to more remote locations but they were concerned about bothering neighbors of smaller roads with the large buses so they stuck to a few major sites. Molnaire said they are trying to schedule the buses to coincide with the arrivals and departures of the ferries and to run between about 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.

So far, they know that an all-day pass good on both routes will run $7. Tickets will be available online and at the ferry kiosk, at the main visitor center, and on the buses. Island residents will be able to purchase a discounted monthly or season pass at the Chamber office.

Check the Chamber website over the next weeks for more specific information. If you own a Chamber member business and would like to participate in a sponsorship or advertising on the buses, contact the Chamber for details.

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3 Responses to “New Frog Hopper Bus Will Take You and Visitors to Key Bainbridge Destinations”

  1. Tony G. says:

    This seems like a great idea, and I hope it proves popular. I finally have a good answer to the inevitable "What else is there to do?" question for those who walk-on from Seattle. For the record, I would welcome the buses in my admittedly non-tourist attracting neighborhood.

  2. Sounds intersting! I havent been to Bainbridge before and Its just a two hours ride from my place! Thanks for the info! do they have lots of amphibians there? Seriously? hehe! Thanks!

    Lucille T.

  3. We have been really excited about this — but expected that the route would stop at some of the Islands hotels and Inns — since a very large amount of our lodging tax funds is being used to fund this. It would be really nice if we had copies of the schedule and a map of the route. I planned to promote this service to our guests and encourage them to us the shuttle. We requested information from the Chamber weeks ago — but this is the first time we've seen any detail about where the routes are going. The Chamber has obviously been really busy with the July 4th events; still its a bit disappointing that the service is being launched without providing any details to the hotels, inns, b&b's and vacation rentals that paid the taxes that given to the Chamber.


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