Police Blotter: Defiant Drunk Driver Stands Her Ground, Goes to Jail

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Police Blotter

May 5

Illegal Dumping. Officer Mo Stich was patrolling on Miller Road at a COBI-owned gravel lot. She had been driving by the lot earlier in the week and noticed objects in the southern lot. When on patrol, she returned to see if they were still there. She saw that there was a large illegal dumping site in the lot. There were bags of trash and refuse of various types including a large broken commercial BBQ, metal objects of unknown types, and miscellaneous property. She found and address book and took it to locate a possible source of the trash.

She saw there were other objects that had been tossed into the brush including bags of garbage and a weed killer pump container. There was also asphalt that had been piled up and then hardened to make a mound. She referred the case to Public Works for cleanup.

Cyclist v. Speed Bump. Two cyclists were southbound on El Cimo. The one in front hit a speed bump and went airborne and then flew over her handlebars. She hit the ground still clutching the grips, bringing the bicycle down on top of her. She was wearing a helmet. She suffered a possible broken left elbow and had some lacerations on the left side of her face and head. She did not lose consciousness.

Her husband who had been riding behind her said they had been in a hurry to get home to take their daughter to an appointment. He said they were going about 15-20 MPH when she hit the speed bump. She was transported to Harrison in Bremerton for treatment.

May 4

More Than 5 Beers and Behind the Wheel. At approximately 1 in the morning, while sitting at the stop light on Madison at 305, Officer Gary Koon noticed a white sedan traveling north on 305. It sped through the intersection at a high rate of speed. Koon pulled behind the vehicle, a BMW, and noticed that its right wheels were about a foot outside the fog line. He paced it at 60 mph in a 50 mph zone until it caught up with traffic and slowed down. He saw the vehicle swerve from the fog line to the center line and then back to the fog line. As the vehicle passed Morgan Road, the driver turned on the right blinker for approximately 20 seconds. About 100 feet before Lovgreen, it drove about 3 feet over the fog line and into the bike lane. When it turned, it turned wide into oncoming traffic and then stopped. It slowly moved back into the correct lane of traffic and headed out again.

As it drove east on Lovgreen, it crossed the center line once and the fog line once again. When it turned on its right turn signal, Koon activated his emergency lights. The vehicle continued driving for several seconds and then turned into a residential driveway. Koon followed it into the driveway. The driver exited the vehicle and stood near the open door.

Koon introduced himself and explained why he had followed the vehicle. The driver’s eyes were droopy and tired looking. Koon asked him if he had been drinking, and he said, “Yeah.” He was swaying back and forth. Koon could smell the odor of alcohol. He asked hims for his license, registration, and proof of insurance. The man produced a Texas license.

Koon asked him how much he had had, and he said he had had more than five beers. He agreed to take the voluntary field sobriety tests.

The man displayed sustained nystagmus. He could not maintain his balance. He had to hold on to the garage door to steady himself.

He had to stop to regain his balance on the walking test. He couldn’t do the one-leg stand. He refused to give a breath sample.

Koon arrested him for DUI. He then transported him to the station for a breath alcohol test.

Officer Ben Sias remained at the scene and impounded the vehicle.

At the station, the driver refused to take the BAC test. Koon issued him a criminal citation for DUI. Then he transported him to jail on $2500 bail.

May 3

Found Skis. Bainbridge units were dispatched to the Winslow Animal Clinic for found property. The caller said that when she was walking her dog in the pathway by Island Country Inn, she had found a pair of skis in a wooded area just off the pathway. Officer Victor Cienega took the skis back to the station and placed them into evidence.

Stolen Buddhas. Officer Erik Peffer was asked by dispatch to call a man regarding bronze statues that had been stolen from his Reitan Road property.

Peffer called the man who said that two 4-feet tall bronze Buddha statues had been taken. He said a stacked rock wall had also been damaged during the theft. Peffer drove to the scene and observed two very distinct impressions in the dirt left by the statues. There did not appear to be any structural damage to the wall although some stones had been displaced. Each statue was valued at $2300 to $2500 each. The man said they had been stolen about a week earlier.

May 2

Wallet Left on Counter. A man left his wallet on the counter at ACE hardware at 1:15 in the afternoon. He returned within 5 minutes of leaving it there. It was gone. He suspected the man behind him in line had taken it. The wallet contained $50, credit cards, debit cards, and id.

Stalking Hair Stroker. Officer Gary Koon was dispatched by Cencom at about 9:58 in the evening to Pegasus Cafe for an unwanted subject stalking a woman at the cafe. Koon and Officer Mo Stich arrived a few minutes later.

Koon spoke with the suspect who was standing across the street. Stich spoke with the reporting party. The suspect provided Koon with his name, date of birth, and address. Stich came over told him that he was making the victim extremely uncomfortable by following her around after she had told him she was not interested in him.

He said he did not intend to appear as if he were stalking the woman and agreed to stay away from her. He did admit to throwing small rocks at the window of the cafe to get her attention. He left the area.

Koon then spoke with the victim inside the cafe. She appeared nervous until Koon told her the man had left the area. She said that the man’s behavior had scared her. She said he had stroked her hair without permission on prior occasions. She said a day or two earlier the man had shown her and the reporting party a knife for no apparent reason.

Koon recommended she call the court if she felt the need for a protection order. He encouraged her to call 911 if she felt uncomfortable with the man’s actions in the future.

Home Prowler 1. At approximately 8 in the evening, Bainbridge units were dispatched to Westerly Lane for a possible burglary in progress. Cencom advised this was secondhand information reported by a man who had received a phone call from his wife at home. He said that she had told him that someone had tried to get into their residence and she could hear footsteps on their gravel driveway. The man said he was on his way home.

Officer Victor Cienega arrived on scene about two minutes later. The husband arrived at the same time. Cienega told him to wait in his car as he walked down the driveway. Cienega reached the residence and met the woman there. He told her to stay inside as he checked the perimeter. Lieutenant Phil Hawkins arrived and they both checked the exterior and an adjacent garage.

Cienega returned to the woman who told him she had heard the front door get pushed two times. She had assumed it was her husband. She opened the door and heard footsteps. She called her husband on the phone and told him the door was open. That’s when she realized her husband wasn’t home and she told him over the phone what had happened.

Cienega had the husband inspect the cars in the open garage to see if it looked like anyone had entered them. It did not appear anything was missing.

May 1

Backseat Dog Distraction. Vehicle 2 was stopped at a red light southbound on 305 at Sportsman Club Road. Vehicle 1 was behind Vehicle 2. Vehicle 1 failed to stop in time and struck the rear of Vehicle 2, causing damage to the bumpers of both.

The driver of Vehicle 1 at first said that she felt her brakes had not responded correctly. She said she checked her brakes after the collision and they now felt normal. She then mentioned that she had been distracted by her dog just prior to the collision.

Chronic Tip Stealer. Officer Walt Berg contacted an employee at Fork and Spoon about a theft that occurred earlier. The employee said he had been working his shift and was near the kitchen area. He said he had come around the corner and observed a man with money from the tip jar in his right hand. He said the man had the money close to his pocket as if he were going to put it there, and his other hand was over the tip jar as if he were going to grab more money.

He yelled at the man, “What are you doing?” and the man asked if a specific employee was there. Then he put the money back in the jar and left. There was a large amount of money in the jar and at least a couple of $5 bills.

The employee said he recognized the man and that he used to work with him. He provided the officer with his name.

Berg recognized the name of the man given. He had arrested the man for a similar incident at That’s a Some Pizza, and he knew of the man having done similar things at other restaurants.

Berg told the employee he would forward the incident to the Prosecutor’s Office. He told him they needed to trespass the man from their business so that, if he returned, he could be arrested for trespassing.

Defiant Drunk Driver Stands Her Ground, Goes to Jail. At about 10:05, Officer Mo Stich was heading east on Point White approaching the stop sign at the intersection with Lynwood Center Rd. She was startled by the sound of an approaching car that squealed to a stop. The vehicle then headed north on Lynwood, accelerating and quickly approaching another northbound vehicle. The vehicle then tailgated that one and drifted over the fog line. It maintained an unsafe distance from the vehicle in front of it. Stich stopped the driver on Fletcher Bay Road.

The driver was speaking slowly. Stich asked her if she had been drinking and she said she had. Stich asked her where, and she said, “You know.” Stich asked her if it was Treehouse, and she said yes. She aaked her how much she had had to drink, and she said two beers. Stich told her she thought it was more than that. Stich asked for her license, registration, and proof of insurance. The driver slowly found her license. Stich had to remind her about the registration and proof of insurance. The driver said she lived just up the road. Stich asked her if she took medication, and she said that she did for anxiety. She also said she smoked marijuana but hadn’t tonight. She then asked for an attorney, and Stich told her she was not under arrest. Officer Jeff Benkert arrived, and Stich asked the driver to get out of the car.

The woman stumbled and nearly fell. Stich had to guide her to the front of the car. Stich explained the test, and the woman complained it wasn’t fair that she was on gravel. She performed all the tests incompletely and poorly. Partway through, she stopped and said she wanted her lawyer. Stich asked her if she would give a breath sample, and she refused. Stich placed her under arrest as Benkert readied the car for impound. Stich drove the woman to the station.

The driver immediately demanded an attorney. Stich placed her in the interview room. She asked for the attorney’s name, but the driver couldn’t tell her what it was. She then became defiant, folding her arms, and said she didn’t want a public defender. Stich said she would get a phone book so they could figure out who the attorney was. The driver asked to call her parents and Stich said no. Stich called the office the woman said was right for the attorney but she got a recording. Although Stich told the woman that, when she called her selected law office, the office recording said to call the public defender if no one answered, the woman refused to speak with the public defender. Stich called the public defender and finally reached him at 10:53. The woman still refused to speak with him.

Stich asked the defender if he could give the woman some advice, but the driver refused to listen. The defender told Stich she had done what she was legally required to do. She was arrogant and snippy. She refused to take the BAC test so Stich drove her to the jail. The entire ride the woman was talking nonstop about getting a lawyer and beating the charge. She said lots of people drink at Treehouse and drive drunk. She alternated between hostility and tearfulness. At the jail the woman refused to sign the Miranda paperwork. She refused all further questions. Stich turned her over to the jail staff. She gave her the criminal citation. She also told her she would cite her for following the vehicle in front of her too closely.

April 30

Home Prowl 2. Officer Gary Koon was dispatched to Hidden Cove for suspicious activity. He arrived at about 9:29 in the evening. He contacted the reporting party who said that two white males in their 20s had walked down her driveway to her home. The had then walked around the back of the house since there was no other exit than down the driveway.

Koon searched the exterior but did not see the men. The woman said that one of the males had pulled a hood over his head when she saw him.

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